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wheels - New Tires, car shaking/bouncing at high speeds

  1. Tires got a flat spot after a hard brake and rear tires skid (not long)but being new tires a noise developed with a (tap...tap..tap..)then with more miles it became a (thump.thump.thump) sound. You can't fix it. Had to buy 2 new tires even though only 5000 miles on them. Not a defect, Sucks not knowing this can happen
  2. imize that possible source of vibration is to buy very high quality, and usually (not always) more expensive tires (e.g., Michelin)
  3. One of the tires/wheels on the rear is the problem, that's why the vibration moved from the steering wheel to the seat of your pants. Move one tire back to front on one side of the car at a time and that should isolate the one tire that is the culprit. The tire could be defective

The bad shake in the steering wheel can happen for many reasons but generally, the unbalanced tires, warped brake rotors, or faulty suspension system parts are mainly responsible for causing steering wheel shaking. But to get to the root cause of the problem, you will need to analyze that at what particular action you feel the vibration Purchased a set of wheels and tires and had them delivered to a reputable shop to have them mounted, balanced and installed. Bought the lifetime free balancing, and its a good thing because I felt a very slight shake in the steering wheel only at 60-65mph. Took it back a week later to have..

I recently got new wheels and tires, 16x8 KMC KM301 Turbines with 265/75r16 Nitto Ridge Grapplers, and I got them mounted and balanced and put on my 2011 trd sport, and on the highway, when I get up to 60-65 mph I get a heavy vibration that shakes my entire truck A wobble that throws your wheel left and right is a fairly big issue... Normally to do with the tightening of the lug-nuts. A rapid shake could be something as small as needing a balance on one or more wheels (weights can sometimes fall off, due to many factors... Dropping the tire too hard, catching curbs, etc) Alti1007. Car was shaking BEFORE. Then got new tires, balance, alignment, tire pressure 100% what its supposed to be and still im shaking at 60mph. I have 20s and im lowered 2 BUT when i first added the wheels and drop there was no shake. What else could it be

Significant vibrations after new rims and tires installat

Wheel Balancing: On some cars, a traditional wheel balance can't fix steering wheel vibration caused by excessive wheel and tire runout and force variation.. Let me relate an experience I once had. I had purchased 4 new tires at a major tire store. I had the front end alignment checked and all 4 tires balanced. I didn't even get out of the parking lot, the steering wheel shook badly. I immediately retu.. Don't chip a tooth, use these tips and tricks to stop your tires from shaking apart your battle ship. Reduce and eliminate wheel and tire shake using hub cen.. Question: I've got new tires, new tie rods, and new axles, and my car is balanced and aligned. However, my car is still shaking; the wheel shakes when going 80kmh and up. I've been going crazy for the past year trying to figure out the problem

Vibration after new tires - Maintenance/Repairs - Car Talk

In another forum I did read steering wheel shaking or vibration it's 99% tires or wheels issues. So in my case I bought a second hand 4runner. Came with big (too big) tires. Shaking over 80km/h. So went to the Toyota service center. They found the spacers for the tires bended. So I proceed to replace tires, spacers and suspension However, put that same wheel/tire on the road and it will exhibit vibrations. Also, keep in mind that new wheels and tires can also have this problem, as defects can and do occur. What I would do first is switch both fronts to the rear and see if the steering wheel shake still persists. If it disappears, you know it is one of those wheel/tires 70 mph Shaking. Jun 07 2017, 9:01pm. New wheels and tires 20x12 moto metals with 33's. Real bad shake any where near 70 mph. I believe the wheels are lug centric. I then rotated fronts to rears and same shaking. Tires and wheels are brand new. Purchased from extreme customs Grasp each wheel, holding it first at the sides, then at the top and bottom. See if you can rock the wheel in and out and if you can feel any looseness, which indicates a loose wheel or worn wheel..

13 Causes of Steering Wheel Shakes While Driving (Low

  1. I lifted my 2wd Silverado with a spindle lift and coil spring spacers. When I had the stock wheels and tires on there were no problems. When I put on the new wheels and tires the truck began to shake when the brakes are applied. When I got the alignment done the guy told me I should get the..
  2. (2) Ask the tire tech to balance the wheel and tire by attaching it to the balancer using the bolt holes instead of the wheel center. Sometimes this will show you something. Lastly, some shops can spin the wheel and tire right on the car which is the best most effective way of seeing and feeling with your hand on the hood or streering wheel.
  3. Called 4WP immediately and they said they can fix the pull but the shake is due to several factors and is normal. They said the shake is due to the spacer and also the more aggressive tire that I put on and it will not feel like factory wheels
  4. New wheels and tires. Jump to Latest Follow Hey Everyone! When it's dry like yesterday they were amazing up to 70. Then my steering wheel started shaking (stupid discount tire). So Monday morning the tires will get realigned and rebalanced. Save Share. Reply
  5. Arcadyus, Triumph Performance Wheels has custom-fit wheels for just a bit over $4K. Tires for maybe another $1.5K. Give them a call. The call is free. For just a small increase you can get a super-nice custom wheel and tire package. Also, a member from Louisiana (White-Trash) has like-new Triumph wheels and tires for sale at a decent discount

The steering wheel starts to shake at 55 and continues to do so up until 75mph. Sometimes it is worse then other times but is very consistent shaking from 55-75mph. At first i thought it was a tire balance issue (had brand new 255/50r19 Falkens on it), after various times re balancing them and rotating them i finally replaced them with 255. I then loosened all of the lug nuts and torqued properly. 90% of the shake was gone. Those Toyota aluminum rims do not like to be overtightened. I then took the truck to the dealer and had them load balance all 4 tires- the shake was gone. The truck now has 90K miles and I have encountered a new problem. At 60 mph on up on a smooth road no problem

New Wheels/Tires - Shaking Problem Honda CR-Z Hybrid Car

New wheels and tires installed roughly 3000 miles ago back home. Now at school, I had my local dealer check to see if any wheels were out of balance causing this shake. They claimed there was one wheel that needed to be rebalanced, which they did. I took it back on the highway and the problem is still there Took back to dealer again and they test drove and said everything was good. I went to discount tire and had them balance tires (not a kid)and it has been pretty good. I see there is a lot of weight on one tire. It is defenatly the wheels and tires doing all the shaking. I have a 2011 overland with 20 wheels and good year tires. 4x I lifted my 2wd Silverado with a spindle lift and coil spring spacers. When I had the stock wheels and tires on there were no problems. When I put on the new wheels and tires the truck began to shake when the brakes are applied. When I got the alignment done the guy told me I should get the rotor.. So, I just got a new set of wheels mounted and balanced at my local shop and now once I am at 55 mph+, I get fairly excessive shaking in the steering wheel, gad pedal, seat etc. It goes from minor to major as I am driving at highway speeds. Took it back to the shop and had them rebalance and check the centering rings and clips and they were fine

BA Auto Care | Is Your Car Shaking? 3 Common Problems That

There was a lot less shaking after that but I did notice a little when braking. After I put on brand new rims and tires everything was fine. I'm not a wheel expert but it just reminded me of what happened to me when I read your post. That shake drove me nuts until I switched out my rims! Good luck Tires and wheels that are improperly balanced, such as a wheel that loses a weight, can cause your vehicle to vibrate. With tires and wheels that aren't balanced properly, this vibration will start out nearly unnoticeable and get worse as you go faster. Take a quick walk around your vehicle and check both sides of the wheels to see if any.

Car vibration issue with new aftermarket rims - AudiWorld

I'm getting this steering wheel shake now with new wheels/tires (nitro terra grapplers on xd grenades) Purchased wheels/tires at Discount Tire after a blowout of my front right tire. (that donut is a trip) First trip after, the SWS was almost un-driveable over 60mph. Took it back and DT discovered these wheels needed hub rings your wheels probably werent balanced. Yup, there wasn't anything wrong with your wheels, just poor balancing or bad tires. This isn't a cure for shake. Typically shake is either warped rotors (if it shakes under braking), or a bad u-joint (if it shakes under acceleration) I bought an aluminum tilt ramp car hauler last year and cant get it to stop shaking. We have balanced the wheels many times, bought new wheels and tires, no success. There is no centering ring from the Dexter hub to the wheel. The hub is 2.67 and wheel is about 3.20inch Shouldnt there be some sort of hubcentric ring that pilots the wheel on the.

Tires must be balanced to keep them from vibrating. Balancing tires is done by applying weights to the inner and outer rim of each tire on a car. Turn the steering wheel of the car as far as it can go to one side and look to see if there are weights on both sides of each rim. A weight can fall off the rim of the tire and cause vibration The only thing that combats tire shake is a good tune up and horsepower! Stronger and possibly lighter I'm sure is the aim here. Thats what I am thinking, the bolts holding the two halves together gotta add some weight to that wheel, if the two halves are welded together you are at least saving that weight I have a 2016 Titan XD SL 4x4 5.6L 35k miles I just replaced the Wheels and Tires. I put on Moto Metal 20x10 -27 offset with 33x12.50 / 20 AT Tires after test driving the new wheels I noticed a slight wobble or shake in the steering wheel that was not there before Starts about 40 mph and the.. if you search my threads youll see ive been through alot of crap with my wheel shaking, after i hit a bump on the freeway i had to replace my front rims and tires, cost me 1,000 dollars, yup, check out your rims, have someone do it, your situation is the same as mine but i hit a bump, my FCABS are new too. good luck cuz this sucks really bad Replaced inner and outer tie rods, entire braking system, new wheels and tires, new upper control arms, sway-bar bushings, UCA bushings.. Still noticed a wobble. Went to have it aligned recently and the tech alerted me to my lower control arm bushings having some signs of dry rot on the inside of the bushing

Vibration on Highway After New Wheels and Tires Tacoma Worl

Wobbly Steering-wheel after changing Rims/Tires? - Motor

When I put new wheels and snow tires on the '11 I assumed that the shaking would end, but it didn't - same shaking at the same speeds. At times I think it could be an engine vibration, because we have never felt any shaking in the steering wheel on either car - only the body shakes Even load road force balanced. Took to dealer They said aftermarket wheels. Put original wheels and new goodyear assurance tires on Still have same vibration at 68 MPH. Took to dealer again. They said they fixed it by having air pressure at 24 pounds. Still vibrates at 68 Worse going downhill and does not always shake at 68

I just got new wheels and tires put on..balanced and everything. They are 19X8.5..they drive fine for a little bit,but the steering wheel shakes just a lil bit. Im wondering if I need an alignment cause the stock wheels didnt shake at all I have a 2006 Mini Cooper S with 29000 miles and have 205/45R17 run flats (came with when bought it). A couple of months ago it starts to shake a..

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car still shaking at 60mph AFTER new tires, balance, and

  1. and no I have the same size wheels/tires u do on my 99 le I4. I went from steelies 195/70-14 to 2012 camry se 17 rims with 215/45-17 nexen tires on them. shaking right now but that's because of a brake issue, as I said once firestone did the balance it was gon
  2. Mine does the same thing. I have been through 2 sets of wheels and tires, many wheel alignments and re balancing. New front hubs and bearings. New suspension. Never stopped the shaking of the steering wheel. Just drive the truck and enjoy how fast it goes. I don't think the shaking will ever go away. Thanx GM
  3. Repairs not Needed, Fraud,Shaking Tires. January 9, 2009: I sent my son to Belle Tire 6780 West Main Oshtemo, MI 49009 to purchase a new set of Goodyear TripleTred for my 2007 Grand Prix with about 40, 000 miles on the car. Bought set of tires. January 16 or 19: Son went back to Belle Tire because of tire shake
  4. imize the amount of weights needed
  5. I also changed the wheels from 16 to 18th with the manufacturer recommended tires (245/45/R18) and not only the flickering sound continued but now is shaking when above 60mph. After several changes of wheels and tires, they found out the axle from the passenger side is bent! I'm about to apply the Lemon Law but I love this car
  6. It's a locally owned tires only place and Ive been going there 20 years. They do a great job and I wouldn't take it anywhere else! If you go to a chain company or a dealer I would expect you would pay a little more, but it was $20 a wheel when I bought my summer wheels and had the F1's mounted to them and to have the snows and stock wheels taken off last spring

It had the vibrations, that could be felt in the steering wheel between 45-50mph. I replaced the budget lift with a zone lift, and adjustable track bar, and still had the vibrations. I purchased brand new wheels and tires. Still had the vibrations, but not as bad. I took it to a mechanic, and he assured me it was the tire balance 980 Posts. #7 • Dec 5, 2018. If the wheels and tires are fairly close to the size that was on the car, then 30 miles shouldn't be a problem (unless you're doing 80 miles an hour). The ride will tell you if you will need a rebalance and/or alignment. It's best to take a short test drive to see if any problems show up yea i made sure they kept them on.. the tires look fairly new.. i bought the wheels and tires off a local seller and they had less than ~5k miles on the tires.. since then, i had the tires rebalanced and it had the same result.. my brakes need to be changed soon coz theyre startin to talk to me when i brake.. lol.. hopefully it goes away with the new brakes and rotors.. time will tell.. oh, n. No shake with Conti's when they came off, and no issues with the new Nokians-May 2021 I had Nokian's removed, Conti's reinstalled, and an alignment done. No shake with Nokians when they came off. Now Conti's shake at 70 - 80 mph I have had the wheels balanced 4 times in two weeks - steering wheel shake still present! This was using two separate.

Got new tires and now truck shakes Tacoma Worl

I went to Tire and Wheel Outlet after work and they installed the new wheels and tires. I left Tire and Wheel Outlet and got on the freeway when I noticed that my brand new vehicle was shaking The tire that needs to be replaced is at 5/32 of an inch. All the wheels have the tire pressure monitoring sensors. The bad, at least 1 rim needs a new tire, it might be 2. I think one wheel has the dreaded foam that has separated and made for a harmonic residence (shaking) that's pretty noticeable between about 55 mph and 65 mph As the title states, I have a 2021 S5 Coupe I just installed new wheels and tires 20x9 et25 and 275/30/20. Stock suspension. Thought I wouldnt have any issues with the amount of gap there is but Im getting rubbing in the front and the back. I taped the inside of the fenders on the way to work today and hit a few bumps so I could get it to rub

I have a 2006 2WD GMC SLT Sierra Crew Cab. Four days ago I upgraded from my stock 17 wheels and got new 20 wheels and 275/55 tires put on it. Now the truck shakes like crazy when I brake. I took the truck back to the tire place when I originally had them installed, and they said my rotors are pro.. The service center just replaced my rear tires (21 Continental Extreme Contact DWs) My car now feels unsettled, like it wants to go in any direction other than straight. It's not the shaking of a badly balanced tire: there's no discernible periodicity to the wandering. Higher speeds feel.. Rotate the tires from rear to front and see if the vibration moves. The shaking truck suggestes something in the rear is not correct. If you rotate tires and you get vibration in steering then one of them are out of balance, or a wheel is bent So I have the dreaded 55-65mph wheel wobble/car shake which apparently, based on reading this forum, is fixed by multiple different ways, none of which have worked for me. I have replaced all 4 wheels and tires when one shop said I had 3 bents wheels. That didn't work. Next step was trying all.. I put new wheels and 35 tires on my truck last week. They seemed to balance OK in the tire shop but when I got on the interstate my truck would shake starting at about 70 and up to at least 85. I did a lot of research online. A lot of people who have tried the balancing beads said they worked. A few who tried them said they didn't work

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Vibration after tire change - Maintenance/Repairs - Car

Funny thing, I just bought some 18 inch BMW Parallel M wheel from The Wheel Exchange I took my new replica wheels to my local tire store in my town, and their after high school wheel tech tried to balance my new wheels/tires, and used their new Hunter GSP 9700 machine on my wheel/tire, and my God when I test drove it, my new E60 rode rough, and I was very disappointed A couple weeks ago I purchased new wheels and tires for my Jeep. I installed a 2 budget boost at the same time. The jeep has 54,xxx miles on it. 5- New Summit Racing steel d-window wheels. 5- New Goodyear Duratrac tires 31x10.50x15 from Sears, had them install them on the new wheels and a front end alignment Well he said he had put on new wheels. Woops, ROadforce: that is a balancing machine. Woops. Yea, it's one of he wheels or tires. I had the same issue with 2 of my tires. The inner steel belt broke, and it would hold air, but it had high patches. Thing I put that on the daily thread. The tire was really out of round the rotors comment was for lobalt's shaking when braking . when i got new wheels and tires for my ls i went to a 205/40zr17 and i had the same problem along with very sensitive stearing.luckily we had a alignment rack at school so i tried different specs an found that if i had the tires toed out but still in factory specs it helped alo I'm working on a new-to-me 1993 MR2 Turbo. The car has a nasty shake/jump in the steering at around ~50mph. I thought the original issue was wheels and tires, so I replaced them. The shake is still there. At this point, having replaced the wheels/tires I can only imagine that it is a problem..

Street Shaker 1941 Willys Gasser Is On The Loose - Hot Rod

New tires vibrating/shaking DODGE RAM FORUM - Dodge

On my old Yukon had a bad shake at highway speed so bad I had to slow down. It drove the mechanics at 2 shops nuts. The GM dealer suggested it was the tires. Put on new front tires and it was still there. At the tire shop the guy even tried the tires off of his Suburban to try to narrow it down. With his tires it was gone but with mine it was back He said changing from runflat to non runflat tires may be part of the issue, but not drivetrain related. Disappointed that this is the answer but in the end, it may be the tires even though they are new. Nevertheless, having a car that vibrates between 60-80 with new wheels and new tires isn't acceptable not to mention, a BMW Anyway, they mount up my new wheels and tires, do an alignment and im on my way. I notice shaking in the front end between 48-62mph. I go back, they said, ohh we forgot to put on the hub rings-then put them on

Why are my tires vibrating? TireBuyer

This simply means you need to buy new car tires before some major issue takes place. 4: Bad Wheel Bearing. A bad wheel bearing is one of the more solemn concerns that cause tire noise. When the wheel bearing in your tires is deteriorating or damaging, it produces a soft purring sound or grinding noise whenever you change ways I just put 33x12.5 inch tires on the jeep. They are all perfectly ballanced. Driving on a smooth road I have no wheel shake at all. But normal roads with small bumps and cracks my wheel shakes pretty bad

New Tire Vibration at Tire Rac

Awhile back I ordered brand new wheels and purchased new tires to go on them. I drove away from the shop and got on the highway. Five minutes later I was back because the steering wheel shake was really bad. They tried three times more before it was acceptable, although it never went away completely. So now I live with it for 5k miles If your wheels are even slightly unbalanced, they will cause excessive shaking of your steering wheel, and possibly of your entire car. Many newer cars with lightweight suspension systems often see unbalanced wheel issues, and if you have low profile tires on your car, you're also more likely to deal with this issue

Figure Out What's Causing Your Car to Shak

At Tommy's Tires, we offer the following services to our valued customers: A huge selection of new and used tires, and custom wheels starting at $25 and up. Two convenience locations - 4601 N. 60th St. Omaha, NE 68104 and 14116 West Center Rd. Omaha, NE 68144. The ability to shop online for tires and wheels Need help the steering wheel on my 2004 gto shakes right at about 55 to 65 mph. I changed my radius rod bushings both ends, outer control arm bushing, replaced my sway bar end link with pedders top of the line links, new tires and rims. I also hear a grinding noise when at low speeds I assume..

Are My Tires Causing The Car To Vibrate? - The Tires-Easy Blo

02tones02. Yesterday when riding my '86 Trek without hands going downhill at about 15 mph the front wheel/handlebars began to rapidly shaking back & forth, so much so that it scared me and forced me to grab back on. It happen again on another descent so I ruled out the road surface as a cause. With hands-on though I don't notice the wobble even. Hello, I have a 99 GS400 with the stock 17 inch wheel and tire combination. The tires are brand new, with less than 100 miles on them so far. They are the Bridgestone RE-730's, and the first thing I noticed about them is that they are NOISY in comparison to the stock Bridgestone RE 030 tires I never used hubcentric rings on my last wheels. So they mounted the tires and balanced the wheels (putting the new KHUMO tires in the front and the older Pirellis in the back) but after that I noticed my steering wheel was now shaking when I drove 50 mph. I went back to get it re-balanced thinking it was balancing issue I have a shake or vibration in the steering wheel of my 74 260z. I had the tires balanced and alignment. They said it aligned good. My rubber bushings look shot in places, especially the TC rod and end links and sway bar area. Steering rack bushings look ok with eye balls, but I do have new.. The factory wheels have a groove in them specifically for that retainer ring. Pried them off and put the wheels back on and no more shake. It's crazy that such a tiny gap would cause such a big shake. Pumped!!! Now I just have to figure out what I'm going to do about the tire pressure monitors with the new wheels

After all of this the shaking while braking went away but the steering wheel now shook between 50-60mph. The car went back to my mechanic a week later as I had some new wheels/tires and a wire that needed to be fixed. However, even with the new wheels/tires the steering wheel still shakes between 50-60mph 3: Excessive tire wear means you need an alignment. If most of the tread on your tires is gone, you probably just need new tires. But if the wear is noticeably uneven, the problem could be the alignment, so you'll need to have it checked out with a mechanic. 4: A shaking steering wheel means the alignment is out So my steering wheel has shaked for almost as long as I can remember with this car. It shakes only from about 65-75mph. Everything I've done in the past to fix it: Wheel&Tire balancing (Every year on both sets of wheels and tires) Alignment (Multiple times a year) New inner and outer tie rods. New driver side lower ball joint

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