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Standalone Ship - Anvil C8X Pisces Expedition View all Extras Enhancing the standard C8 explorer with added firepower and a limited-edition livery, the C8X Expedition turns a stout snub into a capable stand-alone vessel, ideal for exploring tight spots and unique environments inaccessible to larger ships Standalone Ship - RSI Mantis View all Extras. Stop ships dead in their tracks with RSI 's premier Quantum Enforcement ship. The Mantis features a tailor-made Quantum Enforcement Device from Wei-Tek, capable of ripping ships out of QT with its Quantum Snare and preventing hasty escapes with its Quantum Dampener. Star Citizen Alpha 3.13 is. A standalone ship is one not included in a game package. To access one such ship in game one has to have access to a game package containing a copy of Star Citizen base game. The purpose of standalone ships is to be able to buy another ship while not having to pay for a whole other copy of the game The best place to buy and sell Star Citizen Space Ships & Upgrades! Star Hangar provides a secure and reliable trading platform with 24/7 customer service. Try it today! Standalone Ship - Esperia Blade - Alien Week 2950 . $290.00. Single item/6m ins..

Pledge ships can be bought as standalone purchases, as ship upgrades, or with game packages. The first option results in a ship being added to an existing RSI account, but it does not give access to Star Citizen (this makes it most useful for existing backers) Giday Guys My name is BlokeIf you are new to this Game and would like to register an account please use my referral code it will cost you nothing and you wil.. Some ships are only available as standalone, the upgrade (CCU) is unavailable for these. This mainly concerns capital ship and/or limited quantity sale such as the Idris M and P, the Javelin, the Scythe, the 890 Jump, the Pioneer, the Constellations Phoenix and Phoenix Emerald, the Kraken and Kraken Privateer Ship: Standalone MISC Hull A. Price: $65 including Paypal fees. Insurance: 10 Year. Melt Value: $60. Payment Method: Paypal PM me with your Paypal email and I will send an invoice. Upon receipt of payment, I will gift the ship to the same Paypal email at which time the sale will be final quyax. · 4y. Warbond is a ship or package paid for exclusively with cash. Standalone is a ship or package in which the price, either in part or in total, is paid for with store credit (credit that comes from 'melting' some other sjip or package, or a gift or via some other route). [Note: Standalone also has another meaning in Star Citizen.

Star Citizen is a universe of a game - literally - as such, the intricacies of the different ships are very complex and most of the time there simply is not a best ship - certainly not a meta ship that beats every other ship in every category Active Filter: Standalone CCU'd Ship Star Citizen. VALKYRIE BIS 2950 - LTI - CCUed. VALKYRIE BIS 2950 - LTI - CCUed. JPEGS STORE $391.55 $391.55 Sale / per . Sold out HULL C - LTI - CCUed. HULL C - LTI - CCUed. JPEGS STORE $270.80 $270.80 Sale / per . Sold out Carrack (120m Insurance) Carrack (120m Insurance) Warbond Centra

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A pledge is your way of showing support towards the development of RSI projects including Star Citizen and Squadron 42. You can back the game through a variety of pledge options. RSI operates entirely using player and supporter contributions! Pledge options include: Game Packages of a ship, the game itself, and other items; Standalone Ships Star Citizen (STANDALONE SHIP - ANVIL CARRACK - IAE 2949) *10 Year Insurance* Brand New · PC · Star Citizen. $525.00. or Best Offer. Free shipping. Watch; Star Citizen Original Backer Account #44xxxx . Anvil Carrack LTI and other Ships. Brand New · PC · Star Citizen. $3,000.00. or Best Offer

Star Citizen Accounts > Standalone Ship - Aegis Vanguard - LTI(Lifetime Insurance) Standalone Ship - Aegis Vanguard - LTI(Lifetime Insurance) I Want to Sell. Star Citizen-Main Server. Offer ends. Jul-18-2021 14:04:16 PM. Offer views. 25 time(s) Delivery speed. Instant. Seller. shiptrader. Contact me Covering the different options for buying and selling craft in the game!Support the channel on Patreon:https://www.patreon.com/STLYoungblood?ty=hNew to the g..

The Razor is a small racing ship from Musashi Industrial and Starflight Concern. 1 Features 2 Default ship loadout 3 Paints 4 Trivia 5 Gallery 5.1 Images 5.2 Videos 6 See also 7 Patch history 8 References Razor LX Razor EX Razor variants List of ships List of ship and vehicle prices May 19, 2021 - Alpha 3.13.1: Updated cockpit glass wear effect. Ship WeaponsPersonal WeaponsHandweapon. Flyable ships can be used in Arena Commander today, Hangar Ready ships will appear in your Hangar but can't be flown yet and Concept ships are still in the works! Remember: we are offering these pledge ships to help fund Star Citizen's development and to give European backers a chance to pick them up at a lower price - Constellation Aquila (The price of standalone purchase for the Aquila is now way more than even 310 USD. So this package will give you way more than I'm asking for.)- SELF-LAND HANGAR- NOMAD - JACKAL PAINT- Lifetime Insurance- Star Citizen Digital Download- Starting Money: 1,000 UEC Contact me on Discord to purchase: SteveTheCruel#756 The best place to buy and sell Star Citizen Space Ships & Upgrades! Star Hangar provides a secure and reliable trading platform with 24/7 customer service. Try it today

Buy Star Citizen LTI Ships Our LTI Ships. So if you're sick of losing your ships with basic, or even no insurance, and having to spend another few hundred bucks just to restore your ship, look no further. Our Star Citizen LTI Ships come with lifetime insurance included, so you don't have to worry about losing the ship or paying the bill SckShip's Star Citizen Ships Shop - Serving The Citizens Since 2013. Future proof your armada and shop our selection of exclusive LTI Ships shop now Life Time Insurance SHIPS Full Game Packages We Sell Full Game Packages with. Both Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Starting From. $ 45 shop now find your vehicles Today The standalone regular Freelancer is available for $110, or you can purchase the ship + game package for $125 which includes the whole Star Citizen game package. Wait for the annual anniversary ship sale in late November Here you can buy rare Star Citizen ships and packages. We have LTI , alpha & beta ships and packages for sale. We deliver every order within 24 hours as an in-game gift. Pay by credit card, sms, phone, mobile, Bitcoin, Paysafecard, PayPal, iDEAL, Sofort, bank transfer and more. We have over 700 raving reviews adding testimony to our quality of. Welcome to the Sckships.com Sales Page. Hello and welcome to Sckships.com's reddit page. As one of the oldest active Star Citizen sellers, having started on reddit in July 2013, we have sold every item in Star Citizen, including over 5 Idris-Ms.We always strive to make the Star Citizen buying experience as rewarding as possible by offering competitive prices and fantastic customer service

[Selling] STAR CITIZEN SHIPS/ACCOUNTS BEST PRICES IN TOWN 09/09/2017 - Trading - 0 Replies I have an abundance of ships and 3 accounts available. The ships are able to be gifted to an account you own. If you have any questions about any of the ships or just the game, in general, let me know This is a standalone ship pack and does not include the game. The Polaris is a nimble corvette-class capital ship that packs a powerful punch with a full armament of turrets and torpedoes. Intended for use as both a naval patrol ship and to serve as the flagship of militia operations, Polaris has the capacity to perform search and rescue. Star Citizen backers looking to build their own fleet can now buy a new ship pack containing 117 craft—nearly every ship in the game—along with 163 extra items, including upgrades, skins and. The ship price is 882,200 aUEC. This ship is available for purchase on the game's website for $60, standalone. This is also a method of supporting the development of the game. This ship can also be purchased as part of a Star Citizen game package, which includes the full game. This package will cost $75

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Hello everyone I want to sell my star citizen ships, reply to me which one you want, I'll sell them at low price... Right now selling PACKAGE - AURORA MR STAR CITIZEN + SQUADRON 42 COMBO pled for 300$ and STANDALONE SHIP - AEGIS AVENGER TITAN pledge for 100$ STANDALONE SHIP - AOPOA NOX LTI - WARBOND for 35$... 159 Ships , including 110 Fly Ready. Is Star Citizen worth buying? All in all, if you're a big fan of the genre and look at it as a way to help fund the advancement of the game whilst getting early access, Star Citizen may be for you. If you're looking to buy a polished game outright at this time, maybe it's worth waiting for now. Can you.

Star citizen flyable ships list Free shipping. $100 to $250. On 2013-11-25, the exploration role won the poll, and the Carrack was announced. Under $50. This ship is a complete meme in the Star Citizen community. Brand New. All Server RSI Star Citizen; Item Classification STANDALONE SHIPS/Large; Delivery Method RSI Mailing; Seller information. Longtime MMORPG gamers will know that Star Citizen was originally Kickstarted for over $2M back in 2012 with a planned launch for 2014. As of 2021, it still lingers in an incomplete but playable alpha, having raised around $350M from gamers over years of continuing crowdfunding and sales of in-game ships and other assets. It is currently the highest-crowdfunded video game ever and has endured.

Squadron 42 is a standalone singleplayer campaign in the Star Citizen universe, fully playable offline. It was announced as an episodic trilogy, which many people seem to have forgotten, and each. You can also find Star Citizen accounts with limited edition ships that are, at the moment, unavailable for purchase like a rare Eclipse stealth bomber, Super Hornet, Aurora, Mustang, Squadron 42, Standalone ship, Veteran backer or rare event-bound paint jobs like Sabre Comet You've still got some time to enter three contests going on in Star Citizen with the chance to win ships, Tobii Eye Trackers, and custom Talon ASTRO Gaming A40 headsets You can buy ships standalone or with ship packages. Is Squadron 42 separate from Star Citizen? YES! The package split does not change the fact that Star Citizen and Squadron 42 are part of the same game universe, or the fact that the games are functionally connecte

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Especially when you're having a mix of - standalone ships - packages - rewards (-> referral) - 0$ and other CCUs A feature that would be greatly welcomed: - a similar filter for the buyback & ROM page as wel If you're new to Star Citizen, this is the first thing you should start with! The Arena Commander will remain after the final release. So that you're able to try new setups without the fear of loosing your ship. Star Marine. Star Marine is the Standalone First Person Shooter of Star Citizen. There are two game modes Elimination und. Star Citizen's Retaliator and Gladius come in two packages: a standalone and a bundle package. The standalone package just includes the ship, some insurance and a hangar to store the ship We may have just gotten over the Invictus Fleet Week festivities, but developer Cloud Imperium Games are rolling out the red carpet for their Alien Week festivities in Star Citizen.The hot-ticket item in this event, this time more focused on website happenings, is the commencement of concept sales for the Gatac Railen.. Unlike virtually every other alien ship which has been flyable in Star.

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  1. Venditore: mcorion2005 ️ (344) 100%, Luogo in cui si trova l'oggetto: Nicolosi, CT, Spedizione verso: Worldwide, Numero oggetto: 333430191827 Star Citizen - Standalone Ship - Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI - Original Concept. Limited Edition - Standalone Ship - Avenger Titan Renegade - LTI - RAREThis is NOT a CCU upgrade by another ship, this is the original first complete package with unique.
  2. The ships are able to be gifted to an account you own. If you have any questions about any of the ships or just the game, in general, let me know. If you own this game and just want to buy a ship for credit in the Star Citizen store you will get the full value of the ship in store credit
  3. STANDALONE SHIP - ORIGIN 85X LTI - Upgraded to ARGO MOLE - $204.00 ($315.00) - Origin 85X. $315.00. Menaze. 24-Apr 2021. Hi guys, I'm trying to sell off my Star Citizen investments as I'm no longer interested in the game. I currently have $470 of store credits in the form of 1 Argo Mole ($315) and 1 Prospector ($155)
  4. Star Citizen was supposed to be the crown jewel of the space simulator genre. Unfortunately, what the game's backers actually got was feature creep, blown deadlines and more ships to buy, but no hard release date. Starships have become a major source of income for the game. Players have spent millions of dollars to buy them
  5. The Nomad Cherry Blossom Livery is a ship paint for the Nomad. Upgrade your Nomad with the Cherry Blossom paint scheme featuring a bold black and white styling with pink highlights.Pledge store 1 Acquisition 2 Compatible 3 Gallery 3.1 Images 3.2 Videos 4 See also 5 Patch history 6 References..
  6. There are two components to Cloud Imperium Games' (CIG) project. Star Citizen is the MMO component, a first-person experience in a simulated 30th-century universe. Squadron 42 is the single-player component, a story-driven campaign where you enlist as a UEE Navy combat pilot. Our current understanding is you will be given the option of having your Squadron 42 character, who musters out of the.

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  1. Star Citizen is the passion project of veteran game developer Chris Roberts, creator of Wing Commander and Freelancer. Launching alongside, or slightly before, the persistent universe MMO portion of Star Citizen will be Squadron 42, a story-driven single player campaign set in the same universe and sharing game mechanics, assets and characters
  2. Can you buy ships in Star Citizen with in game currency? All ships are said to be available in game after launch for in game money (although certain ships will be rarer than others). You can buy ships standalone or with ship packages
  3. Star Citizen is an in-development multiplayer space trading and combat simulation game developed and published by Cloud Imperium Games for Microsoft Windows.A spiritual successor to 2003's Freelancer, Star Citizen is being led by director Chris Roberts.The game was announced in 2012 through a successful Kickstarter campaign which drew in over US$2 million
  4. MUSTANG ALPHA SC STARTER $45.00 USD Contains: Star Citizen Digital Download & Digital Star Citizen Manual & SelfLand Hangar & Starting Money: 1,000 UEC & 3 Month Insurance Inspired by Consolidated Outland CEO Silas Koerner's cutting edge vision, the Mustang Alpha is a sleek, stylish spacecraft that uses ultralight alloys to push power ratios to the limits, albeit sometimes unsafely
  5. Fans have reacted angrily to an update from Cloud Imperium Games about the new roadmap for Star Citizen and its singleplayer campaign Squadron 42.The multiplayer space simulator is seen as a spiritual successor to the 2003 title Freelancer and is being led by former Wing Commander designer Chris Roberts. According to the developer, the game will feature space trading and ship-to-ship combat in.

Aurora MR General Information. Perhaps you're looking for something that offers carrying capacity but has combat capabilities too? The Aurora Marque comes with a pair of Behring-quality lasers and a high quality gun cooler system Despite multi-crew ships not being 100% added into the game, Cloud Imperium Games has sneaked in a preview of what to expect from Star Citizen 1.2. Three of the game's ships, the Super Hornet, the Cutlass Black and the Gladiator, now have basic turrets which a second player can use Greycat Industrial ROC-DS - Warbond- Standalone Ship / Prix : 100.8$ TTC Continue reading... Search. Search titles only. By: Search Advanced Star Citizen. Galaxy News . Status Not open for further replies. Star_Citizen New member. Sep 6, 2020 0 0 0. Apr 23, 2021 #1.

Selling Star Citizen Account, Account contents; Aurora MR+. SelfLand Hangar; M50 Ship (Upgraded from MR) 1000 UEC; Digital Star Citizen Manual; Squadren 42 Digital Download; Star Citizen Digital Download; 24 Month Insurance; Standalone Ship - Cutlass. VFG Industrial Hangar; Cutlass blue (Upgraded from Cutlass) E&I M34 Restraint System; FACTION. STAR CITIZEN - DRAKE CORSAIR - LTI (Lifetime Insurance). For sale is a Drake Corsair, ship only, made by a cross chassis upgrade (CCU'd) from another ship (P72 Archimedes) with LTI. This ship is in production and not yet flyable or available in the persistent universe Star Citizen Giveaways. October 25, 2019 ·. New on the #StarCitizen stream scene is #NerdShowAndTell and this man knows how to take control of his channel. His rig includes four PC and maybe 12 screens and multiple cameras so we can see it all. It's really a studio with disco lasers and spotlights that are triggered by subscribers

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Star Citizen магазин від спільноти Squad Ukraine. LTI MISC Musashi Industrial & Starflight Concern Origin Jumpworks GmbH Package Roberts Space Industries RSI Ship Upgrades Shop Standalone Ship Star Citizen Store Subscribers Exclusive Tumbril Vanduul. Site référençant l'actualité FR de Star Citizen. Tuto vidéo sur Star Citizen. C2 Hercules - Warbond- Standalone Ship / Prix : 518.4$ TTC Official : Pledge Store 25-05-2021 - 18:04:11 M2 Hercules - Warbond- Standalone Ship / Prix : 691.2$ TTC Official : Star Citizen Video 25-05-2021 - 16:04:0

Star Citizen Drake Caterpillar Standalone Ship ILW *10 year Insurance*. EUR 335,98 Achat immédiat 9d 2h. Voir Détails. Star Citizen Standalone Ships -BASKET OF MINI-SHIPS. (P52,P72,MPUV,85X&Dragonfly) EUR 232,40 Achat immédiat 24d 12h. Voir Détails Star Citizen Trading Information Secure & trusted trading market, thousands of customers have been used our warm services.. 100% secure online payment system, worry-free to pay, enjoy non-limitation refund policy Star citizen ship prices uec 3.11 Only the ships and vehicles that are available as standalone to players are listed. Shop by category. 20 Minutes Delivery. Free P&P . Many of the items on the account, such as the Idris P, are not able to be gifted. Star Citizen Wiki. This is an informational unofficial fansite for Star Citizen and Squadron 42 Each ship will even have different UIs players will have to relearn if they move ships, even if they're doing the same tasks. Star Citizen is in development for with standalone single. 1) Players can purchase virtual ships for $25 to $1,250 (in real money), depending on model and availability. In June 2013, Star Citizen became the most crowdfunded project ever, at $10 million.

In 2016, developer Roberts Space Industries (RSI) split Squadron 42 from the main Star Citizen product, selling it as a standalone game for $45 or $15 if you also bought the MMO. In August 2019. Ships and vehicles are listed alphabetically from lowest standalone price to highest standalone price. Only ships and vehicles that players can use as standalones are listed. The first table is for ships, vehicles and bicycles, the third table is for ships and/or vehicles that currently hold no monetary value. Star citizen rental ship. Star Citizen's Ships Are All Free to Try Out This Week. Ian Miles Cheong / Updates / PC, The game's creator Chris Roberts recently revealed that Star Citizen's standalone single-player. All Game Packages - Join the Star Citizen experience and help support development with these Game Packages that include access to Star Citizen and/or Squadron 42 . Available Stand-alone Ships - Expand your fleet with a variety of ships.. All Extras - Expand your universe with ship skins, hangars.. All Merchandise - Show your Star Citizen style with these physical items

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Star citizen ship size comparison march 2020 amazing work again by redditor yt o. Only the ships and vehicles that are available as standalone to. Ships and vehicles are listed from lowest to highest standalone price in alphabetical order. All content on this site not authored by its host or users are I have never seen game packages go on sale. Usually they sell limited release standalone ships during sales. That are not the game package that includes the single player Squadron42, access to the PU, or other game modes. It must be a game package to get the game. You cant buy a standalone ship without a game package

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If you go to standalone ships you get this message at the bottom: This is not a GAME PACKAGE. Please note a GAME PACKAGE is required to play the game and fly or access your ships. Cheapest game packages are $45. If he hasn't used someone else's already he can use my code to get $5000 in game credit. STAR-ZHSX-ZZC Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium have released the first look at the Hangar Module, a standalone app that will allow players to customize and interact their spaceships in-engine ahead of the.

Wahrend der crowdfunding phase von star citizen war die avenger titan als standalone ship fur 5950 inklusive der regionalen umsatzsteuer erhaltlich. Walkthrough and overview of the current state of the avenger titan in star citizen 25 Get a look at Star Citizen's most impressive looking ship design yet. warp gates that will separate the gigantic sections of Star Citizen's Journey from Skyrim Mod to Standalone Game Star citizen 600i price. Only the ships and vehicles that are available as standalone to. 600i explorer to m2 hercules 12 ccu san tok yai to mercury star runner 11 ccu terrapin to mercury star runner 11 ccu defender to mercury star runner 11 ccu corsair to mercury star runner 18 drake ccu 17 An interdiction field was an artificial gravity well that disabled hyperspace capability in most starships. It was used to prevent ships from entering hyperspace as well as draw ships out of hyperspace and into realspace. It was able to do this by triggering a hyperdrive's automatic failsafe that triggered when a gravity well was in the path of the ship. 1 History 2 Appearances 3 Sources 4. Star Citizen Affordable Input Devices (HOTAS, Mouse+Keyboard, and Game Pad) Greetings Citizens (and the less law-abiding denizens who might also benefit from this post!), I've been deep in research on which sort of input method I want to use when I play Star Citizen

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17) Star Citizen- Hull A review. The smallest and most affordable ship in the Hull series. The Hull A is a single seater dedicated to the personal transportation of cargo. The cargo capacity is 48, not considerably huge but decent for those interested in a career as a merchant and for those starting out. The manouverability and speed will most. Star Citizen must have expensive insurance Cloud Imperium Games has released a strange video from Star Citizen, showing a poor defenseless ship get trashed, meant to show off the impressive in. STANDALONE LTI melt : Melting a standalone ship (whatever the insurance is, LTI or not) = you get the melt value in store credit, and the ship is in your buybacks, it retains its original insurance. Here for your Talon since Warbond were sold with LTI, if you want to buy it back you will end with a LTI Talon Star Citizen - URSA Rover - LTI. Go here and there and everywhere with the Ursa Rover! So fährt das Armaturenbrett ein, wenn sich der Spieler setzt und danach fährt es wieder aus. RSI URSA Rover. Star Citizen - URSA Rover

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standalone ship - xi'an khartu-al lti $165.00 usd standalone ship - aegis gladius $88.00 usd standalone ship - origin 890 jump - lti $660.00 usd standalone ship - aegis vanguard - lti $275.00 usd standalone ship - aegis sabre - lti $187.00 usd standalone ship - endeavor olympic-class - lti $550.00 usd standalone ship - endeavor base - lti $385. Star Citizen, the space adventure game seemingly in perpetual Early Access, has been committed to adding VR support since well before consumer headsets existed. As time passes though and the game. Ultimately these packages tend to revolve around either picking up Squadron 42 as a standalone purchase or buying various ships to play with in the main persistent universe of Star Citizen. Each. Star Citizen Ship Sales & Rental Prices. CODES (5 days ago) Price and Locations of Star Citizen Ships for Sale and For Rent in game. Browse older patch ship sales and rentals ship prices. Browse by location from where the ships are sold and rented. Renting more days grants a bigger price discount. Star Citizen In Game Ship Rental Prices Alpha 3.12 Most ships on display are available to test-fly for free, so just select the ship you want, and take to the skies. Star Citizen and standalone single-player story title Squadron 42 - which.

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Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium has announced the date for when the pledge packages for the base game and its single-player mode Squadron 42 will split up. The breakup will take place on. Star Citizen - Standalone Ship - Aegis Gladius Valiant - LTI - Original Concept. EUR 210,00 Compralo Subito 7d 21h. Vedi Dettagli. Star Citizen AZTALAN ARMOR. EUR 13,00 Compralo Subito 1d 10h. Vedi Dettagli. Star Citizen Ship - Aopoa San'Tok.yai ( Santokyai ) + LTI. EUR 199,00 Compralo Subito 26d 0h Star Citizen's £20,000 in-game purchase. There's now a £20,300 ship pack available to Star Citizen players who have enough money - or lack of judgement - to buy it Two million players have invested in Star Citizen and the vision that creator Chris Roberts ( Wing Commander) and the dev teams at Cloud Imperium Games have promised and showcased over the years. I was there before Star Citizen even launched its Kickstarter campaign, back when reaching $2 million was an impressive milestone on the team's own.

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Star Citizen also has plenty of ship combat coming with future updates. While our cheat is currently focused on infantry combat, we'll be making future feature additions to fully support ships, so you'll be able to take down enemy vessels and pirates with ease. Keep checking back for more Star Citizen hack features Welcome to a quick star citizen guide for what ships are available to buy in game in star citizen alpha 3 10 how much and where. Star citizen alpha 3 6 0s ptu has been released. This is the subreddit for everything related to star citizen an up and coming epic space sim mmo being developed by chris roberts and cloud imperium games

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A capital ship was any armed military starship over one hundred meters long. Ships of this class ranged from small and nimble corvettes like the Corellian Engineering Corporation CR90 corvette to titanic Star Dreadnoughts, such as the Kuat Drive Yards Eclipse. 1 History 2 Classification 3 Appearances 4 Sources 5 Notes and references 6 External links Ships of this class were typically designed. 'Star Citizen' is an ambitious game, but lawsuits regarding its single-player portion, 'Squadron 42,' raise interesting questions. 'Star Citizen' is in alpha now on PC Star Citizen is a first-person sci-fi MMORPG crafting an unforgettable experience made up of piloted interstellar travel, intense combat, and limitless exploration on a unprecedented level. Story. Enlist in the United Empire of Earth's renowned Navy branch and fight in large-scale space battles for a chance to earn a coveted citizenship. Feature