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4. The Principal's Office In this funny senior prank, you'll need the cooperation of some of the teachers in the school, or at least that of the school custodian. In fact, the cooperation of anyone with access to your principal's office will do. You can fill it up with balloons or packing nuts quite quickly if you have a lot of help Hopefully, these office pranks inspired you to do something fun and harmless to your coworkers on April Fool's Day or anytime during the year. ___ Please share your fun (PG-13) office pranks. We would love to hear from you 2 Top 10 Pranks Done in a Classroom. 2.1 No phone calls during the lesson! 2.2 A prank to die of laughter. 2.3 On the go. 2.4 Double meaning. 2.5 Don't stop believin' that everything's a joke. 2.6 The coolest way of taking notes during class. 2.7 Our savior is closer than you might think. 2.8 Zorro at college

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  1. Go See the Principal. One fast prank to pull on a friend involves getting to her desk or in the classroom before she does. Before going to school, type up a fake letter telling the student she must go see the principal as soon as she gets to school. Make sure to type up the letter and the envelope so that your friend doesn't suspect you, if she.
  2. heres a fun school prank: take a universal remote and program it to the TV of the class that you are in, the once programmed, turn on your favorite Tv show and act astonished when the channels mysteriously Change and the TV goes on and off! Only do these if everyone in your class hates your teacher!!!!!
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School can be a total snooze-fest. So why not spice things up with a little harmless pranks?It may be risky, but teachers make for the most satisfying pranks.. 1. played a funny prank on someone and want to share it or 2. have a great prank idea or 3. want more details of a prank, submit story/idea/question here! It's real easy to do - just fill up the form below and upload any pictures if you want to, and you're done! Enter Your Titl Chances are you've seen your fair share of senior pranks over the years, and after a while, they can get a bit redundant. Luckily, current graduating high schoolers have decided to shake things up.

3.bring a cactus to school. Raise your hand. When called upon say the cactus has a question. look at the cactus and wait for it to say something. when it doesn't shrug and let the teacher continue. do this several times. get angrier each time. As you leave the class yell at the cactus i can't believe you embarrassed me AGAIN. this is a fun prank We have a tradition to set up elaborate pranks for one of us returns from vacation, with the crown jewel being an office poltergeist we staged. We threw in a bait-and-switch and adorably made the desk a beach scene, complete with a cardboard cutout of Justin Bieber in scuba gear, a kiddie pool with sand, and a crafty palm tree Start a rumor that the principal has gone to hospital. Throw stink bombs in the staffroom. Water on your teachers chair. Or you could do the old classic school pranks and use drawing pins or paint. Get a photo of your teachers head and use your computer to put it on a funny picture like a monkey or a Thomas the Tank Engine train Tell your teacher you are dropping out, do so, get a really lousy job, hate it, take it out on your spouse and children, get all frustrated and go to the local corner convenience store, steal some beer, run from the police, get caught, spend two days in the county jail, get out and find out your spouse left you, get really mad and go confront. Whether you like it or not, making your mom angry is unavoidable.So next time your mom sends you a death glare throw one of these DIY home hacks into the mix..

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3. Use a coffee cup to spill water on your teacher. Cut the bottom out of a to-go coffee cup. Place a layer of cling wrap in the top of the cup, pushing it down a bit. Secure the top with a rubber band, then pour in some water. Put another layer of plastic wrap on top, then set the lid on it Pranks To Play In Class. I stole the teachers eraser just before lunch-time. When the bell rang, I put superglue on it and placed it back in the middle of her desk. I super-glued the lids onto her pens and glued her desk-drawer shut. Maybe that's why I got suspended Prank #1: Brown e's —. Tell your students that you are giving them brownies at the end of the school day. In order for the prank to work, you will need to have a tray covered with aluminum foil. Under the tray will be letter e's cut out of brown construction paper. At the end of the day, uncover the tray and give each student a brown 'e'

A good-natured prank war between friends is one of those rare joys in life where you get to be as crazy as you want for the sole purpose of making someone laugh. Sure, it's usually at their expense, and you humiliate them beyond belief, but it's all in good fun, because it's just a prank, right 10 Funny April Fools' Day Pranks To Play On Your Friends That Are Hilarious But Totally Harmless April Fools' Day is fast approaching, so whether you choose to prank your significant other, your BFF, or your entire office, it's time to come up with a game plan NOW Sometimes it's hard to figure out what kinds of jokes to play on your students on April Fool's Day. As always, make sure to use your best judgement when playing pranks. And make sure your pranks don't conflict with school/district policies. Here are some suggestions I've gathered: 1. Switch classrooms for the day. When kids com Keep your pranks reasonable. When you devise a prank to play on a coworker, it's important to choose pranks that you wouldn't mind receiving. Think of it as treating others the way you want to be treated, since your coworkers will most likely retaliate. If you're going to dish out pranks, you'll need to anticipate pranks in return Every company has a story about that funny office prank of yore. Whether you're doing some early April Fool's Day research, or just feeling a little tricksy, it's time to get a prank of your own in the books. Here are some ideas. Funny Office Pranks to Pull on Your Coworkers 1. Caramel Onion

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Cereal Prank Step 1. Make a normal bowl of cereal but then put it in the freezer. Cereal Prank Step 2. Tell your parents you've made them breakfast. They'll be so happy! Cereal Prank Step 3. When they try to eat the cereal they'l realise that they can't get the spoon in because the milk is frozen! Brownies Prank Step 1 20 Excellent Office Pranks Your Coworkers Won't See Coming. Work is boring. Spice things up with these funny office pranks. Beverly Jenkins is a humor and pop culture writer. She has published three web humor books and six calendars, including You Had One Job! and Photobombed. Let's face it, sometimes work can be a real drag, but it doesn't. You don't have to be a kid to play practical jokes and funny pranks on friends and family members; adults like to make some mischief too. The key is to make sure your prank is hilarious instead of harmful. Avoid tricks that are rude, dangerous, damaging, or hurtful, and always keep your audience in mind The 2 x 3.5 prank. About 30 years ago the senior class bought 10,000 business cards that simply said 'Class of 1985,' and hid them everywhere. Under couches, behind paintings, in books in the. Practical jokes are often loved and hated in equal measure. You'll often find that most people can't get enough of a good prank, so long as it's not on them! If you're someone who is always on the look out for a great practical joke or prank to play on your next victim then you're going to love this post

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One of the old classic door pranks is to unscrew a door from its hinges and hide it. Turn around signs that say 'DO NOT DISTURB' Knock on someones door and ask for a hacksaw. If they give you one, turn around and with your hands cuffed behind your back, grab the hacksaw. Wrap a door in plastic wrap and spray-paint your name on it The best funny prank calls 44) You Kicked My Dog. As with Chickity China, you can't write a list of notable prank calls without including this. Both are classics of the early Web, even if this. Here are 15 funny dares for adults: 22. Sit on the lap of the person on your right for the rest of the game! And tell him what you want for Christmas, little one. 23. Call a NY-style pizza place and ask them what the difference is between NY pizza and real pizza. Be sure your number is blocked As office life is dull and boring, I hope to spice up your April 1st antics. Not only do I not take credit for most of these pranks, I also do not take responsibility for your actions, the reactions of others, slashed tires or angry mob hunts you may receive, nor any impact to your employment status for using these Greatest Student of the Year Award. This is the best gag if your school principal helps you out. Write out a message for your school principal to announce on the P.A. system.The message should.

Crammed Closet. Perhaps one of the easiest pranks to pull -- the classic closet prank -- involves nothing more than stuffing your sister's closet full of some harmless item, such as balls, balloons, sponges or packing peanuts. Keep the balloons in place while you fill by using cardboard to block the majority of the closet, leaving just a. Dog Food Prank. Option 1Show your friends or family you are cool by pretending to eat dog food! Simply remove the label from a can of human food (like refried beans or SpaghettiOs. Read More & Print ». « Previous

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Take a look at such funny yet healthy pranks to pull on teachers mentioned just for you in the following article. If you really like a teacher in school or college or even dislike him/her to a considerable extent, the one thing you can do is pull a prank on them. Prank ideas aren't supposed to be humiliating and mean Make a prank call to your best friend's crush and tell him/her that your boyfriend/girlfriend wants to leave you soon. Do belly dance for your best friend favorite song. Unlock your mobile and give it to me for 15 minutes. Stand in front of the mirror and sing Happy Birthday Song along with your name Of course, once the prank is over, you could always provide a fun treat to reduce the disappointment. Read on to find out how to pull the ultimate April Fools' prank with food on your students Being funny is possibly one of the best things you can do for your mental health. Your mind's immune system is a sense of humour. Humour also improves the overall quality of life. Research also shows humour sharpens your mind and smarter people have a better sense of humour. It also in general makes a person more likable

This is like a prank for your own mouth and I don't know how to feel about it. This is actually more like a prank on yourself since you'll probably get called into the principal and have to explain who exactly you were trying to trick here funny instagrams. Courtesy of @trevso_electric. @textsfromyourexistentialist The description on this creative account says it best: When art meets text from your existential dread. Follow at.

this is a fun prank but use caution it may get you suspended but hey look on the bright side you get to sleep in lol Go to the office at lunch time ask to speak to the principal tell the principal that you really like the version of your national anthem that was played in the morning & ask if you can borrow the schools national anthem tape. If you can talk your own local celebrity into getting involved, you may be surprised at how much money you can make! 3. A Fundraising Prank. This novelty idea involves you getting people to secretly sponsor you to do something a bit cheeky (but not on the wrong side of the law, of course) Chips Prank. Leafy potato chips. All you have to do is empty out the chip bag after opening it from the bottom, fill it with a healthier snack of your choice (such as kale chips), and glue the bottom back together. Make sure to leave some air in the bag so it looks brand new When planning an April Fools' prank as a teacher, it's best to get administration on board. When I decided on my joke, I went to my assistant principal and told him my plan: Since phones are always an issue in the classroom, I thought it would be funny to go a little ballistic and (safely) smash a student's phone when I saw it being used

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During a perfectly normal conversation, switch your voice to mute. Mouth all your words but move your lips and act like all is normal. Break the silence with a good laugh. The principal called Three words that can instill panic. Follow up with something fun and nonsensical, like, He says you were dancing on the cafeteria tables again. Tape a plastic bug (find plastic spiders at your local dollar store or on Amazon.com !) on the inside of a lampshade and then ask a family member to turn on the light. Yikes! 3.) Donut Box Trick. This April Fool's prank is bound to get everyone! Grab a donut box and fill it with fresh veggies for a funny fake out! 4.) Oreo Cookie Trick Talk to the HR clearly and raise your complaint in the system officially, to get action. 6. Do not feel Bullied, there is no place for a Bully: You can't allow your seniors to bully you. This is not high school or college where you are dependent on them as you want to co-exist in peace and hence, you adjust to bullies

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First, let me apologize. I hope you find these jokes funny, but if not, maybe you could come up with some better ones!! Send them to me at: chudler@u.washington.edu.Click on the answer button to see the answer and the to see a page that explains the answer (or gives a hint) That way, your friend will walk straight into it when they try to go through the door. You could also scoop the cream out of a cream donut and replace it with mayo, then offer the donut to your friend. Whatever prank you choose, remember that a good prank should be funny but not harmful to people or their property 31) Retirement - the only real excuse you'll ever have to spend your entire life's savings. Have fun. 32) Retirement is said to be the slow and painful lead up to the sunset years of your life. Have fun old timer. 33) Retirement is a fence - on one side lies hard work and on the other lies boredom. Either ways, it's no fun The soul of April Fool's Day lies in the funny pranks that are played on that day. The real good prank is the one that makes the victim laugh and enjoy as much as the other people who witness it. It's not nice to harm someone while pranking people and keep it safe. It is also necessary not to go overboard Not only that, but every prank has a main character. Your sister. Your best friend. Your school principal (actually, probably not your school principal). The main character is the person you are pranking! So how do we create a good prank? We create a good story. Start with the person you're pranking - the main character

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15 Grammar Jokes That Will Make You Feel Smarter. Beverly Jenkins is a humor and pop culture writer. She has published three web humor books and six calendars, including You Had One Job! and Photobombed. Not everyone was paying attention back in grammar school, and on the Internet, it shows As you prepare yourself to weather your kids' jokes, pranks and tricks on April 1st, here are a few safe and easy tricks you can keep up your sleeve to fight back! Short Sheet: Before the kids head to bed, sneak into their rooms and fold the flat sheet up from the foot of the bed so that there is a pocket that only goes halfway down the bed Here is a list of ten activities which are funny ways of making fool of a teacher at class: 1. Head banging at a silent class. This is a very innovative way to make fool of your teacher. All you need to do is when the class is silent and the teacher is in total command of the class, suddenly start banging your head at the desk and start.

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Hi Folks! My April Fool's joke for the kids from last year is showing up in the Pin parade, so I thought I'd repost so you don't miss it. AND I found one to do on the adults at school, too. Snort! April Fool's Day is THIS Friday so you've got time to get ready! The one for grown-ups is super easy! Your fellow teachers, principal, secretary.. Want to take this prank to the next level? When your kid asks where you're moving to, say, Alaska. 13. Give your kid an April Fools' Day lollipop. Learn more here. 14. Make your kid think the principal called. Use your best acting skills as you tell your worried kid the principal's laundry list of complaints. 15. Put a twist. 'To those who sold doves he said, Get these out of here! Stop turning my Father's house into a disciples remembered that it is written: Zeal for your house will consume me.'The then responded to him, What sign can you show us to prove your authority to do all this

Ask your teacher what you can do. Showing personal responsibility may also frustrate a teacher who seems to dislike or hate you. Using I statements and asking what you can do about a situation may also help to defuse the teacher's anger, which will benefit you as well. If your teacher reprimands you or says something to criticize you, then try replying with something lik During childhood, you pulled her pigtails and made her run behind you, however as grown ups, in the social media world, that is replaced by funny memes and jokes. Here are some you can send to your sisters. Sisters Day 2021 Funny Memes and Jokes: Send These Hilarious Posts to Your Behna Because Making Fun of Her Never Gets Old! Have fun with this action game but with a lot of fun do you like gun games? This game is ideal for you. It simulates entering an online battle !!! Play and have fun with Funny Shooter - Destroy All Enemies play it for free on kiz10.com. You can choose between 18 different weapons, protect yourself and have fun with this new online game 1. Emily Philips's Self-Penned Funny Obituary. Emily Philips, a retired teacher, died on March 25, 2015 in Florida. Shortly before she died from pancreatic cancer, she managed to write her own obituary, in which she celebrated some of her most significant milestones and relationships Set random alarms around your home to annoy your family. Set the alarms and timers throughout your home for times when you know other people will be home. Make each time different so all the alarms go off separately. Make alarms 1-2 minutes apart so as soon as someone turns off one of the alarms, another one starts going off

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6. Sign up for a fun summer program and do it together!. 7. Fly a kite in your neighborhood park. 8. Paint rocks and hide them for others to find.. 9. Watch the planes at your local airport. 10. Organize a scavenger/treasure hunt Vice Principal: So, I know you were in here a while ago, and you said you didn't want to do your senior project—. Me: *Interrupting* No. I said wasn't doing the project.. Vice Principal: Well, we had a chat with your mother over the phone earlier this week. She told us that she really wants you to walk at your graduation. An antic is a prank to the extreme. It's outrageous, but it's usually meant to be funny. When the senior class steals the principal's car and manages to get it inside the gym, the antic may be condemned by the school, but everyone else probably thinks it's hilarious

10. Ivy and Bean in Ivy + Bean By Annie Barrows. Mac: Ivy and Bean's wonderful friendship is forged by a failed prank. Bean steals $20 from her big sister, ties it to a string, and tries to get. Sep 29, 2015 - Check out these fun and creative senior pranks that kids have pulled off around the nation without having their scholarships revoked What are the best pranks to pull at school. Doesn't sound like much, but all he can do is just put the marble in his pocket. If you can get 50 people to do this, the principal is now standing on the stage with 50 something marbles in his pockets still trying to play it off like nothing has happened. top floor or the roof. it is a fact. Cue time for the senior prank, the tradition that's been around for years. It has two goals. First, to derail the school day and cause as much confusion as possible, preferably at the expense of the teachers. Second, to make them remember you. Some senior pranks are fairly tame and are more about having fun than anything else

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4) don't do the 1,2,4, pig/chickens/ ideas its well-known now. 5) saran-wrap cars. 6) Put the school building up for sale in a real-estate ad. 7) Super huge smiley face. 8) Put hundreds and hundreds of dixie cups filled with juice all over the floors, so that no one can will be able to leave (while we are outside of course) 9) Let out thousands. The prank was the brainchild of Jim Mallon and Leon Varjian, who also concocted the absurdist platform of the Pail and Shovel party, which had vaulted them to power over the student government's $70,000 budget—which the Pail and Shovelers promised to convert into pennies and let other students dig into, hence the name

I thought it was a pretty clever an in depth prank, confusing all of the students who weren't in on the prank. ketage from Croatia on May 11, 2013: LOL , sounds like it would have been fun to be in your class, coming from a highly disciplined school, there wasn't a lot of pranks being pulled by teachers or students Have you gotten a new phone? Okay, forget that. You guys got a new SIM card or something like that? Great. Then leave this post before you unconsciously decide to replay this prank. 'Cause things are about to get nasty. When dad returned from his. Getting revenge is easy at ThePayback.com. We have some great revenge pranks, practical jokes, and gags. Come on in and read our hilarious revenge stories and cartoons. You can also send some anonymous gifts and get even with people who have done you wrong 16. Place a Please honk and wave—April Fools' prank! sign on the back of your car to either confuse your spouse or roommate on the way to work, or your children going to school! 17. Tape. Ideas for high school pranks to play on teachers: If you have a teacher whom you know to have a problem with gay people, raise your hand and ask 'what is wrong with gay marriages', causing a class discussion. Leave notes and hints that 'Tuesday's the day'. (Or anything else that sounds mysterious enough

The seniors who wanted to gift their school with a more exciting mascot than Comets. 8. The only legal keg stand these seniors will do before they get to college. 9. The seniors who brought. Here's a collection of the best high school pranks all over the world. Best High School Pranks with Cars. Not everybody gets the privilege to drive in school but the principal most certainly will. In Georgia, a couple of students jacked the back part of the principal's car to be able to put blocks under the axel It's about what you dependence currently. This funny poems for assistant principal, as one of the most working sellers here will totally be among the best options to review. The first step is to go to make sure you're logged into your Google Account and go to Google Books at books.google.com. Funny Poems For Assistant Principal

Me during the week: my body is a temple. No carbs, lots of water. Gotta look right Me on the weekend: my body is a frat house. MEXICAN FOOD AND MARGS til I die The only thing cooler than this jaw-dropping senior prank is the principal's reaction. Students at Marietta High School in Marietta, Georgia have been rolling toilet paper as a senior prank for. Here's the video, which Gawker has dubbed the incest prank, that's almost unbelievable: Now, the school is apologizing. As principal I am responsible for everything that happens in the school so, ultimately, I am the person that needs to answer for this, school principal John Wollersheim told KARE-TV on Wednesday

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April Fools Day Pranks To Play On Kids In School. Have the principal turn on the earthquake signal once every half hour. Tell all the kids to get down and cover their heads. Tell them if. The pranks to play at school should not be harmful to anyone but should just give a chance to have a laugh. We've got some of the best and easy to do April fools pranks for you to have an idea and maybe create a unique one of your own. One of the funniest and harmless April fools pranks for school is to give away a prank candy Download Our New Prank Calling App. Prank Calling has never been easier. Our prank app has the best soundboards with all kinds of prank voices. With our prank app, you can now prank your friends for endless laughs. Available on iOS and Android Pranks do not always have to be dangerous or violent..ie.You can call your school janitor act like you are the principal and trick him. #2.Go to Prom: Everyone knows prom night are now less fun like it was before but at least they have food more like snacks and it can sure be your happiest day ever on earth 9. What time zones do astronauts in space switch their watches to? 10. Why do banks have branches when we all know that money don't grow on trees? 11. Does the Easter Bunny lay its eggs in a nest or in a basket? 12. Does anything sell faster than hotcakes? 13. If someone hits your funny bone hard enough, can you die laughing? 14

On top of that; when the main character start his rebellion against the dictatorship of both Principals; the pranks do not madness or energy to generate more than very mild smile. The inclusion of the animated drawings created by the protagonist; do not really add anything to the move and felt kind of disconnected with the main story; they do. The best prank call site! Send prank calls with many options including smart voice recognition, and effects from soundboards! Call your friends from a disguised number and then listen to their reactions TikTok PRANKSTER Goes TOO FAR, He Instantly Regrets It. Dhar Mann. 1 hr ·. Your actions always find a way of coming back to you. Help Grow This Supporter Community! 874 of 1136 Supporters Your support helps us create even more videos for our amazing #DharMannFam! Support Now And if you ' re playing a prank on someone just to be bratty or gain attention from your peers, that could send you straight to the principal ' s office. While living out a scene from Mean Girls may sound fun off the bat, trust us, it could land you in serious hot water. (Mean Girls via Paramount Pictures I felt very anxious and excited because it was funny for me. She was really cross and chased me round the house. I feel bad about it now because she burned with the hot water. But I think that it was a good prank. I always try to do it; I never give up. Now I think that it is the same formula, it often works with the same people, I don´t know why

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I so want to do this for my senior prank and it will be totally possible since we have different academies. Saved by Megan Amber. Senior Year Pranks Best Senior Pranks School Pranks Good Pranks Funny April Fools Pranks Funny Pranks Harmless Pranks Hilarious Memes Senior Quotes. More information.. It's time to prank the Principal and teachers by performing numerous pranks and teasing them so their fun is ruined like not in any other scary teacher game. You must finish these tasks without getting caught and within assigned time limit in scaredy scary teacher chapter 2

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Prank Day is an unofficial day at P.S. 38. It always takes place on the last day of school. On Prank Day, students play pranks on other students and the teachers of P.S. 38. The teachers, of course, very much disapprove. Principal Nichols always try to stop the pranks but Nate Wright who is the Prank Master, always pulls a few off. Nate Wright has the tendency to pull off the most, biggest. The Sims 2 []. The Sims 2: University introduced three new pranks that Sims can pull on each other. With the addition of rugs in The Sims 2: Nightlife, children can do a static charge prank. PlantSims have a special prank of their own. While the prank is taking place, other Sims in the room will gather around to watch it Are you an April Fools house? Perhaps your kids like to play tricks and see who can catch out Mum and Dad? Well, we've got the ultimate list of hilarious April Fools pranks for kids so you can give them a taste of their own medicine!. Very few of these fun ideas require any materials or expense, in fact most of them only need a little preparation time the night before once the kids are in bed Teens can prank the school, but you won't get to see much of anything as it's executed rabbit-hole style. They can flood the school, steal tests, toilet paper the principal's office, release the frogs from science class, and deface the mascot. The messages here are funny despite not being able to see the mayhem