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MTN mobile recharge in minutes, with no hidden fees, 24/7 support. International mobile airtime top up with WorldRemit, for more talktime To check your balance. Dial 136 for updates on remaining airtime, SMSs or data. Dial *136# for a summary balance. Dial *136*1# for a detailed balance. MTN partner services. CNN breaking news R1.00 daily. Daily motivational R1.50 daily. Celebrity gossip R1.50 daily. Magic voice R0.50 daily Check Your Airtime Balance Via MTN Mobile App The process is also similar to check your data balance. It is probably not as popular and used as the USSD code because it requires data and a smartphone Access to all MTN products & services; To check your airtime balance on MTN True Talk tariff plan, simply dial *556# and it will be displayed on your screen. You can also use MyMTNApp to check your airtime balance. 6. MTN Beta Talk. MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards you with 250% airtime bonus on every recharge from N1 and above

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A demonstration on an upcoming feature on Click2Go that helps you check your airtime and data balance from MTN, Vodafone, AirtelTigo and Glo from Google assi.. How to check MTN Airtime Balance. Checking of your MTN airtime balance is rather simple and easy. Below is how you can check your MTN airtime balance; Dial *556# this USSD code is very popular and common. Wait for an instant pop-up message that will reveal to you the airtime balance left on your MTN SIM

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You may constantly be recharging your phone, but your airtime keeps exhausting, or your phone bill is unusually high. cancel such premium subscriptions on MTN, and check to see what services. MTN BetaTalk is a prepaid tariff plan that rewards you with 250% airtime bonus on EVERY recharge from N1 and above. It also offers special data bundles: 40MB at N50 and 250MB at N200. Benefits of MTN BetaTalk. You will enjoy the following benefits when you are on MTN BetaTalk plan: 250% bonus airtime on every recharge of N1 and above To check your airtime or account balance on MTN Benin, do the following: Dial the code *124#. Press send to confirm the USSD code. Your MTN credit balance will be displayed on the screen. Recommended: How to Check Your MTN Benin Number

With MTN xtraTIME, you can borrow airtime and payback much later. You can use this borrowed airtime for calling, browsing, data subscription and texting. So the code for accessing the MTN xtraTIME portal is *606#, you will see a pop-up menu that will verify your eligibility for the MTN xtraTIME service Below are the Methods of checking data balance on MTN. How to Check MTN Data Balance via SMS Checking data balance on MTN can be done via SMS. This can be done by sending 2 to 131 or 403 to 131.. A text message will be sent to you, and this message contains all the information you need to know about your current MTN internet subscription. . There you will get information on remaining data. Check Out The MTN 0.00k FreeBrowsing Cheat With Tweakware VPN 3. Get Free Data Using Dent App Dent is a mobile application designed to help send mobile data, buy airtime, and top-up your line if you are using a supported network. You can also earn free data and free airtime on the Dent app MTN transfer PIN is always required to complete airtime transfer. The MTN transfer PIN is a four-digit code that you need to send a credit to your friend on the MTN network. This article will give you full procedures on How to Retrieve MTN Transfer Pin 2021

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The code to activate, opt in or browse with airtime on your mtn is *131*200# or you send RESET to 131 via text message. The mtn pay as you go service is charged at N3/MB To transfer airtime on 9Mibile Network, dial 223PasswordAmountPhone Number# Editors Pick: How to get Free ₦2000 Bonus with ₦100 Recharge for Call/sms & data on MTN Pulse. Airtel. To transfer airtime on Airtel, you need to create a Me2U 4 digit pin. To create your transfer PIN on Airtel, send PIN (4 digit pin) to 432

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Q. What is MTN MoreTime? A. MoreTime is an on-demand loan service that allows customers take airtime and/or data loan at 0% when you run out of airtime and pay back on your next recharge. You will also get additional 400% airtime bonus on airtime loaned ONLY and not on Data BUT you will only pay back the face value of the loaned amount To know how to check MTN balance, you have to understand that it can either be for data balance or airtime balance. To check your MTN airtime balance on MTN, simply dial *556#. A message highlighting your MTN airtime balance will pop up on your phone almost immediately

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  1. How do I check my MTN airtime balance via SMS? Are you looking to get the details of your account balance on the MTN network? Here's how; For airtime balance, *558# for postpaid and *556# for prepaid. For data balance, dial *131*4# or text '2' to 131. What is the code to check MTN balance? To check your mtn airtime balance just dial *556#
  2. However, MTN balance check is limited to MTN users. They can do so by dialling *136# to obtain the balance summary and the MTN airtime check. If you wish to have a detailed balance, you can do by dialling *136*1#. This is the check balance MTN code for airtime check. 136 is the code that is designated for all operations regarding how to check.
  3. All you need do is recharge your said MTN line with airtime, then use this line in calling or sending an SMS to a friend. Your number definitely would appear on the other person's mobile phone and you can get your phone number this way. Method 3: Calling MTN Customer Rep. Lines. This is yet another method to know your MTN phone number
  4. The step below shows you how to check your MTN data balance via USSD codes. Open your phone's dialer app, Dial *559# to check MTN data balance (official code). Dial *131*4# to check MTN data balance including all other data bonuses and offers. Alternatively, you can dial *131# and follow the instructions on the screen
  5. To check 4G device compatibility. *156#. Check your MTN mobile number. *144*number to recharge for*voucher number#. To recharge airtime for someone. 1515. Report Mobile Money fraud. Send a text message to 1515 from your phone with the name of the merchant and date of incident. 0554300000

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MTN Shortcode Description *134*PIN# Recharge Airtime: List / De-activate all MTN Services - MTN Free After 1 (MTN Nkomode) *315# MTN Free Call 6 months Offer *550# (New Subscribers) *455# Accurate weather forecast (8p/SMS) *124# Balance enquiry. Check your credit balance. *140# Blackberry Plans: 100: Call Center **67*02XXXXXXXX*11# Call. How to check NIN on 9mobile. Dial *346#, then on the options displayed, Select NIN Retrieval by typing 1 (Follow other steps required to check your National Identification Number, NIN). It cost 20 Naira on your mobile phone network. Video : How to Check NIN on MTN, Glo, Airtel and 9mobil HOW TO SHARE DATA, HOW TO CHECK AIRTIME BALANCE, AND KNOW YOUR NUMBER ON MTN. On your phone, dial *777*Recipient's Number*Amount*PIN# and then click on send/OK. Dial *777*08123456789*1500*1234# and then send/OK. You will receive a message confirming that the transfer was successful after it has been finished

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- You will receive a prompt showing the bundle you have as well as the bonus bundle and airtime on your MTN Turbonet. Mtn turbonet code. Additionally, the quickest and most convenient way to check your remaining airtime, SMS and data SMS balance on your MTN Turbonet Router is to: 1. Dial 136 for updates on remaining airtime, SMSs or data. 2. For MTN Mashup balance, punch *567*4#. Dial *156# to check your MTN mobile phone number. Call 100 to access the MTN call centre. Dial 154, followed by the recipient's phone number for MTN pay for me. Call 1515 for assistance if you fall victim of mobile money fraud. For MTN internet bundles, punch *138# 2. How To Check MTN Balance. You could also check your balance using the MTN codes. However, MTN balance check is limited to MTN users. They can do so by dialing *136# to obtain the balance summary and the MTN airtime check. If you wish to have a detailed balance, you can do it by dialing *136*1# © 2021 MTN Rwanda, All rights reserved. Terms and conditions Privacy policy Privacy polic MTN's website only gives the *141# option sent from the device and in this forum I can only find very old unanswered posts regarding similar questions. I need to check the prepaid airtime balance.

N1 - N100 transfer will cost you N3. N101 - N500 transfer will cost you N5. N501 - 5000 transfer will cost you N10. 3. Steps to Transfer Airtime Using USSD. Dial *777*Recipient's Number*Amount*PIN# on your phone and then click on send/press OK. For example, dial*777*08031234567*1500*1234# and then send/OK To check your MTN airtime balance via USSD code, simply dial *556#. To check your MTN data balance via text, send 2 to 131. To check via USSD code, dial *131*4# or *559#. You may also like. How To Migrate To MTN Pulse, MTN Pulse Night Plan & Cheat; How To Borrow Airtime or Credit From Airtel, MTN, GLO, 9mobile (And Not Pay Back! The new codes to load airtime on MTN Uganda will be *130*voucher code # and *131# to check balance. These codes will function across all networks. Post by MTN Uganda. MTN Uganda will need to make sure all it's voice customers are aware about the change before then or there may be a huge influx of calls to the customer care center In this article, we are going to provide the various ways to check your MTN number. In order to do that, one must have an active MTN SIM card in a mobile phone, airtime (not required for all procedures) and good network coverage Step 1/3: Check your network configuration (mobile data) To check your network configuration, follow the steps below: Open the phone settings. Enter the SIM cards menu. Choose the MTN SIM used for your internet connection. Enter the menu Access point names. Select the access point (APN) labeled internet

This process deducts 20 Naira from your airtime balance and thus, ensure that you have an adequate credit balance before you commence the process. How to check my NIN number online. You can only check your NIN on your phone using the USSD code *346#. Currently, there is no online platform that provides the service

Know your MTN number *156# - 2: MTN Internet Settings *156# - 3: Usage summary *198# Share airtime *175*1# Manage subscriptions (if you didn't or don't remember subscribing for something; or want to end something you subscribed for) *482# Check bonus points *567# Mashup on Pulse (talk & data combo bundles) Editor's choice MTN Ghana: Recharge for yourself, friends or family. Online recharge for MTN Ghana at Recharge.com. Check our MTN deals! You can easy buy airtime online for your internet bundle or prepaid phone credit. We provide over 140 countries. The number you filled in will be recharged directly with the ordered amount. That way you'll always stay. Instantly top up any MTN South Africa phone. Recharge MTN South Africa online at Recharge. Get an easy recharge for your or someone else's phone credit or data, worldwide. Fill in your number, it will be recharged automatically with the amount of your choice. Support your loved ones the easy way How To Check My MTN Data Transfer. To check youMTN data transfer, send an sms in the following format: SHAREBALANCE to 131. You can also dial *461# and then follow the prompt provided. We hope the information we have provided is enough to meet your needs on checking of MTN data balance in Nigeria and on android phones generally 1. Via USSD. If you are on the prepaid Vodacom plan you can quickly and easily check your balance by using the shortcode *135#.This is the easiest way to check your Airtel Kenya airtime balance; you also do not need to be connected to the internet to use this method

MTN Zambia codes mostly referred to as MTN Zambia USSD codes, Short codesor Quick codes is a communication GSM cellular telephone protocol used to send a request that communicates with MTN mobile network computers. These operator's short codes provide self help services including, buying data bundles, checking balance. MTN airtime; SMS bundles; All you need to know is the MTN shortcode to redeem points. How to check MTN points. Here is the procedure on how to find out your balance. Type in the code *482#. Choose option 1 to check your MTN points balance. Image: instagram.com, @mtnghana Source: UG Money is added instantly to MTN Mobile Money accounts. Please check that the recipient already has a Mobile Money account. You will need the recipient's Mobile Money number. As well as airtime, it is also possible to send money directly to the mobile phone of a family member or friend in Ghana

Check: Canada Study Requirements: A Complete Guide. How do I reverse MTN airtime? To reverse MTN Mobile Money Transactions (Change Airtime back into cash) follow the steps below: Dial *170# Enter 7 for Wallet. Enter 5 for Airtime Reversal. Enter 1 to confirm the reversal. Conclusion. Trust you now know how to transfer MTN airtime How to check MTN balance. To check your MTN balance, dial the USSD code *136# for a summary. To check your detailed balance on MTN that includes both airtime and data, dial *136*1#. You can also check your detailed MTN airtime and data balances on the MTN app for Android or Apple devices. The app is zero-rated, which means you will not incur. You can share airtime on MTN Me2U either via SMS or USSD. Via SMS, enter 'Amount', leave a space, enter 'Mobile number', leave a space, enter 'PIN' and send to 1329 E.g. '5 024XXXXXXX 1234' and send to 1329. Via USSD, dial *198#, select 2 'Transfer', enter receiver eg. 024XXXXXXX, enter amount eg. 5, enter decimal eg. 0. You should know that MTN Nigeria deducts a service charge of 10% from the airtime you intend to borrow. Therefore, this means that you would only receive 90% of the sum you requested. More so, for example, borrowing N200 would see you receive N180 instead of N200, as MTN takes N20 MTN Nigeria expects an initial falloff in airtime purchases through banks due to the implementation of a new pricing framework put in place to resuscitate a lucrative payment service disrupted by.

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  1. Check below to see the steps on How to Use MTN Pay4Me to Make Your Call Receivers Pay for Your Calls. On your phone dialer, all you have to do is dial *121*Number#. It should go in this format *121*09130107604#. These are the steps you need and if the receiver is qualified for this service, you will receive a message
  2. Things to Note About MTN Borrow Me Service. You need to recharge constantly to qualify for the service. The amount you receive when you borrow airtime is less 10% service charge (if you borrow N50 you get N45). Once you borrow airtime. The borrowed amount will be deducted on your next recharge. Borrowed airtime has an expiry date
  3. g should be activated in South Africa before deciding to travel the world/continent. 1 day ago · To purchase airtime, one may not need to use the aforementioned USSD code since you can dial the code *130*3279#

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  1. Must Read: USSD Codes To Borrow Airtime From Airtel, MTN, Glo, 9Mobile. All you have to do is ask your friend to tell you the phone number he or she saw. Calling MTN Customer Rep. Lines. Calling MTN customer representatives is another awesome way to know your number. You can reach MTN customer care reps by calling 180. It's a toll-free number.
  2. How to Check Data Balance on MTN METHOD 1: Using USSD Codes Open phone app. Dial *131#, then OK.; Your data balance will show on your screen. METHOD 2: Using MyMTN App MyMTN App is a self-service app for MTN subscribers. The app gives customers full control of their MTN phone accounts through mobile money services, airtime and data tops ups, bill payments, borrow airtime, locating service.
  3. Have you ever gotten free Airtime Credit from Mtn? If you haven't, you're still dulling yourself. I'll teach you how you can cheat mtn and get free Airtime to make calls, browse our do anything you want to do. How to get free Airtime from Mtn Network with the latest Mtn Cheat hack Though, it
  4. you may like to read what is mtn collect call : make free calls and let the receiver pays for it. how to borrow airtime using MTN extra time. Customers can access MTN XtraTime by dialling *606#. The following Menu will then be displayed: 1.Check Eligibility Status. 2.Request for XtraTime. 3.Check XtraTime Balance
  5. imum of 100 Naira in your airtime balance before you can enjoy the free happy hour calls. To migrate to MTN Supersaver Plus text 408 to 131 or dial *408*1#. MTN Puls
  6. To check Glo airtime balance, follow the steps below. Dial #124# on your mobile device with your Glo sim. A pop-up message showing your detail will show on your screen, go ahead and read through it. How to Check Glo Data Balance. There are different ways with which you can check your Glo data balance

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  1. All codes for MTN, Africell, Vodafone, Airtel, and UTL Uganda balance check and recharge USSD shortcodes David Okwii Updated on 05/09/2019 We know how you can start to fidget for those short codes when you switch a network operator or just obtained a second line
  2. It boasts as one of the fastest airtime converters in Nigeria with 99% automated transaction. They charge 19% fee on each MTN airtime transaction. So they will send ₦ 810 into your bank account if you convert ₦ 1000 airtime (19%), and so on. You check their Charges page to see a complete list of their charges
  3. MTN Short Codes. 100 - General call center number. 114 - Call center for Mobile Money merchants. 115 - Call center for EVD vendors. *124# - For check airtime , data, bonus and sms balance. *511# - MTN ATM token generation code. *296# - AYO Recharge with care insurance code. *5057# - Turbonet or FTTX Menu. *1333# - Self service code
  4. MTN Eswatini LTD is a subsidiary of the MTN Group, Africa's leading cellular telecommunications company, and started operating in September 1998
  5. MyMTN App is an all-in-one, self-care tool enabling MTN customers to self-serve and engages with customer service online and everywhere they go. The application is available for all MTN Postpaid and prepaid smartphones subscribers. It can be downloaded for free from app stores such as Apple Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) or BlackBerry World

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Now with MTN, you have total control of your airtime. When your data bundle runs out, your airtime remains. Buy via MTN MoMo on *126# How do I get out? To unsubscribe simply, dial *157*0# How do I check my balance? To check your balance, simply, dial *157*99# Mobile Surf 3days 1200. 1 200XAF. 3GB Internet Volume. 1GB/day for 3days To check MTN data balance for MTN Awuf4u credit balance, simply dial *559*14# and your balance will display on your phone screen within a second. 5. MTN Start Pack: MTN Start Pack is a tariff plan that is mainly for new customers on the MTN network, which gives them 500 percent airtime bonus on every recharge plus free 10 mega bites data for browsing MTN Airtime transfer PIN permits you to transfer airtime (credit) from your MTN account to another MTN line. MTN Share can be used by all new and existing prepaid and postpaid customers on MTN network. Airtime transfer can now be done Free of Charge Whenever you check your airtime, load more airtime or request a call from someone who has more airtime than you, you're using a USSD code. MTN - *136*0# Cell C - *147# Virgin Mobile. Buy Cheap Mtn SME Monthly Dataplans starting from 500mb, 1gb, 2gb, 3gb, 4gb, 5gb. Works 24/7 on all your internet enabled devices. Validity is now 30 days. Dial *461*4# to check your data balance. Instant delivery when you pay via Wallet or Paystack

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  1. How to recharge with MTN AwuF4u. The MTN AwuF4u bonus gives you 200% airtime bonus on every recharge below N100 and 300% airtime bonus on every recharge from N100 and above. You see, it was created to your own likeness. Dial this code *888*PIN#, for N100, N400 in your Awuf4U account
  2. I tried to view the number whether it is registered o not bt I couldnt. I used *390*1*number# i saw a msg Thank you for using our service wen a dailed *390# to view d number i saw d same msg. Re: How Do I Make Use Of This Bonus Airtime From MTN by Nobody: 12:48am On Aug 16, 2013
  3. imum amount of GHC1 to enjoy Free on-net calls from midnight (12:00am - 4:59am) after paying for the first
  4. Check your MTN mobile number - *156# Recharge airtime for another person - *144*number to recharge*voucher number# Mobile Money fraud Report - From your line sms to 1515 detailing name of merchant agent, and date of transaction

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How to check MTN number; 5 easy ways For some people with numerous SIMs, it is tough to cram every phone number you have. There are occasions when you need the number, and you will find it hard to remember. To make it easy for you to get access to your phone number when needed, [ Borrow Airtime *5321# Family & Friends *125*1# Check Number Registration *400# Number Portability: Send PORT To 600: MTN Ghana Shortcodes. MTN Ghana Shortcode; Check MTN network mobile number *156# Customer Care: 100: MTN Pulse *567# Internet/SMS Bundles *138# To Borrow Credit *506# MTN Nkomode *315# Caller Tunez Dial 1355: Unsubscribe Caller. How to Transfer Airtime on MTN Line MTN Transfer Code: *600*MTN Number*Amount*PIN# You can transfer on MTN using both USSD and SMS A. USSD: *600*MTN Number*Amount*PIN# For example, if you want to send 5000 to 08030000000 and your PIN is 4343. Dial *600*08030000000*5000*4343# B. SMS. Transfer on MTN line using SMS by doing the following. 1

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To check your airtime, dial *131# To check your OTT balance *131# To view your number, Dial *192#. Lycamobile airtime using MTN Mobile Money by dialing *252#. Main Menu for Lyca services & Bundles *100# Buy data and voice bundles *100*1# Smile Communications. For smile users you can visit this portal for more information https://www.smile.co.ug. Buy 2400Mins now. 4,500 minutes to call MTN. Dial *160*2*1# or *160*22# to activate. Dial *131*2# to check balance. Valid for 30 days. Buy 4500Mins now. Your MTN number. Buy for another number. Enter another MTN number Check out MTN prepaid tariffs How to transfer MTN airtime? There are generally two ways to make a transfer and both are easy to follow: You can dial the number 141 from your MTN cellphone and follow the voice prompts. Or dial the USSD code *141*6328* recipient's cellphone number* rand amount# (e.g. *141*6328*0731234567*30#). Who can make. MTN Awuf (400% airtime bonus) Airtime value ( 50-50,000 ) Mobile Numbers Enter one mobile number per line or separate with comma e.g. 09062547110, 0814965934

Like other network providers, MTN has an easy to remember code for subscribers to use when they need to check their phone numbers. All you need to dial to do is to dial the USSD code and follow the process. The USSD code is *123# - as you can see, it is straightforward to remember. After dialling the code, you will gain access to the Menu How To Pay School Fees Using MTN MOMO in Uganda; How to Register On MoMo MTN Uganda (Full Guide Step by Step) How to Check Data Balance on MTN METHOD 1: Using USSD Codes. Open phone app. Dial *131#, then OK. Your data balance will show on your screen. METHOD 2: Using MyMTN App. MyMTN App is a self-service app for MTN subscribers Note: MTN charges 10% on all borrowed airtime as repayment charge. Also, for you to be able to access this service, you must be an active MTN user for 3 months and you must have airtime balance less than 4 cedis. Vodafone Ghana. Vodafone Ghana also gives SOS credit to their users who have run out of airtime Selling MTN virtual topup can make you some extra cash each day when you have good number of sales. You can make #1000 and above from selling mtn vtu daily. In this article, I will show you step by step on how to register and start mtn airtime vtu business with ease. so, sit back and enjoy!!! Requirements to Start MTN Airtime VTU Busines

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MTN All Codes is an application which provides to you all MTN codes, you can get quick codes and dial them from the application. The application has all MTN USSD Codes in the following categories; Airtime Codes, Internet Option Codes, Calls and Promo Codes, Prepaid Packages and Tarrifs, MTN Customer Service Codes, MTN Mobile Money Codes, Products and Services, Call Me Back Codes, Voice Mail.

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