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Basically liver peppers are a chocolate version of a salt and pepper schnauzer. Chocolate (liver) Schnauzers are born with NO banding but instead solid chocolate hair. This means each piece of hair is all the same with only 1 shade of brown/chocolate from top to bottom Liver Pepper Schnauzers are in the chocolate family. They basically are a chocolate version of the salt and pepper. Liver Pepper Schnauzers are born the color of a brown paper bag with banded hairs and will lighten as they age Liver Pepper Color History: The Miniature Schnauzer comes in a variety of colors other than the standard black, black and silver, and salt and pepper. This like the variety in coat types, is due to the cross breeding of the Standard Schnauzer with smaller breeds such as the Poodle and Affenpincher to create a smaller dog The coat of this color of dog is alot like a salt & pepper, it is 'banded' with shades of brown color and the nose, pads and eyelids of the liver pepper are chocolate and the eyes can be brown or hazel green. Liver or Chocolate Part Liver Pepper Liver Pepper is the chocolate counterpart to Salt & Pepper Schnauzers. They can range from a very dark liver to a very light liver color at birth. Liver Pepper will have the characteristic banded hairs, same as Salt & Pepper

The body of a liver pepper parti is white with large spots (or a blanket) of creamy brown with the nose and pads being brown Liver Pepper similar to a Liver & Tan in that has the same cream pr silver markings, but the coat is actually an agouti color. This means the hair shaft is actually striped. In show dogs the hair is stripped out, so the banded hair grows in correctly. Schnauzers also come in Parti (spotted) varieties. The spots can be big patches of color. liver pepper parti The American Kennel Club (AKC) does recognize nonstandard colors and does register the nonstandard colors as purebred miniature schnauzers. Nonstandard colors are allowed to participate in every AKC sanctioned event except Conformation Showing. Important Note for AKC Registration of Nonstandard Colors!! Liver (brown) schnauzers are born with solid brown bodies. Some white on their chin, chest and/or tips of their toes are common. They usually have brown, hazel or green eyes, chocolate pads a chocolate nose All puppies come with their first set of shots, wormed and with a written health guarantee. We have a variety of colors. Black- Black/Silver- Salt/Pepper- Liver -Liver/Parti -Black Parti-Salt/Pepper Parti Liver pepper and Merle. (All of our schnauzers are AKC & MSCA reg

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  1. More correctly called the liver Schnauzer; the chocolate Schnauzer is a very striking dog. In essence, the chocolate Schnauzer is a type of solid colors like the black Schnauzer
  2. The Chocolate Schnauzer - more correctly called the Liver Schnauzer - differs from most because it carries the gene for brown. Solid Liver or Chocolate Schnauzer pup
  3. iature schnauzer breed the term liver is used for brown or chocolate coat color. They have a brown nose and paw pads. Their eyes can be brown or green
  4. The American Miniature Schnauzer Club only recognizes 3 colors of Miniature Schnauzers (Salt and Pepper, Black and Silver, and Black), but the Miniature Schnauzer comes in many different colors: Chocolate (Liver), White Chocolate, Chocolate Parti (Liver Parti), Chocolate and Tan, Liver Pepper, Red Pepper, White, Black Parti, Salt and Pepper Parti, and Black and Silver Parti
  5. The Standard Schnauzer only has 2 colors, Black and Salt & Pepper. It appears that it wasn't until breeders realized that this Black & Silver color bred true when 2 dogs of this coat color were bred together, that it was most certainly a coloration of it's own, genetically speaking

To the left is a beautiful liver Merle Schnauzer in his new home and above are siblings, a liver Merle and a dark chocolate Schnauzer in their new home. What a little beauty queen! I called her blondie but she is a light liver pepper Miniature Schnauzer baby The alternate colors are; Liver (recessive to Black), Liver/Tan (recessive to Black/Silver), Liver/Pepper (recessive to Salt/Pepper). Then there is White with a black nose and its recessive is White with a liver nose. White is a hidden color (or masking gene). The gene that causes the White coat color actually suppresses the Schnauzers base color Sep 25, 2016 - Explore Spoiled Rotten Schnauzers's board Liver Pepper Schnauzers, followed by 717 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about toy schnauzer, schnauzer, spoiled rotten Liver/Pepper. Pepper' - Recessive to 'Salt/Pepper'. The coloring is the same, banded hairs being shades of dark to light liver instead of black to gray as a on 'Salt/Pepper'. 'White' in Miniature Schnauzers is the exact gene as in the 'White' Poodle and does not carry genes for deafness or blindness. White is ee. Note for those who have. 9. Liver Pepper Miniature Schnauzer dogs have a similar pattern as salt and pepper ones, save for their liver-colored eyelids, nose, and pads. They are born with banded hairs of chocolate or brown. When they age, those banded hairs tend to become lighter. Beware that the color fading also varies. They have green, hazel, or brown eyes

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Comments for Red Salt & Pepper/ Liver & Tan Standard Schauzer! Average Rating . Jun 04, 2012 Rating: Beautiful Schnauzers by: Jo I wish I could find one too! Join in and write your own page! It's easy to do. How? Simply click here to return to My Schnauzer's Cuter Than Your Schnauzer! Remy and Armini have produced 5 pups: Liver Tan Parti Male, Liver Parti Male #1, Liver Parti Male #2, and a Liver Pepper Parti Female. There 3 sizes; Small.

We raise purebred miniature and toy size schnauzer puppies from our AKC Registered Miniature Schnauzers at our Virginia home for more then 20 years, in a rainbow of colors to include liver, white chocolate, salt & pepper, black & silver and parti puppies Liver & Pepper Parti. The base coat of a liver and pepper parti Miniature Schnauzer is usually liver pepper. It's covered with white patches that make up the parti component. Each puppy has unique parti patterns which, in some cases, fade out into a lighter shade of silver as he grows older Puppy. Color. Black and Silver. CKC Miniature Schnauzer Puppies. Our puppies are due on Aug. 20th, 2021. We are accepting deposits for the first male pick and female pick of each litter. View Details. $800 Prospective Schnauzer owners should know that liver (recessive to Black), Liver/Tan (recessive to Black/Silver), Liver/Pepper (recessive to Salt/Pepper), parti, white and wheaten (genetically, an agouti, a more yellow/cream/red color that can come in both a Black nose/pad pigment and Liver nose/pad pigment) are among those colors. While these.

Schnauzer Colors are of great interest to me. The miniature schnauzer comes in Black, Black and Silver, Salt and Pepper, Chocolate or Liver, Chocolate Pepper or Liver Pepper, Chocolate and Tan or Liver and Tan, Chocolate Parti, Salt and Pepper Parti, and Black and White Parti. These colors appeared when the Standard Schnauzer was bred down to the Miniature size in the late 1800's. Breeds. [miniature schnauzer, toy schnauzer, tcup schnauzer, teacup schnauzer, t cup schnauzer, AKC schnauzer, mini schnauzer, alabama schnauzer, florida schnauzer, georgia schnauzer, chocolate schnauzer, liver schnauzer, white schnauzer, parti schnauzer, black schnauzer, schnauzer puppy, schnauzer baby, schnauzer puppy, schnauzer puppies, schnauzer. schnauzer then Mercy. She is the sweetest, kindest and most respectful girl we own. Mercy loves attention and thrives on our approval and praises. She is also gorgeous with are winning smile and gorgeous big light brown eyes. Mercy usually has liver, liver & tan, liver pepper, liver pepper & tan, parti, wheaten and white chocolate colore

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Liver Pepper (recessive to Salt n pepper) and white or white chocolate....white has a black nose is is recessive to white chocolate which has a brown nose. White is a hidden color or a masking gene The gene that cause the white coat color actually suppresses the Schnauzers base color Pets, toy schnauzers, mini schnauzers, teacup schnauzers. schnauzer pups, mini schnauzer pups for sale sc, toy schnauzer pups for sale, toy schnauzer breeders. My name is Debbie Kirkland and I am located near Lake Murray, South Carolina. I am a hobby breeder of Miniature and Toy Schnauzers. LIVER PEPPER MALE. We have Mini, Toy and Teacups schnauzers in. Salt/Pepper, Black/Silver, Black, White, Liver, Silver/Platinum, chocolate and Parti Colors. We also offer Rare Merle or Confetti Schnauzers! 936-856-5090 or 936-520-9297. Chocolate & White Partis. Black & White Partis. Platinum-Silver. White Black Pepper, Liver & Tan, White, White Chocolate, Platinum Silver, and all the many Parti colors. We are also proudly producing the heavily ticked parti schnauzer, which we lovingly call our Appaloosa Schnauzers. Not only do we specialize in Toy & Teacup size Schnauzers in rare and unique colors Baxter is my PRIDE AND JOY. Lonestar Farms Cream O' the Crop. Baxter is LIVER PEPPER colored and is a son of Joy and Champ. This is one AWESOME boy with a personality to match and a COAT TO DIE FOR. Be watching for Baxter's babies in the near future

Oct 18, 2014 - This Pin was discovered by Deidre Simon. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres RoJo's Miniature Schnauzer Deposit Policy: A deposit is a commitment for a puppy. Deposits are non-refundable. RoJo's Miniature Schnauzers will no longer be refunding puppy deposits. The only exception in which a deposit will be refunded is if something unforeseeable were to happen to your puppy This beauty is Choxie. She is an elegant girl with a super disposition and lots of color in her background. Choxie is considered a Liver Pepper & Tan and comes to us from Oklahoma. More pictures and pedigree to come on Choxie soon. Thanks Samantha B. for such a beautiful girl We raise Mini Schnauzers in many colors: Black, Black and Silver, Salt and Pepper, Liver, Liver and Tan, Liver and Pepper, and White. ABOUT THE MINIATURE SCHNAUZER The Mini Schnauzer is an energetic, active, small dog in the terrier group who has clean habits, is neat in size and makes a delightful companion

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  1. Katie is a beautiful liver pepper parti female with the most gorgeous eyes, I have ever seen on a dog. We're proud to say, she was produced here at Glen Garda Schnauzers from Everly and Max. She is delightful and a total love bug
  2. Miniature Schnauzer Pups. Liver Parti and Liver/Pepper Parti colours. Born - October 21st, 2014. Dam: Struedel Sire: Ryder. Tennessee, Arizona, Montana, Pheonix and Houston have. all joined great families! Miniature Schnauzer Pups . Liver & Liver/pepper Parti 's. Born - August 23, 2013
  3. We are known INTERNATIONALLY for the MOST BEAUTIFUL Micro Teacup Toy Miniature Schnauzer Puppies for sale across the US, Canada, New Zealand, Australia, Mexico, and throughout most of Europe. We are currently, the most experienced in safely hand delivering domestically and around the world. We provide long-term boarding and training for puppies that have to travel so far to meet their new.
  4. Liver and Pepper Miniature Schnauzer. Silver or Platinum Miniature Schnauzer. Wheaten Miniature Schnauzer. You may occasional hear mentioned Phantom coloring, which (unofficially, of course) describes dogs with very pale, almost white furnishings, of any of the following colors: Black and Silver, Chocolate or Liver and Tan..
  5. Dark liver pepper toy schnauzer pup ready to go to her new loving family! Tail docked, dew claws removed, Dewormed. Vaccinations with vet records. Already potty training and doing very good. She has the wonderful schnauzer temperament as she is always ready to please and be obedient
  6. CKC registered Miniature Schnauzer puppies. Liver pepper (male, 2nd picture), Liver/Tan (female, 1st picture Sale... Pets and Animals Eastman 350 $ View pictures. AKC Miniature Schnauzer Puppies AKC Miniature Schnauzer puppies $500.00 each Males $600 females website www.ajschnauzers.com Email for deposit... Pets and Animals.

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  1. This is a daughter of Roxy and Denver (can be seen on our adult pages). She is a flashy salt & pepper girl what some call platinum. She will continue to get lighter as she grows and be a light steal to shiny white/grey color
  2. Get ready for puppies! See who's pregnant at Royal Schnauzers and which puppy you could be taking home next
  3. iature schnauzer comes in Black, Black and Silver, Salt and Pepper, Chocolate or Liver, Chocolate Pepper or Liver Pepper, Chocolate and Tan or Liver and Tan, Chocolate Parti, Salt and Pepper Parti, and Black and White Parti
  4. Taylor's Toy Schnauzers. Puppies from Previous Litters... Liver Pepper & Tan. Liver Liver Pepper Parti Liver Parti. White Chocolate. Black. Wheaton Parti. Liver & Tan. Liver Pepper & Tan Parti
  5. iature schnauzer is very lovable and the best companion!! We produce a variety of
  6. $2,500.00 AKC Liver Pepper Toy/Mini Schnauzer (Bella) for sale in Annabella, UT on KSL Classifieds. View a wide selection of Dogs and other great items on KSL Classifieds

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Male liver pepper parti toy schnauzer. He will certainly turn 15 weeks Thursday the 15 th. He was choice of litter... Pets and Animals Grandview 850 $ View pictures. Amazing Mega-Coated Dark Liver Mini Schnauzer Boy Lovely Mega-coated Dark Liver/Chocolate AKC-registered Male mini schnauzer. He is 8 weeks old now and all set for his.. Oct 30, 2020 - Explore Julie's board salt and pepper schnauzers, followed by 377 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about schnauzer puppy, schnauzer, miniature schnauzer Any day now...hoping she has cute little pixie gi Planned Miniature Schnauzer breedings for new litters at Tara's Schnauzers coming to you soon, 2021. More beautiful Mini Schnauzer puppies, come see who. Search for: Flirt carries for: Salt N Pepper - Liver Pepper - Black & Silver - Black - Liver & Tan - Black Parti - Liver.

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Beautiful male and female mini schnauzers liver pepper 7 weeks old. Need a for ever home call or text for more information show contact info. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offer AKC color codes are: Liver 123, Liver/Tan 124, Liver Pepper 498, Black 007, Black/Silver 016, Wheaten 224, White 199, Salt/Pepper 167, Parti 038. ** You must address the envelope to AKC and mark it with: ATTN: Special Services in order for your paperwork to be processed Find liver Schnauzer puppies and dogs from a breeder near you. It's also free to list your available puppies and litters on our site


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Super Excited to Do a breeding announcement between Little Miss Topaz and Casper! Casper is a white chocolate, with green eyes, Toy male (11lbs) and Topaz is a Liver Pepper (8/9lbs) w/hazel eyes! Should be an exceptional cross. Puppies will be due Jan. 13/14th 2021! Pups will be ready to go home around 8/9weeks. AKC registered Miniature Schnauzer. We are Ethical breeders of top quality, healthy, well socialized Toy and Miniature Schnauzer puppies. Our puppies are carefully bred and raised to optimize their quality, health and temperament. All puppies are microchipped, toy conditioned, crate acclimated (to make potty training a breeze) and have had 3 weeks of potty. Martin's Minis. 453 likes · 1 talking about this. We sell Liver and Liver/pepper Miniature Schnauzers. We are NOT a kennel, our puppies are in our home and very loved Blanket by Destiny Blooms AKC Liver Pepper Tan Miniature Schnauzer Jackie's Boy by Destiny Bloom AKC Liver Pepper & Tan Toy Schnauzer Honey Bee by Destiny Blooms AKC Liver & Tan Miniature Schnauzer. Web Hosting by FatCow. This Liver Pepper Miniature Schnauzer DOG Id: 3141911 was born on 3/15/2021 here at Petland Chicago Ridge. Download our Petland App today for information on your local Petland's Available Pets and Pet Supplies

This Liver Pepper Miniature Schnauzer DOG Id: 2634637 was born on 12/27/2019 here at Petland Dallas, TX. Petland Dallas does a deep sanitizing of all areas twice daily and sanitizes in between each customer and puppy interaction supercoated / megacoated liver pepper toy schnauzer. http://www.spoiledrottenschnauzers.co

for sale, This is our precious little Lily. She is a liver pepper girl with a super mega c. Americanlisted has classifieds in Henderson, Nevada for dogs and cats. Kennel hounds, dogs and all kinds of cats AKC Liver Pepper Toy Schnauzer for sale in Henderson, Nevada. Description: 7-3-2021: Black female-Hope breed to Chase- Liver pepper. 4 females and 3 males. Spots available -3M,1F 7-29-2021-Platinum Silver female-Elsa breed to Sampson-Black

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TATER TOT, Liver Pepper teacup schnauzer puppy....what a character for sale in Broadwell, Kentucky $1,500 Share it or review it. Little TATER TOT.. is just adorable. right now at 7 weeks he finally weighs 25 oz.. he will be a teacup, and estimate at maturity around 5 lbs. He has a mega coat, lots of personality and quite the character.. When registering Miniature Schnauzer puppies all variations of rare colors like white, parti colors, liver, liver and tan, liver pepper, and Wheaton all must include two photos with the AKC paper work... It is necessary to include two photos along with your puppy's AKC registration paperwork.. Kate is a liver pepper Miniature Schnauzer girl. She is registered with The American Kennel Club. Kate weighs 11-12 lbs and has a mega coat. Kate is a very social girl who loves her family. She is very alert and attentive to everything going on and enjoys being the center of attention Here is a list of the many different colors of our miniature, toy and teacup schnauzers. All of these colors are recognized and registered by the AKC Registry. Click on each picture for a larger image. Black Parti. Liver Parti. White (black nosed) Salt and Pepper. Black with White Markings. Platinum Silver Salt/Pepper, Black, White, Silver (Platinum) $900. Black Parti and Salt/pepper parti $950. Chocolate/Liver Parti $1200. Chocolate/Liver $1400. Click the puppy information link at the top of the page to get more info. Olivia & Levi's Puppies Have Arrived

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All of the schnauzers at Knightingale Schnauzers each have their own individual personalities, so please feel free to contact us about any one of our schnauzers that you have a question about. LEARN MORE. I got my first mini schnauzer from Amanda and he was just the best . He was a liver pepper parti . Loved to play with his big brother Leo. Toy and Teacup Schnauzers from Schnauzer Tiny Treasures. The American Miniature Schnauzer Club only recognizes 3 colours of Miniature Schnauzers. (Salt/Pepper, Black/Silver, and Black) BUT the Miniature Schnauzer comes in many different. Black/Silver Parti. These colours have been in the Schnauzer breed all along, but standard breeders have tried

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Next litters due August 2021 We breed high quality, nonshedding and hypoallergenic Miniature Schnauzers (8-15 lbs) in salt and pepper, salt and pepper Parti, chocolate parti, liver/pepper, black, solid chocolate, chocolate/tan, and black Parti. We own all Sires and Dams. Included with your puppy will be deworming every two weeks starting at two. Liver problems. Looking after the health and welfare of your Schnauzer can be a full time job. You will find information on neutering, spaying, vaccinations, vet visits, upset tummies, Schnauzer bumps and much more here. Ask a question and someone will have had a similar experience. We also appreciate updates on how your Schnauzer is recuperating Our miniature schnauzers come in the traditional standard colors salt & pepper, black, and black & silver. We also have miniature schnauzers in the non traditional colors white, liver, liver tan, and a variety of the parti colors including black parti, salt & pepper parti, and liver parti. We have several new litters and do have puppies available 863-414-4339. TOY SCHNAUZER. WHITE SCHNAUZER. CARRIES FOR PARTI, BLACK, LIVER SALT & PEPPER & WHITE. COMES FROM A SMALL BACKGROUND - THROWS TEA CUP SCHNAUZERS, TOY. SCHNAUZERS & MINIATURE SCHNAUZERS. SNOWMAN IS HIS MOTHER'S BABY BOY. TEA CUP SCHNAUZER. LIVER SABLE SCHNAUZER WITH PARTI MARKERS - My daughters and I raise Miniature Schnauzers for both breeders and the family pet home. We truly love the schnauzer breed and enjoy raising puppies. We have the traditional salt and pepper, black, black and silver, and occasionally we have some of the lost colors including white, liver and some parti colors

Meet Zuko a stunning megacoated liver tan boy. Zuko is a very happy and loving boy and always wants to be loved on. She is a beautiful Liver pepper Parti megacoated Female. She is toy size and weighs 10.5 lbs Thank you to Stephanie Trent from Southern Pride Schnauzers for this beautiful girl :-) Holly Jolly's Joyful Jazzy We have a few litters due late JuneViolet/Maverick-expected colors liver and tan and black and silverArlo/Toby- variety of colors available- salt and pepper, s&p parti, liver pepper and liver pepper parti . Prices have gone up due to our expenses. We feed a good quality food, We have started DNA testing with Embark and test for any genetic.

Liver Pepper 498 Complying With the American Kennel Club Standards The AKC is the only purebred dog registry in the world that maintains a systematic and sustained investigation and inspection effort to ensure compliance with the standards that support the health, safety, and welfare of Miniature and toy Schnauzers puppies and the environment. My Salt and Pepper Schnauzers Banded coloring in the more common (and genetically dominant) black based dogs produces the Pepper and Salt and in the brown based dogs, the Liver Pepper. The Pepper and Salt has banded hairs in shades of gray to black with lighter silver furnishings on the eyebrows, beard, legs, and under the tail

areas. The darker color can vary- black, chocolate, and salt and pepper, are all colors that can occur in a parti colored dog. The above diagram shows the progression reduction of pigmented areas as seen in the parti schnauzer. Figure #4 is a good example of the type of parti schnauzer that I prefer, which is the Saddleback or Blanket Parti. Thes -Teacup Schnauzers are $2795. This excludes puppies that are colored Wheaton or Sable, pricing is based on depth of color and those puppies will be priced individually. Miniature Schnauzer prices are by COLOR, not by gender and are as follows;-All Parti colors excluding Merle colors are $1595-Salt & Pepper and Liver Pepper are $169

Pets have more love and compassion in them than most humans. -Robert Wagne AKC Phantom Liver & Tan Toy Schnauzer for sale in Henderson, Nevada. $1,800. Share it or review it. This is our cute little Milo. He is 8 weeks old and ready for his forever family. He has a super heavy coat that is extremely soft. His tail and dew claws have been removed. He is up to date with shots and wormings Joy's litter of puppies are due in. late March 2021. Joy's puppies will be ready to go. home in late May 2021! Joy has had salt & pepper, black, black &. silver, liver, liver & tan, liver pepper, liver. pepper & tan, and parti colored puppies. in her litters. All of the puppies in this litter of Joy's will be The Parti Schnauzers history is older than that of the Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzers. Although the Germans PSK was determined to ban and destroy all the Partis, some did survive the Parti Schnauzer Holocaust .Only recently have US Breeders picked up the gap of 80 years and are resurrecting the almost extinct colors salt/pepper elsa beignet white kirkland,s rommel black/silver. home. my dogs. nursery. past puppies keagan memorial truffles liver hershey's oreo liver kirkland,s tucker liver pepper.

Mini schnauzers liver pepper pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jun 3 9 1/2 weeks old Miniature schnauzer puppy (Miami) hide this posting restore restore this posting. Few local results found. Here are some from nearby areas. Checking 'include nearby areas' will expand your search Dark liver pepper toy schnauzer pup ready to go to her new loving family! Tail docked, dew claws removed, Dewormed. Vaccinations with vet records.... member: super12 from: Cincinnati, Ohio member for: 3 months listing updated: a month ag Here are a few codes to Help! Under the Color Section on your AKC Registration Form Enter the 3-digit code that describes your Little One! 007 Black. 016 Black & Silver. 167 Salt & Pepper. 199 White. 224 Wheaten. 123 Liver. 124 Liver Tan Miniature Schnauzers come in many colors. Although black, salt & pepper, and black & silver are the only three colors that AKC allows in the show ring in the US, the original colors that you can see below are still allowed to be registered with AKC Current litter is out of Happy Schnauzers Lewis and Happy Schnauzers Dolls Eyes Lexi. Girls. Callie-Purple Collar Status: AVAILABLE Color: Salt and Pepper Parti Eyes: Brown Born: June 22, 2021 Deposit: $400 Ready for new home: August 24, 2021 FULL AKC AVAILABLE. Phantom Liver Pepper Eyes: Hazel Born: June 22, 2021.

Puppies - Miniature Schnauzer Puppies For Sale. Available Puppies. Avai |. If you would like to reserve a puppy please call 619 470 8767 for availability. and you can leave a deposit to secure the puppy of your choice. Call or Email for more information, leave a message for a return call We love those waggy natural Schnauzer tails. #helloschnauzerpuppy #schnauzertails. Hello Schnauzer Puppy and Friends. 190 views · July 15. Liver Pepper full blanket parti female at 19 days old. Ke Aloha x Harry litter. Hello Schnauzer Puppy and Friends. 115 views · June 29 Reberstein Miniature Schnauzers was founded in 1998 with one goal in mind. Produce well-bred quality miniature schnauzers with exceptional temperaments. The miniature schnauzer has always been at the forefront of our lives. We have been breeders and AKC show exhibitors of top quality miniature schnauzers since 1998

On your beautiful little salt and pepper boy. Tazz and Lola pup. +3. Beard's Little Schnauzers. November 9, 2020 ·. Congratulations to the AYALA family . This is a puppy out of Tazz and Lola . He is a gorgeous solid liver boy . Congratulations Onesmallschnauzer, Brigham City, Utah. 1,928 likes · 60 talking about this · 1 was here. Onesmallschnauzer is indoor home raised teacup toy schnauzers and puppies. We are dedicated to raising top.. Dark liver pepper toy schnauzer pup ready to go to her new loving family! Tail docked, dew claws removed, Dewormed. Vaccinations with vet records.... member: super12 from: Cincinnati, Ohio member for: 3 months listing updated: 2 months ag


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Tiny liver pepper parti AKC Schnauzer for Sale in TucsonChocolate (Liver) Miniature Schnauzer Puppies from DestinyCarolina Schnauzers -=Colors=-Salt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer Puppies from DestinyOne Salt and Pepper Parti Miniature Schnauzer Female leftSalt & Pepper Miniature Schnauzer pups | EdinburghRazor - Liver and Tan Miniature Schnauzer