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Zoom. Decorative Cream Core Matboard - 32'' x 40'', Bisque. Current price: $0.00. Bainbridge Papermat Decorative Cream Core Matboards feature a consistent, scuff-resistant surface and a cream-colored core. They can be used for both mounting and presentation. 4-ply. 32 × 40. Made in the USA. Note - Matboards are cut 1/16 to 1/8 wider. Artique Matboard: Crescent Matboard Bainbridge Matboard: Artique Matboard Search. Table of Content. Artique New Linens.pdf. Artique.pdf. Table of Content. Search.

Bainbridge Alphamount Crescent Archival Photo Mount Crescent Rag Double Thick Foam Board Oversized 40x60 Perfect Mount Self-Adhesive Single Thick. Oversized 40x60. Conservation. Bainbridge Alphamats Bainbridge Artcare Alpharag Crescent Rag Mat Colors Crescent Rag Mat Solids Crescent Select Alpha-Cellulose Crescent Select UltiBlack Black Core Artique® is an alpha-cellulose matboard which offers you over 176 colours in its vibrant, versatile colour range - including the industry's widest range of neutrals, whites and off-whites. Artique® Conservation Matboard is also offers and extensive range of oversized, 8 ply and coloured cores Crescent has over 40 different art and mounting boards designed to meet specific needs of artists. Whether it be for drawing with colored pencil, to illustrating with marker and ink, to painting with watercolors or working with pastels, we have a quality board for you. Crescent also offers RENDR No show thru Paper sketchbooks and pads, and.

MATBOARD SPECIFIER . Mint Green DS966 Latte DS959 Bronze DS972 Moss Green DS953 SUEDE Dove Grey DS965 Hazelnut DS952 Gull Grey DS969 Emerald DS954 White DS970 Mushroom DS967 Red Rock DS976 Pewter DS955 Royal Blue DS962 Sterling DS975 Sage DS973 Royal Red DS957 Slate Blue DS968 Admiral Blue O DS974 DSG6974 Champagn Artique® is an alpha-cellulose conservation grade matboard which offers you over 176 colours in its vibrant, versatile colour range - including the industry's widest range of neutrals, whites and off-whites. Artique® Conservation Matboard is also offers and extensive range of oversized, 8 ply and coloured cores If Bainbridge wanted to, they could hire Chinese 10 year-olds to make up chipped specifiers. Or they could charge us for them. I would actually PAY up to $25 for a REAL CHIPPED SPECIFIER. Honestly, truly, cross-my-heart I would pay cash money. Sire, I say ye should dank her in the moat for her witch'y ways!! Cotton RagMat Museum matboard is the natural choice when the highest levels of protection are required. The quality of cotton RagMat is simply unsurpassed, preferred by preservationists and museums worldwide and has been trusted by artists and historians for centuries Turnaround Times. The colors listed here are popular colors we keep on hand for quicker turnaround. We will supply any matboard color from Crescent, Berkshire, Nielsen Bainbridge, or Artique but lead times will differ.. Please see our shipping information page for turnaround details.. Please Note: The colors shown are approximate only

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FEATURES OF ARTIQUE CONSERVATION MATBOARD: D eveloped in 1996, Artique Conservation is an alpha-cellulose matboard which offers you over 176 colours in its vibrant, versatile colour range - including the industry's widest range of neutrals, whites and off-whites.. Artique Conservation Matboard is also offers and extensive range of oversized, 8 Ply and coloured cores ARTCARE MATBOARD TESTIMONIALS: The number one reason people buy custom framing, is to preserve their treasured memories(*PPFA research figures 2006).If you really want to get serious about preservation, then Bainbridge Artcare is the only matboard that exceeds all minimum conservation requirements for the Fine Art Trade Guild and The Library of Congress

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Samples of all our products are available for $1 each! Browse our collection of matboards, picture frames, plexiglass and backing boards. We have economy, decorative and conservation grade products. Made in USA. Volume discounts apply See our amazing prices on matboard. Made in USA. Wholesale Price List Matboards. Quantity . 100. Please review the chart below to see our prices at various standard sizes. Custom sizes in between are available at no additional charge in 1/8 increments. Berkshire Mat by Crescent® 8 x 10 9 x 12 11 x 14 12 x 16 14 x 18. Art and Mounting Board Pack. Crescent Art Board Packs. Color Notes. Coloring Mat. notFoam Eco-Friendly Mounting & Art Surface. Perfect Mount Wrinkle Free. Photo Mat Art Board. 15 Self Custom Art Pack

Zambia +260. Zimbabwe +263. Åland Islands +358. I am interested in. Valiani Geminus IV 190. Valiani Matpro Ultra V150 CMC. Valiani Nexus. Valiani Gladius BC 260 CMC. Valiani Maximus V160 CMC Any custom size up to 32 x 40 (no extra charge) Hundreds of colors to choose from. All openings are beveled. Order in any quantity (volume discounts for larger orders) Double mats with the matboards pre-attached. 4 PLY and 8 PLY thickness. Suede and paper mats available. Oval or rectangular openings. Custom reveal and off-sets Picture Mats and Frames. Any Size/Color! 100% Made in USA. Order Now

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Colour Specifier FEATURES OF BAINBRIDGE NOVACORE MATBOARD: Bainbridge NOVACORE is a solid, bright white core matboard, suitable for standard, non-conservation framing Matboard. Matboards from Crescent and Bainbridge are available for purchase. Come in and browse the specifiers to find exactly what you need. All orders are custom and usually filled within a couple of days. Matboard cutting is also available. Call for pricing Unless otherwise specified ALL matboard currently being made is buffered with a calcium carbonate to an alkaline reserve of 3-5%. The only nonbuffered products available now are Crescent's #'s 2296, 2299, 2298, 2297 and Bainbridge's #6601. There maybe other brands out there that have unbuffered board but I doubt it Cotton RagMat Museum matboard is the natural choice when the highest levels of protection are required. The quality of cotton RagMat is simply unsurpassed, preferred by preservationists and museums worldwide and has been trusted by artists and historians for centuries

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Item# AQ5065. View Product. Arqadia Imperial Blue 32 x 40. Item# AQ5640. View Product. Arqadia Kendal Green 32 x 40. Item# AQ5173. View Product. Arqadia Minuet 32 x 40 Conservation Mat Colors. Click on a mat board color image to enlarge. Need actual color mat board samples? click here. Super White = bright white, smooth | White Sale = soft white, smooth | Baker's White, White Art = soft whites, textured. White Wash = warm white | Dove = light antique cream, textured | White Elephant = light antique cream, smooth Crescent 8-Ply RagMat® Museum mat boards are designed for conservation and preservation, are acid-free and made from 100% cotton. This solid-core mat board is 1/8 thick and features a color-match core. It comes in a variety of colors, including many neutral tones. Cross reference from some Bainbridge Alpharag to Crescent RagMat matboard Bainbridge NOVACORE™ is a solid, bright white core matboard, suitable for standard, non-conservation framing White Core - Specially formulated, pure bright white core to provide decorative bevels with neutral colour contrast, Acid Free - Buffered acid-free core and backing. Over 165 Colours - Novacore offers a superior choice in colour range, with specially selected colours, suitable for. Find below a collection of useful resources and documents to help you better understand our range of matboard products. Please contact your local Megawood Larson-Juhl Office or Megawood Larson-Juhl sales representative for hard copies of any of these documents, if required

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  1. g products. Our most frequent sellers are featured on this website. If you don't see what you are looking for, call us! Also call West Shore for custom products, picture fra
  2. Matboard Companies. Bainbridge Companies. 2016 Bainbridge Sell Sheet Bainbridge Conservation Basics 2016 Bainbridge Deletions March 2016 Bainbridge Papermat 2015 NB Color and Style 2016 Update Web BWSS Specifier Email. Crescent Matboards. Discontinued List April 2010 Brite Cores 201
  3. Cimarron Wholesale is proud to be an official distributor of Peterboro Matboard products. Cimarron Wholesale stocks 220+ of Peterboro matboard products. Our standard matboard has a pigmented conservation quality surface paper on over 85% of the colours. High Alpha Cellulose bright white core with conservation quality backing paper
  4. Bainbridge: Got a real person in less than 60 second, made my request, waited less then 2 weeks, and received exactly what I requested Needless to say, I'll now using Bainbridge matboard instead of Crescent. On a final personal note, I really hate when companies do this sort of stupid thing
  5. Matboard Bainbridge Matboard Specifiers Crescent Matboard Rising Museum Matboard Moulding As a distributor we can special order any moulding items from the vendors we work with. Fotiou Moulding Max Moulding Nielsen/Nurre Caxton Omega Moulding Roma Moulding Studio Moulding Other TruVue

Bainbridge Basics Mat Board Specifier M&M Distributors is pleased to be able to supply you with the Bainbridge Basics product specifier. 30 essential colors featuring standard conservation quality attributes Acid Free Lignin Free Fade and Bleed Resistant Colors All available in 32×40 an Order Matboard and Frames with Discounts up to 75%. View our price list and order online Order custom matboards online in any size and color to perfectly display your art work. The number one online store since 2012. No minimums and wholesale discounts available. We have economy, decorative and conservation grade matboards provided by Crescent matting. All matboards are made, cut, shipped and supplied in the USA

Redimat is Your Source for Quality Wholesale Mat Board. REDIMAT offers pre-cut, custom, and bulk mat board at wholesale pricing delivered directly to you. We offer artists and photographers an unparalleled choice of mat board products, made by Crescent Cardboard Company, and Neilson-Bainbridge, the premier producers of mat board in the USA 33. White & Cream. Description. Warranty Information. This versatile matboard features two smooth usable sides: one side is white and the reverse is cream. Good quality, buffered pH neutral. Specifier: DECSPEC. Corner Set: REG4 Bainbridge Conservative Basics Acid-free, fade and bleed resistant • Bridal Veil • Corinthian White • Cotton • Daisy • Kid Glove • Meringue • Primer White • Snowdrop All information contained here has been validated by each manufacturer's own Matboard Specifiers. 11/201

Our APB Matboard is a solid, bright white core matboard, available in a limited range of popular colours, suitable for production, non-conservation framing. White Core - Specially formulated, pure bright white core to provide decorative bevels with neutral colour contrast. Price Competitive - Purchased in convenient 20 sheet box lots, APB matboard is extremely price competitive for high volume. The following matboard sample packs include 2 x 5 inch sample mat board pieces of all colors that we carry for the type of mat specified. If you order two sets you can lay them next to each other to form a corner to make color comparison easier Novacore matboard has helped more Australian framers build their business than any other brand of matboard. Backed by over 100 years of industry experience from Nielsen Bainbridge, Novacore offers a comprehensive range of the industry's most proven and established decorator colours, textures and oversized references, designed to meet all you Ok, so I just grabbed my Crescent Ragmat specifier and it says right inside the front cover that ragmat as a pH of 8.5 - 9.5 which is definately in the alkaline range. Bainbridge doesn't specify what their pH is but they do say their regular paper core mats are buffered to an alkaline pH The traditional muted colors of this acid-free 4-ply mat board from Bainbridge will perfectly compliment any work of art or photo. This museum-quality preservation mat board is 1/16 thick and 100% cotton for superior art protection. Available as a single, double, or a triple mat with a color-match core..

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  1. Bainbridge Matboards Nielsen Bainbridge Grou . Linen Conservation Mat Board. Crescent Select and Bainbridge® Alphamat® Artcare™ Linen 4 ply (1/16″) mat board pairs the classic beauty of fade and bleed resistant linen surfaces with 100% conservation-quality core and backing
  2. ds to express and share their ideas. Slightly stiffer than our regular mat board, it is still made and sold by Bainbridge. Features: Sizes: 15 x 20 or 20 x 30 Color: White One Side Only (Cold Press) Thickness: Weight
  3. Created Date: 1/9/2018 1:18:18 P
  4. 20,292. Location. The Framer's Loft Litchfield, NH. Aug 15, 2006. #9. I keep the corner racks separated like Karen, but unlike Karen I seldom mix the two on the design counter. Crescent Rag and Bainbridge Alpha seem to me to have a slightly different thickness - Crescent being the thinner
  5. White mat board from a frame shop is easily available. It comes in 2 sizes - 32 x 40 and 40 x 60. Bainbridge tend to be a bit more expensive. Stop into a frame shop and ask to see the bat board specifier or go through their corner samples to find one that's close. Don't know easy way to get the holes in it though
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Find PDF catalogs and specifiers for our full range of products, including both Larson-Juhl exclusive items and our distributed products. AcuSolutions. Artique Matboard Specifier. Bainbridge Color & Style Guide 2020. Bainbridge Foamboard & Mountboard Catalog 2020. Bainbridge Papermat Catalog 2020. Clark Catalog U Moglet Posts: 3563 Joined: Mon Jun 25, 2007 6:43 pm Location: The Shire Organisation: An Urban Myth Interests: I'll let you know if I get my life back Picture Framing Acrylic Specifier. AAUV1057. 10 Pack of 5x7 UV Picture Framing Acrylic. AAUV10810. 10 Pack of 8x10 UV Picture Framing Acrylic. AAUV10811. 6 Ply Mat Board Bainbridge Alphamat Topmat. 8424. Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare Chameleon Mat Board White Core. 8433. Bainbridge Alphamat Artcare Jet Mat Board White Core. 8437 Jerry's Artarama carries a large selection of ready-made and custom picture frames at big savings and low prices. Frame designs for artists are our specialty in all sizes and colors. We carry a large variety of picture framing tools, equipment, pre-cut mats and full sheet boards, and picture framing hardware Nielsen metal frames are a well-known high-quality brand for custom metal picture framing at an affordable price. Our vast selection of Nielsen aluminum picture frames includes 17 profiles - from the standard #11 and #15 profiles that are great for posters and watercolor painting competitions to more elaborate styles like Nielsen #225 which offers a sophisticated scoop

Bainbridge AlphaRag Lichen Mat Board DISC M 8676 . Americanframe.com DA: 21 PA: 47 MOZ Rank: 90. Your window opening will be W 4 x H 6 With a reverse cut, the bevel will be at the back of the mat board opening, providing a seamless look for your matted ar Home Mat Board and Foam Board Mat Board Crescent Decorative (Regular) Mat Board - Full Size 32x40 Sheets Decorative Mat Board Pinks and Purples Las Cruces Purple #1076 Las Cruces Purple #1076 $ 10.95 - $ 209.9 many of the most influential buyers and specifiers, said Josh Eichner, executive vice president of Framerica, a vendor that unveiled over 140 completely new moulding profiles at their booth, which was a replica of a luxury frame shop. It certainly feels like there's a bit of a revital-ization in the framing business, evidenced by what.

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Pantone Polyester Specifiers; Pantone Metallic Shimmers Books; Pantone Fashion + Home TPX Pages; Pantone FHI Pages. Pantone FHI Pages TPX; Pantone FHI Pages TPG; Pantone TPG 8.5 x 11 Inch Sheets; Pantone TPM 8.5x11 Inch Sheets; Pantone TCX Swatches. Pantone TCX Swatches 11-XXXX; Pantone TCX Swatches 12-XXXX; Pantone TCX Swatches 13-XXXX. the whitest matboard in the market to the deepest black. Choosing the perfect mat color is a critical part of the design process. Artique offers a wide range of neutrals through our palette of 176 colors, ensuring that your designs will provide exceptionally beautiful custom piece Cotton RagMat is the only matboard guaranteed safe next to any artwork. • Facing papers exceed minimum standards for fade and bleed as set by F.A.C.T.S. and F.A.T.G. • pH 8.5 - 9.5 • Buffered with calcium carbonate to an alkaline reserve of 3 -5% (except RagMat Museum Solids - Unbuffered) • 4 ply and 8 ply thicknesses Crescent Select is made of alpha-cellulose (wood pulp) fibers that have been chemically treated to eliminate the acids and lignins that can degrade your artwork and matboard. Ideal for fine art prints, limited editions, documents, and photos

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The Matboard also hides the hinges that are behind the Matboard. If the Matboard were removed, a small 1/8 gap between the front frame and back Swing Shell would be visible revealing a small section of the hinge. The Matboard also adds an element of design providing numerous interior décor color combinations Nielsen Metal Picture Frames in Colors. Nielsen metal picture frames in color brighten any art. Flat faced or rounded. Matte finish or glossy. Easy to assemble. All you need is a screwdriver. See how to assemble metal picture frames New 2020 Matboard Specifier now available from Peterboro! design manager for Nielsen Bainbridge. His professional achievements include the 2017 PPFA International Framing Competition as 1st. Tru Vue is a manufacturer of high performance glazing products for the custom picture framing, museum and engineered optics markets Nielsen Bainbridge, Austin, Texas. 734 likes · 3 talking about this. Nielsen Bainbridge is one of the world's leading producers of products for framing professionals and conservators

Mats > Corners/Access. Showing 1-9 of 9 results. Berkshire Mats Close Out Moulding Paper 32x40 Paper 40x60 White Core 32x40 White Core 40x60 Black Core 32x40 Black Core 40x60 Rag Mat 32x40 Rag Mat 40x60 Select Mat 32x40 Select Mat 40x60 Alphamat 32x40 Alphamat 40x60 Fabric Mat 32x40 Fabric Mat 40x60 Museum Rag Mat 32x40 Museum Rag Mat 40x60. Nielsen frames available at American Frame - the nation's #1 online retailer and low cost leader of custom Nielsen metal frames. Inspired by New York's Museum of Modern Art in the 1950's, Nielsen has been making metal frames for nearly 40 years Ideal for layout, design and type specification. This professional set contains a transparent type gauge and a transparent type specifier, each measuring 4-1/2 x 12-3/8. Each has accurate fine calibrations on a transparent, non-glare surface for full visibility. Each is flexible for measuring flat, curved or cylindrical surfaces

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CHOPS Opening - Reduced Hours. May 9, 2020 Craig Doroshenko Comment. CHOPS will be open on the following days from 9am to 1pm for curbside pickup and drop off. Tuesday May 19. Thursday May 21. Monday May 25. Wednesday May 27. Friday May 29. Additional days will be posted once we see how things go Pantone FBP100 fashion and home color specifier - paper Pantone This product has been discontinued by the manufacturer, or is no longer available through ArtSuppliesOnline.com. We apologize for any inconvenience

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3750 Commercial Grade Packaging Tape, 1.88 x 54.6yds, 3 Core, Clear. 3M Applicator. 3M Post-It Professional Flip Chart Pads, Plain 25 x 30 (pkg/2) 3M Scotch 1/2-Inch by 36-Yard Double-Sided Foam Tape. 3M Scotch 568 Positionable Mounting Adhesive (PMA) 3M Scotch® 232 Masking Tape. 3M Scotch® 235 Black Photo Tape 315 New Colors just added! The FHI color specifier is a desktop reference with removable chips for palette development. Access all 2,625 colors on coated paper for hard goods. You can coordinate colors for textiles, paints, and coated surfaces like leather and metal. UPC 849572038123. Item # A27011. Mfg # FHIP210 Portland, OR. Framers' Inventory. FI is a wholesale distributor of fine picture framing materials with over 7,000 items available to assist you in creating a masterpiece. ABOUT FI Framers' Inventory is a family owned distributor of picture framing products located in Portland, Oregon. We have been in business since 1987 and, with our steadfast. Hyatt's - Downloads for Forms, Maps, Art Products Color Charts, Art Product Literature, Classes + Workshops, Pantone Catalog, Pantone Product Literature, Pantone Product Movies, Sign Catalogs, Promotions and Events, Sign Product Movies, Thermal Printing Information, and Sign Product Literature This Pantone Fashion, Home and Interiors Paper Specifier replacement page measures 5.5 x 9.25 inches and is made for the Pantone Fashion, Home and Interiors Paper Selectors introduced in January 2014. Seven Pantone Textile Colors per page are printed on paper with seven tear-out chips each

Crescent Select Suede Matboards BLICK Art Materials. Dickblick.com DA: 17 PA: 42 MOZ Rank: 72. Crescent Matboard - 32'' x 40'' x 4 Ply, Berry, Select Suede Add the classic look and feel of high-quality suede, now available in a fresh, new color range The texture and deep, rich colors of Crescent Select Suedes are perfect for both traditional and contemporary works of art — and a great choice. The Five Types of Mat Board (at a glance) • Regular Mat Board (sometimes called Paperboard) offered by Bainbridge and Crescent a 4-ply acid neutralized mat board, the industry standard and the most popular kind • Alphamat Artcare by Bainbridge is a conservation quality archival mat board made of alpha cellulose fiber Call Toll Free 1-800-363-7709 (US Only) · support@artsuppliesonline.com · ArtMaterialsLLC Note: List Prices (also known as Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price or MSRP) on this website are provided to us by the manufacturers of each product Shelly Isaacson I help professionals that own a home, leverage color, to live the life their soul desires. Using my signature style blueprint framework, a color palette, rationale and color map.

Crescent RagMat Museum Mat Samples Frame Destination. Framedestination.com DA: 24 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 74. 1 x 1112-Soft White - Crescent RagMat Museum Mat Sample +$0.30 1 x 2259-Antique White - Crescent RagMat Museum Mat Sample +$0.30 1 x 1173-Soft Cream - Crescent RagMat Museum Mat Sample +$0.30 1 x 2255-Cream - Crescent RagMat Museum Mat Sample +$0.30 1 x 1106-Antique Gray - Crescent RagMat.

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