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Stock Image Credit - https://bit.ly/2Y037OpIn this video tutorial learn how to create realistic rain and wet look on photoshop and also know more about filte.. Add a black layer mask to the wet look layer by Option/Alt-clicking the layer mask at the bottom of the Layers panel. Then with a normal white soft-edged brush at 20% opacity, paint over areas of the image to reveal the wet look. Apply several brush strokes to build up the opacity in areas where you want the wet look to be more visible For each object that will be getting wet, go to the physics properties panel and enable Dynamic Brush. Keep the type as Canvas and add a new canvas. Change the Format to image sequence. Adjust the frame start and end as needed of course

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Step 3: Adding the phongboost attribute. Open materials and choose the part of your model you want to make shiny. Most models only have one option here but characters can have multiple. Right click the the elemt and click Add Attribute this will show you a large number of possible data types, but we will choose float set the speed to 0 and reflectence to 1 > size it to the floor you want wet > then put the water in line with the floor so it looks glossy this tutorial should give show you in more detail 1 Like ArsaMate June 3, 2021, 12:57pm #1 In this video (#44) I show you a way to fake the wet look by using the Plastic Wrap Filter and a Layer Mask.I've shown this technique before but in this vide..

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thanks and subscribeFacebook page https://www.facebook.com/Amir-Fiala-106996807512596/?modal=admin_todo_tourlive comment To support u Wet Stuff 1.1.0 Is Now Available On The Asset Store! We've added several new components to make it easy to use Wet Stuff with a weather system; DripLine, RainPuddle, AutoRainPuddle and BaseExternalWetnessSource. Of course we've also fixed a few bugs, check out the release notes for the full details Professional (Dissonance VoIP, Wet Stuff, Fancy Folders) We've just released Wet Stuff onto the Unity Asset Store! Wet Stuff allows you to instantly make any surface appear wet. Volume are placed into the scene which project wetness/damp onto surfaces inside the volume - you don't need to make any modifications to any assets or switch shaders. Hi all, I am trying to create a scene where once I have fluid physics water being dropped onto an object I'd like the object to appear wet I'd like to know what would be required to do this. Things I need to consider Partial object wetness. (Such as if the water only touch part of an object) Drying time of the wetness (I am assuming I can adjust the wet texture over time to do this) If. The video below, at the end of this post, follows the drawing through creating the shiny look of the lipstick tube. How to draw shine. Part 1 of Hand Tutorial #11 discussed how to look at the shiny tube as a jigsaw puzzle of stripes. When you view the tube globally as a shiny lipstick, the tendency is to freak out: I can't draw that.

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Shiny objects attract our attention in life and in art. Shiny cars, lips, eyes, glass and fabrics—they're all intriguing to look at and paint. The trick to painting reflective objects is to set up the highlights against the darks. The more contrast there is between the two, the more reflection and shine you'll achieve in your painting. To demonstrate, I composed the painting Love Affair. Describe how to make a wet mount and explain how to use the objective lenses of a compound microscope to find the object you are looking for in the wet mount? Expert Answer 100% (1 rating) Procedure to make a wet mount: first of all we take a glass slide and make it clean. After this we take our specimen and place it on the slide with a drop of. Select the rectangle tool on your left vertical toolbar if the object you want to add gloss to is rectangular. Draw a rectangle in the upper half of your object. Select the pen tool on the toolbar, if the object you want to make glossy is a curved object Step 1. A hanging sun shape. The concept is simple. To make shapes out of concrete you will want to build a form. The inside of the form will define the shape you are creating. Then when you fill your form with cement and let it harden you shake loose or break open the form and have your finished object set in solid concrete There's a limitation with Wet Shades. I'm still trying to figure out how to make a solution for this: Cubemap reflections work fine if you don't rotate the object (Y must be = 0). This is caused because shaders have limited 'internal parameters'

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  1. Place the object in the middle of the slide, and holding the cover slip at an angle, carefully set it on top. Slide Ideas: Plants and Animals. When studying living things, or something that was living, a wet mount slide is generally used, so the object stays fresh, but a dry mount slide is useful for viewing objects like feathers or fur. Cor
  2. Now that we have the die complete, we can make it look like a pair of dice. First, Select All (Command + A) and Group (Command + G). Now you can use the Transform Tool (E) and rotate the die into its desired position. Next, with the grouped die selected, Copy (Command + C) and Paste (Command + V) the die to make a duplicate
  3. imize evaporation and protect the microscope lens from exposure to the sample. To prepare a wet mount using a flat slide or a depression slide: Place a drop of fluid in the middle of the slide (e.g., water, glycerin, immersion oil, or a liquid sample)
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  5. Professional (Dissonance VoIP, Wet Stuff, Fancy Folders) We've just released Wet Stuff onto the Unity Asset Store! Wet Stuff allows you to instantly make any surface appear wet. Volume are placed into the scene which project wetness/damp onto surfaces inside the volume - you don't need to make any modifications to any assets or switch shaders.
  6. Wet sanding is a process that's often used on car paint jobs, guitars, and even 3D prints to give them a mirror-smooth look. Wet sanding is typically done after dry sanding to get an even finish. Unlike dry sanding, wet sanding is done not to shape a surface, but to remove the large scratches left by dry sanding
  7. With fall just around the corner, designers are looking for ways to complement their work with Fall imagery like water droplets, rain on leaves and fall rain showers. Including **rain or water drops** in a scene can be a nice effect because water is a very compelling element. As you'll see in the tutorials below, water drops and rain can completely change the dynamic of a design or photo

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Step 9: Scale the Rain smart object to 110%. So far so good, except for one problem. The motion blur effect along the edges of the image, especially along the top and bottom, doesn't look right. It's a bit hard to see in the screenshot, but if I zoom in on the top of my image, notice that the effect appears brighter just below the edge 3. Explore Your Body. Gently run your hands along parts of your body, lingering in areas that are more sensitive to touch than others. Look at your vagina in a mirror and caress the different parts to see what feels especially good. Find and touch your inner and outer labia, your clitoris, and your vagina to learn how to make yourself wet To make tough stains disappear, combine salt's abrasive power, vinegar's tough acid, and all-purpose flour as a thickener. In a medium-size bowl, add 1 tsp. salt to 1/2 cup vinegar. Stir the mixture until the salt is dissolved. Then add enough flour to make a paste (about two tbsp.). Rub the paste onto your brass object and let dry for 10 minutes Once you are stretched out, start going faster along that area inside back and fourth until you feel like you have to pee but don't stop it's all part of the process because your peepee area is also where seminal liquid normally used to make the penis feel good in sex comes from By Carrie Lewis in Art Tutorials > Drawing Tips When drawing a traditional still life, if you want to create an accurate likeness you MUST be able to see and re-create the object's shape, form (mass), value, and color. With reflective objects, however, other factors must also be considered. Here are 4 rules to remember every time you draw something shiny, metallic, or reflective:Quick.

2. Basically, I'm making a matte object with no highlights, and only some parts of it are covered with metallic paint that should be glossy and reflective. Hopefully this explains what I mean: I'm using Blender Internal render. The desired effect part has Wardiso specular and a bit of reflection. I have a specular map on the column body (blue. 3 - Freezing objects. Freezing objects is an interesting way to take still life photos, and present an inanimate object in a creative way. As ice is transparent you will be able to see your object inside the ice, although good lighting is needed to make the photo come to life For a low angle, you need to be below eye level. As you get down lower, you make the subject of your photo appear a larger. This may add a larger than life feeling to your photos and is great for emphasizing toughn s, or making things look scary or epic Water is NOT wet. Look at this. If you put a drop of water on a plate and put another drop of water on the same plate then make them touch, they combine. They are not touching each other. Water gives the feeling of wetness. Being wet is just a feeling that describes being covered or saturated by a liquid. Liquids are not wet 2. Fill a small tub with hot water and add some liquid dish soap into it. You will need 2 tablespoons of dish soap for every 3 cups (700 milliliters) of water. Gently swish the water to mix, but not so much to create suds. The hotter the water, the faster the wool will felt

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  1. The strips are shaped around an object and take on the shape of that object once the paste is dry. You can use different papers like tissue paper, but you don't want anything with a surface finish on it, so if it looks glossy, it probably wont take up the paste too well so it wont properly mash together
  2. Rather, it's a matter of how the eyes perceive light and how some wet objects refract light differently than their dry counterparts. In reality, wet fabric isn't actually darker than dry fabric.
  3. Use enough water so clay is totally under water. Just let it set in clear water. Never stir it. Stirring clogs up the porosity and prevents good slaking (soaking to mush). In a few days or less, even huge chunks of dry clay will slake to mush. Go to step 6 below and dry it enough to use as in steps 7, 8, and 9
  4. This is just one way to use the 3D options available in Photoshop. Next, check out how to print 3D using Photoshop and bring the objects you design into the real world. If you're getting ready to dive deeper into a 3D rendering, prototyping, or concept mockup project, be sure to check out Adobe Dimension, a brand new 3D app from Adobe that's included with your Creative Cloud subscription
  5. How to Shape Leather. Some leatherworking projects, such as containers or portfolios, require that the leather be shaped or molded to hold a particular form. Use the following suggestions to help create a formed or molded piece
  6. If you make a purchase via the links below I receive a small commission, which helps support this site.. To create a high gloss acrylic painting that will bring out the color in your abstract paintings, I would suggest using a glossy acrylic medium rather than mixing a glossy varnish into the paint.. All you need to do is mix the gloss medium into the paint on the palette, and then paint as.
  7. imize evaporation and protect the microscope lens from exposure to the sample. To prepare a wet mount using a flat slide or a depression slide: Place a drop of fluid in the middle of the slide (e.g., water, glycerin, immersion oil, or a liquid sample)

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Make sure Add copy to Copied Layers and Groups is checked. Step 2. Now, let's start preparing the base for our action. We'll put it in a separate set for easier management. Go to Window > Actions or press F9 on the keyboard to open up the Actions panel. Then, click the Create new set icon, name the set Wet Glass and click OK. We'll place the. Now, look at the image as a whole and make any adjustments needed. I felt that the spikes needed some more brightness, so I added more highlights and shadows, as in the image below. The helmet is now complete. By the way, you can remove the line-work, and your image will look like the image below Decorative plant holders make a great addition to any indoor or outdoor space. You can add a personalized touch to your space by creating a DIY planter and utilize green thumb in a more creative way. But instead of using ordinary raw materials, you can make a hypertufa planter using an old towel or a fleece blanket dipped in concrete 3. Clean your un-lacquered brass-plated piece. Dip a soft cotton cloth into a mixture of mild dish detergent and lukewarm water, wring out the cloth so it is only slightly damp, and gently wipe the surface of the brass piece clean. You can use an old toothbrush to clean out the nooks and crannies in the brass piece One way to make the object inside of the snow globe more fun is to add glitter or fake snow to the object. This can be done by first painting the object with clear varnish or glue and then sprinkling the glitter/fake snow on top of the wet glue

Soft edges are where the edges of an object are blurry, and indistinct. Soft edges look like an out of focus photograph. So, to make acrylics look like oils, you have to be able to easily create smooth blends and soft edges. Fortunately, it's possible to achieve both of these effects with slow drying acrylics Learn how to do just about everything at eHow. Find expert advice along with How To videos and articles, including instructions on how to make, cook, grow, or do almost anything Well, that is a good question I personally like the look of aged old plain concrete. I find sealers change the whole nature of the concrete. Even the neighbourhood driveways that had sealers seem to look worse and need refreshing more than the natural ones. I am always hoping that some moss will grow and make it look even older In order to look professional, you need to have your own domain name, instead of having a free domain that belongs to someone else (for example, yourbusiness.my-free-website.com.) And, having a quality hosting service will also help you make sure that your website won't go down and that it loads quickly (very important for everyone who visits.

Wet-in-wet direct. You can also wet an area of the surface and then directly paint with your brush onto the wet area. Basically, direct painting but on a wet surface. This is a fourth semi-controlled method, and it results in a diffused line. The amount of diffusion depends on how wet the surface is or how diluted your paint is. 3 Bring 2 liters water to boil in a glass, heat proof container/beaker. Add the food colouring. Add enough borax to create a saturated solution. Suspend the pipe cleaner form on a string immediately. Leave the beaker on the element as it cools, the top covered with a magazine or cardboard piece to trap in heat damp rag. STEP 1: Apply a thin layer of Vaseline to the edges of your project and anywhere you want a distressed look. Note: Your paint will NOT adhere where you've applied the Vaseline, so make sure to use it judiciously! I find it easiest to scoop up a blob of Vaseline and apply it with my finger, but you can also use a cotton swab if you want Discover the best of wikiHow with our Featured Articles category! We've curated the most helpful and interesting articles on our site—from How to Power Nap to How to Get Rid of a Wasp's Nest. Follow specific guidelines on making a resume, get general advice on how to motivate yourself, find a step-by-step guide on clearing your browser's cache, and much more Add a 1/2-inch seam allowance around the pattern. Cut out your mitten shapes from the paper. Place your pattern on the sweater, with the wrist at the bottom edge of the sweater. Stitch edge with a 1/4-inch seam allowance. Turn the mittens right side out and steam them with an iron to finish

How to Make Your Microwave Look Built-In. Microwave ovens come in all sizes. You can find one to fit almost anywhere, perched on your countertop, or placed in any cabinet that's big enough. There. acrylic painting tips on materials and supplies. With extra painting mediums you can create spectacular effects. But with the right tips you can also make your acrylic paint look very natural. Acrylic painting techniques have the widest range of possibilities, in terms of artistic expression Read Create A Painted Text Effect In Illustrator and learn with SitePoint. Our web development and design tutorials, courses, and books will teach you HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, Python, and more

Light and matter. When a light ray strikes an object, a few things can occur (depending on the type of material): it can bounce right back off its surface, it can scatter (i.e., be reflected in multiple directions off its surface), it can pass through it and emerge on the other side at a slightly different angle (), or it can simply transmit through it, making the object transparent Try lowering specular or increasing roughness of the object's material. Increasing roughness in material do the trick. Thanks. Thanks. I will try later when I get back to my pc. You have to change your material's roughness and metalness parameters. Black (0) means no effect and White (1) means max effect. Godot 3 uses PBR, just like most modern. Next, create a camera and pull it out onto the circle. Now, click the camera and then the circle, then hit the 'p' key on the keyboard. Now, you can rotate your circle around and it will rotate on the y axis. To set this, click on 50, then type in 360 on the 'y axis' space Find a circular object to draw lightly around; this helps to give you a starting point so we can quickly put into practice the theory of the sphere from last week. I'm using to 2B pencil (Staedtler Mars Lumograph) I then make a mark indicating the furthest point of the cast shadow. Lightly draw an ellipse shape to indicate the cast shadow Name the merged layer Highlights and turn it into a Smart Object with Layer > Smart Objects > Convert to Smart Objects. Step 7. Go to Image > Adjustments > Threshold. Adjust the Threshold Level until only the very brightest portions of the image are filled with white, somewhere around 225. Step

Step 1: Wet Sanding Rough and Sagging Paint. When I wet sand, I like to add a few drops of soap to the water in order to allow the sandpaper to glide more easily over the surface and not grab as easy, biting into the paint. I used 3M 600 grit wet sanding paper to make small circles and knock the bumps down. Every now and then I'd dry off the. If you are using a hand scoop, you can tie a cord around your waist and pull a heavy object like a large fishing sinker so you can see the trail of where you have been. Dry Sand vs Wet Sand When metal detecting on a beach it is important to know that a detector will react differently to dry sand compared to wet sand Store your wet roller in one, and put it in the fridge to prevent drying out. Your roller will be ready to go next time you need to paint and you didn't have to spend more time cleaning up between painting sessions than you do actually painting!! You can also look at these Pringles can crafts, which makes painting easier! 2 Press Ctrl + J to duplicate the layer and choose Overlay for a Blending Mode (see picture). 3. Press Ctrl + T and then right click the picture and choose Rotate 180. Press Enter to confirm the changes. 4. Press Ctrl + T and then right click the picture and choose Flip Horizontal. Press Enter to confirm the changes. 5 Mattymanx Posts: 6,506. January 2014. edited December 1969. Throw your computer in the water. Or you can try adjusting your Glossiness and Spec strength. In DAZ Studio, the Glossiness value is reversed so if its set to 100%, it wont be glossy at all

Once your final paint coat is dry, you can start distressing it with either a wet rag or fine-grit sandpaper. Try using a combination of these methods, and use both a wet cloth and a sanding sponge to create the look you want. (See more about these techniques in the wet-distressing and dry-distressing sections above) To get started with decoupage, you cut out pictures and glue them onto an object. The next step is to cover the object and pictures with a few coats of glue or decoupage medium to protect it. You probably have everything you need to make your project lying around your home right now. Gather your supplies and start crafting (1) Talk-Show-on-Commercial-Radio version: Because when something is wet, light bounces around inside it more (as opposed to merely bouncing off the surface) before being reflected back to the eye. The more the light bounces, the more of it gets absorbed, the less reaches the eye, and the darker the object appears This mirroring of the car (or other objects) then tricks you into thinking the road is wet, because a wet street would also lead to a reflection. In addition, the air wobbles (i.e. density fluctuations), causing the mirror image to wobble as well, which adds to the illusion of water

How to Make Metal Look Old Ways to Create Verdigris, Rust, Patina and Distressing Jacki Cammidge is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com If you want your shells to look wet, make sure they are completely dry then pain them with clear nail polish or shellac. Warnings: If you have shells with live animals, you need to use a different method of cleaning to ensure all debris is removed. Check the internet for information on how to clean live shells Let your metal objects sit in the vinegar for as little or as long as you want, then drain the vinegar from the container. For this specific horseshoe, I let it sit in the vinegar for about 5 minutes before I emptied the vinegar from the container. Step 3: At this point, you'll want to add peroxide on top of your metal objects

Starting around 400 grit, you can switch to a wet sanding method, as those papers will be specially made to work best with water. Until then, it's all just dry sanding. Make sure to wear a mask while doing this dry sanding since it creates a lot of resin dust, and that stuff is definitely not great for the respiratory system Here, women share the real things that get them wet: 1. Talk To Her. Communication is the arguably one of the most important foundations of a relationship, and that extends to more than just. Is water wet? Question Date: 2018-01-04: Answer 1: Liquid water is not itself wet, but can make other solid materials wet. Wetness is the ability of a liquid to adhere to the surface of a solid, so when we say that something is wet, we mean that the liquid is sticking to the surface of a material.. Whether an object is wet or dry depends on a balance between cohesive and adhesive forces Make sure there are no sharp ends. If you're using a plastic tube, it should already have the top and bottom cut off. Stretch cling film or clear plastic tightly over one end of the milk carton or tube. Attach the cling film with an elastic band. Make sure it is watertight. Find a pond or lake that you can look at This Daz3D Wet Skin Tutorial shows you tricks how to make the skin of your genesis character wet. Whether you plan to make a rainy scene, a scene on a sunny beach or a pool-party scene just like on the FG Beach House environment - you will need a wet skin for your characters.This will make like your characters truly belong in the scene and are indeed wet

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Some artists who work in acrylics like to apply a powdered acrylic onto the wet paint and let it dry to give a 3D effect. This not only helps increase the look of dimension, but adds a 3D texture as well. You can also apply several layers of acrylic gel to build up the areas you want to appear in 3D The trick with capturing amazing reflection photos using puddles, is to get down low. You want your camera to get as close to the surface of the puddle as possible. This will make even a small puddle appear expansive in your final image. I recommend putting your hand or a finger under your camera to steady it and keep it out of direct contact.

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I created this look by applying a coat of the metal paint, then spraying a few times with the patina. Lightly spread the patina over the wet paint with a foam brush, then sprayed a few more times over that. This gives an overall patina look with the drops on top. The top is Bronze Paint with Blue Patina. The bottom is Copper Paint with Blue Patina It is tempting for artists to make a quick run to the hardware store and pick up an inexpensive epoxy resin designed for DIY projects in the home. When it comes to your artwork, this is not the best idea. It may look fantastic today, but that is going to change over the years Draw a face onto an old football and attach that to your frame using wire. Draw a face onto a used large plastic water bottle. Turn it upside down so the top forms the neck and can easily be attached to the frame. Use a plant pot to make a head and fill it with straw, grass or flowers to create hair

What is the difference between wet and dry felting? There are two basic ways of felt making: Wet and Dry. Wet Felting is the process of using water, soap and some form of agitation to cause the fibers to open up and then bind together. You can do this with raw wool fiber, washed fiber, carded batts, or processed wool roving and sliver.. This process also works for felting previously knitted. Fill it enough so that it will cover the yellowed pieces when they are submerged. Or, if the item cannot be submerged, only make a small batch. If the items cannot be submerged in the bucket, put on gloves, then soak paper towels with the bleach solution and cover the yellowed plastic with the wet paper towels Liquid, Container, and Any Object. Don't forget the most important elements in your shot! For controlled settings, you'll need your preferred container (glass or bowl), choice of liquid (water and/or colored liquids), and an item that you will drop into the liquid (any object or more water) to create the drip or splash

How to Create a Color Look Step 1. In this section, we are going create a color look. Go to Layer > New Adjustment Layer > Curves to create a new curves adjustment layer and name it Color Look. Step 2. Now Double-click on this layer thumbnail, and in the Properties panel make the settings below: You Made It 3 . Distressing wood using Wet paper technique . Both the Candle technique (see previous) and the Wet paper technique are good alternatives to distress wood or furniture using Vaseline.. All three methods work similarly in the way that they create a resist in certain spots so the paint can be lifted off later

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New Objects If you are making a new object you want to work from the outside in; just the opposite of above. This does not even mention the necessity of a mold, what the mold is made of, and what you need to do to get the new object to release from the mold. However, you can make molds from wood, plasticine, or even existing objects Use the magic wand to select the area around the signature. 5. Invert the selection and copy. 6. Paste the signature into a new document with a transparent background. 7. Use the magic wand to remove any white still left inside letters. 8. Save the image in a format that supports transparent backgrounds Step 5: Priming and Sanding: Sanding. One of the best tricks I found to get a nice, even and smooth result was to wet sand. You will have to get the right type of sanding paper (e.g. this collection). Simply leave it in water for about 15 minutes to get it soaked and go over the part with it Jam jar for cleaning brush. Step #1. Draw out the image. Using a 3B clutch pencil, I draw out the main shapes and lines paying special attention to the shape of the ellipses in the water, make sure the edges of the ellipses have a slight curve to them. Spend some time checking the shapes before you begin the painting

Hold your Krylon spray can 6 to 8 inches away from project surface. Spray project using several thin coats of spray paint instead of one thick coat. Begin and finish your spray pattern off the object, releasing the tip at the end of each pass. Use an even side-to-side motion Why these fossils are so fun to make. Kids will love creating their own fossils by using old coffee grounds, some cold coffee for color, and of course, salt and flour. The coffee grounds make the finished fossils look more realistic as if they are specked with rocks and dirt. The cold coffee adds a darker color, making them more earthy

Required Cookies & Technologies. Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions **Photoshop's text and layer tools** can be used to create some really awesome effects. We've put together a list of 60 of the best tutorials we could find to help you stay up to date on the latest trends and techniques. You'll find some really cool grunge and glass styles (plus a few surprises!) and learn how some of the best designers create their unique effects

Make Your Presentation Private. by Liam - June 14, 2019 09:19. At Emaze we understand some things are just personal. Read on to learn how to make your presentation private. *Please note, only users with Emaze premium plans can make their presentations private. You can change your privacy settings three different ways.. Wet on dry flat wash method. Painting a wash with a wet on dry technique simply means painting onto dry paper. Begin by getting prepared (refer to the notes above if necessary).Incline the board with the watercolor paper by propping up the back edge Just about any knitted object can be felted, from flat pieces like coasters and afghan squares to bags, belts, hats, home accessories, and more.But felting can be a little mysterious and intimidating to those who have never done it before. Here's a quick rundown on how to felt any knitted object using a top-loading washing machine, using some simple knitted squares so you don't have to worry. Look for the patches and different shapes of color. Start with the larger shapes and work towards the smaller ones. Look for the highlights and bits of reflected light. Capture the darkest darks first, then the lights, and then the variation of values in the mid-range, with highlights of color saved for the end

If more thinset is used, the space between will look better. Too much thinset and it will squeeze to the surface of the objects and make a mess. The appropriate amount of thinset is based on the size and shape of the pieces you are using. You have to make a functional and aesthetic assessment based on your tile and design Let's look at an important concept for setting typography in Word. When a type designer creates a font, every letter has its own width set to make sure the gaps between the letters are even. This works fine in most cases, except for the combination of letters with less rectangular shapes, like V and A

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Make sure you add the concrete slowly and gently tap the mold as you go along to make air bubbles come to the surface. 2. Press tile into wet concrete at the top of the mold. This method is best for mixed-media designs made from marbles and other rounded found objects that couldn't stick reliably to a piece of contact paper The final step is to protect all your hard work with a clear protective finish. Make sure there is no dust on the chair. Begin with the chair upside down and start to apply light and even coats. Apply 3 to 5 coats of satin lacquer. Take your time here. This is the last step, and soon you will see your project finally come together Surface imperfections are great to add detail to a material, which can make a render look much more realistic. Make sure your object is UV unwrapped before following the instructions below. Smudges and Fingerprints. Smudges and fingerprint textures work best on glossy surfaces. In this example, I'm using a shiny, red material, but you can use. Be aware that resin can make some items look as they would when wet - test first so you know exactly what to expect. Make sure natural items are thoroughly dried or they may rot under the resin. Some natural objects can off-gas trapped air into the resin in the form of bubbles - you may want to seal first as a precaution

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