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Choose from the Largest Selection of Fishing Charters in Dry Tortugas. View Now! Easy Online Booking. Verified Captains. Flexible Cancellation. Real Customer Reviews Bringing your own boat to Dry Tortugas National Park will provide you with the most opportunities to explore this remarkable national treasure. Situated approximately 70 miles west of Key West, Florida, with no food, water, or fuel available in the park, proper planning is a must Board the Yankee Freedom for a ferry ride to The Dry Tortugas National Park Made up of seven small islands, it is one of the world's most unique eco-attractions. Its crown jewel, the historic Fort Jefferson, was once used as a prison during the Civil War. Explore and learn of its history with one of our guides and enjoy an array of activities Dry Tortugas Boat Permits & Mooring Buoys. Required Boat Permits. Boat permits are required for all vessels entering in the park before any recreational activity. Even if you are not planning on visiting Fort Jefferson, a boat permit must be filed on Garden Key. Recreational boating permits may be obtained in-person through a self-registration. Visitors are welcome to travel to Dry Tortugas National Park on their private boats, though rules do apply. First off, there is a park entrance fee for those 16 and older, and this covers a stay at the park for seven consecutive days. Anyone entering the park, other than those who are passing through without stopping, is subject to the fee

The islands and the waters around them make up Dry Tortugas National Park. The only way to reach the park is by boat or seaplane. The National Park Service has one authorized ferry boat providing.. There are just a few ways to get to the Dry Tortugas by sea, and only Key West Charter Boat can book you on them all: public ferry, private sailing catamarans, and high-speed ocean-going powerboats. Call us or fill out a quote form for information on Dry Tortugas charters. Or book online now The ferry boat is the transportation that most people use to get to Dry Tortugas. The Yankee Freedom is the name of the catamaran that gets you from Key West to Fort Jefferson. The ferry takes off daily at 8 am and drops you off at Dry Tortugas around 10:15. It is a pretty long trip, so make sure you pack some activities for the ride In order to get there you can charter a high speed private boat, take a ferry or seaplane, the ferry that runs from Key West to the Dry Tortugas is called the Yankee Freedom iii. We took the ferry over. It is expensive at $175 per adult

Fishing is allowed from the shores of the Dry Tortugas as long as you have a current State of Florida salt water license which must be purchased before boarding the Yankee Freedom Kayak, snorkel, fish, dine gourmet and sleep in air conditioned queen sized ensuite staterooms on your all-inclusive Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat family vacation this year! Now you can enjoy our Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat without having to sail there and back The Yankee Freedom is the fastest, largest and newest state-of-the-art ferry transporting passengers to Fort Jefferson Dry Tortugas National Park Re: Dry Tortugas or private boat? I've been out there many times on both the ferry and by private boat. Take the boat if you can afford it, you will be able to go to less crowded spots for snorkeling, and you will like the ride a lot better. The ferry has a dull roar all the time

Yes, all private boats and vessels entering Dry Tortugas National Park must file a boat permit at Garden Key before recreating within the park. Even if you do not plan on exploring Fort Jefferson, you must stop by Garden Key to pay the entrance fee and file the required permits Bring Your Boat to Dry Tortugas Bringing your own boat to Dry Tortugas National Park will provide you with the most opportunities to explore this remarkable national treasure. Situated approximately 70 miles west of Key West, Florida, with no food, water, or fuel available in the park, proper planning is a must 10. Re: Charter boat to Dry Tortugas Park. 2 years ago. Save. Firstly get on their waiting list. Cancelations may happen that will get you a spot that gives you 4 hours on the island. The sea plane is next best but only 2-1/2 hours on the island. Time flies out there when exploring the fort & a bit of beach too

Boat Permits All private boats entering Dry Tortugas National Park must first stop at the Garden Key headquarters located inside Fort Jefferson before recreating within the park. If you are simply transiting through the park, a boat permit is not necessary Dry Tortugas National Park is for the more adventurous explorer. This national park is more difficult to get to than most national parks. Getting there requires either sailing your own boat, chartering one, taking a ferry, or a seaplane

Tour Summary. This Private Yacht to Dry Tortugas provides the opportunity for you to spend 3 to 5 nights under the stars and to experience a truly unique visit to the most popular of Key West destinations! For time limited guests, we have a 3 night trip with a day of sailing back to Key West on day 4. The 5 night excursion allows for even more. Getting from Key West to Dry Tortugas can be a little tricky, with its limited options for transportation and extremely remote location. There are no bridges or car access, meaning you can only reach this national park by seaplane or boat. So, we're going to detail each option to help you pick the best mode of transport for your visit

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With no car access, Dry Tortugas is only accessible by boat or seaplane The Dry Tortugas National Park is not the kind of national park you can simply drive up to. This national park is actually mostly made up of water and is located some 68 miles off the coast of Key West Florida, basically in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico.Even with its seeming inaccessibility, thousands of visitors make the journey out to the Dry Tortugas each year

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The galley on board the Yankee Freedom is a virtual oasis when visiting the Dry Tortugas. Not only do we stock regular and diet soft drinks, but a wide variety of refreshing fruit juices as well. For the adult guest, there are two fully stocked bars that are opened on the return trip It included the boat ride to and from the Tortugas, a tour of Fort Jefferson, breakfast, lunch, snorkeling, swimming, and the park entrance fee. Is Dry Tortugas Worth the Trip? We thought the Dry Tortugas was worth the trip, and there were even guests that came back a second day in a row because they had such a good time Overnight Sailing to the Dry Tortugas; Near crash with a midnight shrimp boat; We search for our sailing friends who are missing in the Dry Tortugas; The Full Story. We make our way down to the Dry Tortugas on a 2-day trip. We stopped in Cabbage Key, FL to rest up before our 24-hour sail to Fort Jefferson. Kelly Gets Seasick. Along the way, I. Book a Day Tour to Dry tortugas National Park from Key West. Quick & Easy Purchase Process! Full Refund Available up to 24 Hours Before Your Tour Dat

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  1. En route to Dry Tortugas National Park our onboard naturalist will give you an orientation about the area and the national park's surroundings. During your voyage, you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Marquesa Islands, Boca Grande, have an opportunity to see turtles and dolphins, and listen to pirate legends. You can travel inside the.
  2. Now you can enjoy our Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson private charter boat without having to sail there and back. Maximize your vacation time inside the National Park and reduce your chance of seasickness. Did you know that sailing to the Dry Tortugas National Park requires up to 12 hours to transit the 70 miles in each direction
  3. A Cruising Guide to the Dry Tortugas. There has been some discussion recently concerning a trip to Florida's Dry Tortugas Keys. I thought perhaps I could offer some useful information learned on a 7-day cruise my brother and I took in March 1999 in his swing-keel MacGregor 26, whose draft is similar to our boats

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Dry Tortugas National Park is located 70 miles west of Key West, Florida, and is accessible by boat and seaplane only. The huge majority of the 65,000 people who visit each year come on the 150-passenger Yankee Freedom Ferry, and despite the $190/person cost, this is the most affordable method of travel Make sure you get a boat with enough mileage and good chart plotter if you go without a captain This because if you miss Dry Tortugas, your next stop is Padre Island. I've done the catamaran ferry trip and the seaplane version The ticket included amenities that made the ferry the easiest, most stress-free way to visit the Dry Tortugas. The 110-foot, high-speed catamaran is the only ferry authorized by the National Park. A good cruising guide will show you what I am talking about. From there, you can pretty much make a straight run to the Tortugas. It is 121 miles from the first marker at Fort Myers, so I would guess from Charlotte Harbor it is more like 150 miles. It is an easy run as long as you don't get caught in a northern blow

Video: Dry Tortuga's Party Boat Wreck Fishing. I boarded the 65′ Sea Trek party boat with Capt. James Clark and headed south towards the Dry Tortugas for an action-packed weekend jigging the wrecks and ledges for a variety of species. I focused my effort on vertical jigging with various metal jigs for Grouper, Snapper, African Pompano, and. We are the only Seaplane Service to Dry Tortugas National Park. Sightseeing Flights. Bird and Wildlife Spotting. 70 miles west of Key West, Florida lies one of North America's most inaccessible National Parks, the Dry Tortugas. The park is renowned for its marine life, pirate legends and sheer unspoiled beauty However, you can take the drive to Marco Island, FL, take the ferry to Bight Ferry Terminal, take the ferry to Fort Jefferson, then take the travel to Dry Tortugas. Alternatively, you can take a vehicle from Naples to Dry Tortugas via GOVT Center, Davis Blvd and Market St, Naples, Miami Airport, Miami Intl Airport Ground Level, Airport Station. Rome2rio makes travelling from Marco Island to Dry Tortugas National Park easy. Rome2rio is a door-to-door travel information and booking engine, helping you get to and from any location in the world. Find all the transport options for your trip from Marco Island to Dry Tortugas National Park right here Enjoy breakfast on the beautiful sail to Dry Tortugas. After arriving at Garden Key, lunch is served and can be eaten on the boat or on the island. If you decide to enjoy lunch on the island, be aware that Garden Key is a carry in-carry out place so you'll need to bring trash from lunch back to Yankee Freedom III

Hop aboard the Yankee Freedom III ferry for a fun and comfortable day trip (7:30am-5:15pm) to Dry Tortugas—passengers receive breakfast, lunch, beverages, and a naturalist orientation to the area. You will arrive at Fort Jefferson after a 2 hour boat ride—the ferry stays docked allowing you to return for lunch and refreshments Sure, your boat can take you here or there, to do this or that, but the majority of us take our boats out for a day of fun — then park them again before nightfall. We shared a charter to the Dry Tortugas on an old, traditionally rigged 55-foot ketch. All five passengers were Type A personalities, including a politician, a doctor, and a. You can reach Dry Tortugas via ship. The only way to get here is by sea plane or boat. Cuban refugees among the tourists. These days Dry Tortugas is a destination for tourists; mostly adventurous day-trippers and campers seeking solitude beneath starry skies. Yet the park continues to greet unique visitors outside the tourist fold

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  1. A lighthouse has existed on Garden Key since 1826 to help boats navigate through the dangerously shallow Dry Tortugas. The current lighthouse, perched on one corner, was built in 1877. Several cannons are still in place - this one is on the best shape: At its peak military use, the population at Fort Jefferson was nearly 2,000
  2. Other options for getting to Dry Tortugas National Park include private boats, charter boats, or seaplanes. Fishing and dive charters heading to the Dry Tortugas are available in both the Florida.
  3. Middle Key can be cleared by keeping S of a line through the abandoned lighthouse on Fort Jefferson and Dry Tortugas Light. The channel has depths of 20 feet or more, but it should be used with caution by vessels drawing more than 18 feet. Southwest Channel leads between the reefs W and SW of Garden Key and those off Loggerhead Key

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  1. Dry Tortugas Charter Boats. You can also of course charter your own boat which may be a cheaper option if there is more of you. Or if you have your own boat you can use that, or perhaps make friends with someone with a boat. Either way, you can go on a boat that isn't the ferry
  2. Dry Tortugas Fishing Charter. Experience fishing around one of the most remote National Parks in the US, The Dry Tortugas. Heading some 68 miles west of Key West to areas surrounding the park for a variety of Snapper, Grouper, Jacks, and even Wahoo, Tuna, Amberjack, Pompano, and King Fish to name a few of the species regularly caught surrounding the many wrecks and structure found below the.
  3. The Fort Jefferson we know today was declared a national monument in 1935, and the Dry Tortugas became a national park in 1992. </P><P>For the average adventurer, the only way to reach this park is by seaplane, or by one of two daily tour boats that travel the sometimes rough waters from Key West, FL
  4. If you need maps showing the Atlantic-Gulf boundary line, the Dry Tortugas National Park boundary line, or the state waters boundary line around the Dry Tortugas, please send me an email and I.
  5. Fort Jeff, as it's affectionately called, sits on an island in the Dry Tortugas chain about 70 miles west of Key West. It is one of the least visited of our national parks, and there's good reason for that - you can only reach the islands by boat or by air. But it's worth the effort
  6. The Dry Tortugas are part of Invincible's DNA—with overnight trips tied to mothership serving as the inspiration to build a boat that can get you there and back in a day. Fuel efficient, fast, with space for everything including the couple hundred pounds of fish those grounds are known to yield

Take the dinghy to the island from the boat. The dinghy makes a great vessel for exploring the island chain and encountering dolphins. Most of all, the Marquises is pure tranquility, rarely do you see another boat on this anchorage. The Dry Tortugas and Ft Jefferson (Night 3) Wake up and draw your anchor and embark for the Dry Tortugas The Dry Tortugas is an archipelago seven miles long consisting of seven small islands and is considered one of the premier eco-attractions in the world. Dry Tortugas National Park is remote, unspoiled and spectacularly situated at the southwest corner of the Florida Keys reef system, reachable only by boat or seaplane The Dry Tortugas is quite simply one of the world's greatest birding destinations!! For the North American or Florida lister it is a MUST BIRD place!! For the bird photographer it is spectacularly unique! The Florida peninsula and the Upper Keys are sub-tropical, but when you reach the town of Marathon on Key Vaca you enter the true tropics

Dry Tortugas National Park Travel Tips. The Dry Tortugas are in the Central Time Zone. If you take a seaplane ride into the park you cross the timeline 45 miles west of Key West. You actually land 15 minutes before you take off! To keep things simple the Park Service, Yankee Freedom, and Key West Seaplane Adventures operate on Eastern Time Whether you are a novice or a pro, you will want to get wet in the Dry Tortugas National Park. Swimming and recreational fishing are two other ways to stay entertained. Lastly, enjoy sunbathing and soaking up some rays on the warm sand. For those with an interest in birdwatching, you can spot some rare birds in the Dry Tortugas Camping at Dry Tortugas National Park (a chain of islands located in the Gulf of Mexico to the west of Key West, Florida) is unlike any other camping experience you might have. The only way to get there is by private boat, charter sea plane, or the Yankee Freedom ferry, which runs daily and costs roughly $200 for the round-trip

If you want to get out to the Dry Tortugas, you're either going to need a boat or a seaplane—and if you don't happen to have a spare of either, the Yankee Freedom III is your next best choice It was 7 a.m., and we were waiting for our boat ride to Fort Jefferson Island in the Dry Tortugas, a small group of islands around 70 miles from Key West. The Dry Tortugas is a remote National Park that consists of 7 small islands, but the majority of the park is made up of the water surrounding the islands

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Visiting the Dry Tortugas on a Day Trip. The 100-square mile Dry Tortugas National Park as a whole is 98% water so the primary ways to access the fort are either via float plane or the more accessible Yankee Freedom III ferry from Key West.Experienced sailors can pilot their own vessels there too, or you could charter a boat Call Key West Charter Boat or fill out a quote form. We'll introduce you to several travel options for journeying Cuba, from single-day round trips to excursions lasting a week or longer. Or if you prefer, fill out a quote form. Either way, Charter Boat to Cuba is an experience you don't want to miss Watch the Birds at Dry Tortugas Seventy miles west you can sail in your boat rental to Dry Tortugas National park. April is the best time of year to check out this body of water due to the overpassing migratory birds. With binoculars in hand, you can gaze on at this annual natural phenomenon

Dry Tortugas is a great place for beginner snorkelers, since you can enter from the beach and snorkel in a calm area. We stayed along the fort wall of the south swim beach and the south coaling dock ruins, where the pilings of the old dock are overgrown with corals Contact the Yankee Freedom about a Dry Tortugas kayak rental and to determine whether they have space to accommodate one on your trip. Kayaks and paddleboards (as well as other recreational vehicles) in the park require a free boating permit which can be requested in person on Garden Key at the Visitor Center or the Park Headquarters Office At the center of this park, you can visit Fort Jefferson, an unfinished coastal fortress, and also enjoy activities such as scuba diving, saltwater fishing, kayaking, and swimming. If you want to visit more remote beaches like Dry Tortugas National Park, be sure to check out Click&Boat's blog post on the best secluded beaches around the world

Dry Tortugas Ferry™ 1-800-634-0939. Almost 70 miles, 112.9 km, west of Key West, Florida, lies a cluster of seven islands called the Dry Tortugas. These islands, along with surrounding coral reefs and waters, make up Dry Tortugas National Park

Y-Knot has a fully equipped boat with a separate pilothouse, six bunk beds, and an independent kitchen. You will have four air conditioners, an air compressor and generator to long journeys. The design will facilitate overnight charters to Dry Tortugas with ultimate comfort and functionality Dry Tortugas National Park is located 70 miles west of Key West and is accessible only by seaplane, ferry, or by private boat with a permit approved by the National Park Service. The least expensive way to get to the park is by the Yankee Freedom ferry, which transports up to 175 passengers and takes 2 to 2-1/2 hours to reach the park The One Of A Kind Ferry Boat Adventure You Can Take In Florida. In addition to Dry Tortugas, guests on Yankee Freedom III ferry will also be able to explore the famed Fort Jefferson.Living in Florida means that you most likely have access to water one way or the other Almost 70 miles (112.9 km) west of Key West lies a cluster of seven islands, composed of coral reefs and sand, called the Dry Tortugas.The area is situated on the edge of the main shipping channel between the Gulf of Mexico, the western Caribbean, and the Atlantic Ocean, and is known for its famous bird and marine life, its legends of pirates and sunken gold, and its military past

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The baits you can gather in the bridges or piers on the way to the head boat or charter boats will work; keep them iced down. Take a small cooler filled with ice and put a bucket of salt water to make a natural brine that will not burn the fish (using too much kosher salt may burn the eyes of the fish). Big pinfish, blue runners, rainbow. Florida's Dry Tortugas National Park spans 100 square miles (25,900 hectares) of open water, protected coral reefs, and seven small islands in the Gulf of Mexico only accessible only by boat or air. Dry Tortugas is famous for its blue waters, wildlife, and Fort Jefferson—a 16-acre (6.5-hectare) coastal fortress With no car access, Dry Tortugas is only accessible by boat or seaplane Take the official Dry Tortugas National Park Ferry, the Yankee Freedom, to visit Fort Jefferson in Dry Tortugas National park. This high speed, state of the art catamaran is the perfect way to sail across the 70-mile run to the Dry Tortugas A private yacht charter to our islands including the dry tortugas. Dry tortugas or private boat. Using the dry tortugas express option you can take the high speed ferry ride for 25 hours then start your liveaboard charter on our sailing catamaran at fort jefferson. Sleep aboard a catamaran overnight inside the park The cheapest way to get from Key West to Dry Tortugas National Park is by ferry. The official Dry Tortugas ferry service is the Yankee Freedom III, a high-speed catamaran. The ferry travels to and from the island once every day unless the weather prohibits safe travel. A day-trip costs $180 per adult and $125 per child (4-16)

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You can also charter a boat to the island, or if you have your own boat, you can dock at the island with a two hour time limit. The other option for getting to the island is by a 40 minute seaplane ride—Key West Seaplane Charters offers half-day and full-day tours to the Dry Tortugas Dry Tortugas Tours When visiting the dry tortugas either by boat or our magnificent seaplane adventure, you will see the largest brick structure in america Fort Jefferson built in 1840 its most notable resident was Doctor Mudd. now known for bird watching, turtle nesting ,great snorkeling camping ,and its pristine beaches I can take up to four persons fishing the Dry Tortugas with some exceptions for a 5th. I cary a mate to make the fishing more productive. Trip lengths of 8 or 10 hours. Bottom fishing can be tough for more than three anglers at same time, often taking turns is the result. Trips Can be booked from May - December and will be weather dependent Bring your own boat as you visit Dry Tortugas National Park to have the opportunity to explore the park in its entirety. As the park is situated about 70 miles west of Key West, you'll be embarking on a long trip, so you should prepare yourself adequately for the journey with food, water and fuel

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Dry Tortugas Ferry Pricing and Options. You can book the Yankee Freedom III ferry here. It's a 2.5-hour ferry ride to the island, and there are snack and drinks available for purchase on the boat. Day Trip: $175 (about 6 hours on the island) Overnight Camping Trip: $195 + $15 campground fee Leaving from either Key West or Islamorada, you'll board our Dry Tortugas Charter Boat, THAT'S RIGHT for a multi-day fishing excursion to the Marquesas Keys and waters surrounding the Dry Tortugas that you'll not soon forget.THAT'S RIGHT has the added bonus of being able to accommodate more than six anglers If you want to learn more about the island and its history you can check out the Dry Tortugas National Park and Historic Key West Bight Museum back in Key West. It is a free museum that will help you better understand the history of the island. Tickets. Going to Dry Tortugas is no cheap adventure. But I can honestly say it is worth every penny

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Tortugas Unlimited offers fishing adventures for the entire family, group of friends or corporate group. Three & Four Day fishing charters are available aboard out 45 ft. Torres allowing you and your party to have a private experience with plenty of room to fish. Leaving from Key West, you'll board our Dry Tortugas Charter Boat for a multi. 15 reviews of Dry Tortugas National Park Dry Tortugas is the experience of a lifetime! You can go in a seaplane, a ferry or your private boat. Camp on the island of Fort Jefferson and watch hundreds and thousands of stars light up the sky at night! Breathtaking views and so much to learn about the history! Crystal clear waters and beautiful beaches

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If you've got your own sport-fisher, you can anchor at designated spots around Fort Jefferson (nps.gov/drto) and get in a full day without the worry of getting back to Key West. There are overnight charters as well, but be prepared to book a year in advanc W of Dry Tortugas, weather permitting only. Please inquire about special dive/snorkeling trips and trips to the Florida Everglades, Marquesas Keys and Bahamas. Other options are available, please ask. We are a custom charter and can usually accommodate special requests The Dry Tortugas offers other sights as well. Boat over to Bush Key which is known as a bird sanctuary and the only US home of the sooty Tern. You may encounter the 46-square mile ecological preserve that protects the marine resources of Dry Tortugas National Park. Sport fishing for tarpon or dolphin is also popular here Day 7: Key West / Seaplane to Dry Tortugas National Park. Enjoy a free morning to explore Key West's colorful Old Town at your leisure. Don't miss Ernest Hemingway's house, now a museum, where the author lived during most of the 1930s. Scale the steel spiral staircase to the top of the Key West Lighthouse, erected in 1825, for a gull's-eye view. Visit the Dry Tortugas. Travel by seaplane charter or boat for a day filled with snorkeling, fishing, and sightseeing! dry tortugas national park. I hope to provide you with as much information about this park as I can. Hopefully this will make a trip to the Dry Tortugas National Park a lot easier and more enjoyable

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The Dry Tortugas are a small group of islands, located in the Gulf of Mexico at the end of the Florida Keys, United States, about 67 miles (108 km) west of Key West, and 37 miles (60 km) west of the Marquesas Keys, the closest islands.Still farther west is the Tortugas Bank, which is submerged.The first Europeans to discover the islands were the Spanish in 1513, led by explorer Juan Ponce de. The Dry Tortugas National Park is among the most remote parks in the system yet the NPS feels it is over run with people as the day trips are very popular and they are trying to control how many people tramp on the bricks and spread out on the rather modest sized beach. Of the costs to get to the park only $5 is an entry fee and to camp at the park costs $3 a night per person