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Lastly, cover the wire with a wire nut connector and secure with electrical tape so it doesn't fall off. Enjoy your new shortened LED Christmas lights. Final Thoughts. The holiday season doesn't feel complete without the presence of Christmas lights. They are one of the easiest and most fun ways to showcase your holiday spirit So I expect 3 strands of lights but 3 doesn't go into 80 so maybe its 2 strands of 40? Either way, its odd because the end LED has one wire atached to one terminal and three wires attached to the other terminal which suggests 3 strands? So plug the lights and tried connecting each of hte three loose wires in turn to the other ternnial Adjust Loose Bulbs. Sometimes, the LED Christmas light bulbs just get a little lose, and the strand of lights stops working because the bulb isn't adjusted right. All you have to do is push the bulb back into place. It will start working again and turn on the rest of the strand with it Sixty-bulb LED Christmas lights are built from two half strings of 30 bulbs each. There was no way I was going to replace the entire string, so I went online to see what kind of solution might present itself. The first several search results made me gag: people actually suggested cutting out the offending half-string and patching in another one

Christmas lights use thin, light wires that can be torn easily through repeated wear or a sudden jolt. If this happens, it can cause the lights to flicker or to not work at all, and can pose a safety hazard. Fortunately, Christmas lights are simple devices; most problems can be solved by simply patching a single wire Modern Christmas light strings are manufactured with a shunt wire that keeps the circuit intact if a bulb burns out. In other words, if a bulb burns out - the filament is blown - the rest of the lights stay lit The string of lights won't light up. The fix: Pick up the pronged male plug at the end of the strand. There should be a small door on the plug. Slide the door marked Open in the direction pointed by the arrow. Remove the two fuses, and inspect them by looking at them up against a bright background (the sky works) I have a LED Christmas lights string, which consists of two circuits of LEDs connected serially. It is working directly on 110V AC. Most LED sockets have 2 wires connected to them, some have three. There is a 110V socket on the other end of the string, so these can be chained together Christmas lights are one of the most iconic beacons of the holiday season. Unfortunately, they are also notorious for being among the most finicky holiday decorations. If you find yourself troubleshooting Christmas lights more often than enjoying them, then learn how to fix Christmas lights quickly and identify problems before they start with the help of this guide

Purchase a holiday light repair tool. If you use a lot of light strings in your holiday decorations, a light repair tool can be a wise investment. Look for them wherever holiday lights are sold, and expect to pay around $25-$30 USD. A good light repair tool is multi-functional Steps to Fix the Christmas Lights problem. 1. Check the Outlet, if it it is working well. 2. Check the string wire, that it is not torn or damaged. It can be a severe problem. It can give you a current shock or a short circuit

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To fix a damaged shunt, plug in your lights and remove any bulb that isn't working. Place the end of the empty light socket in the port of a Christmas light repair tool. Pull the trigger on the tool several times to send a current through the shunt to reactivate it Step 1. Place a piece of masking tape on each wire on either side of the damaged portion you are cutting away, about 2 inches on either side of the damage. This will leave you with two pieces of tape on each wire strand--most Christmas lights have two strands, but some have three or more. Advertisement Christmas lights are the strings of little electric light bulbs often used on Christmas trees or to decorate homes or yards. A wide range of strings are available, but this article is about the new LED bulb strings. LED stands for Light-Emitting Diode, and the colors they produce are both stronger and purer than dye coated incandescent lamps Thank goodness all theses LED Christmas lights have not gone to a SMPS. Their long wire leads would act as an antennae for all the radio interference they would illegally be transmitting into the ether and into a radio near you. Imagine- with all the lights hung in all the neighbourhoods- the effect it would have! I prey that day never comes

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How to Fix Christmas Tree Lights (5 Steps) Posted on January 29, 2016 February 1, 2018 by Editorial Team Christmas is a festival that is celebrated with a great pomp and show all over the world in December making decorations and spreading the essence of happiness all around When Christmas lights burn brighter than usual and then go out, take steps to investigate and fix the problem. Inspect the lights that burned out. Check plugs to make sure light strands are tightly plugged into each other and the power outlet led christmas light wiring diagram 3 wire - A Beginner s Overview of Circuit Diagrams. An initial look at a circuit representation could be complex, but if you can read a metro map, you can read schematics White wiring is a great choice, especially with white frames, but if the perfect light string for your project is on green wire, while it might be visible during the day, it won't matter at night. Using sculpture clips will make installing the new lights easier but is only an option with standard sized frames. (ie. 1/4″, 3/16″) 1. Test the lights to identify the negative and positive wires. Check near where the wires are connected to the light and look for a positive (+) or a negative (-) symbol. If there isn't one, connect the wires to a car battery to find out the correct order. If the lights don't turn on, switch the wire connections

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  1. REWIRING CHEAP CHRISTMAS LIGHT LED STRINGS FOR LOW VOLTAGE USE Cheap strings of molded LED Christmas tree lights are finally hitting the market in quantity. Cheap as in $14-$20 a string, depending on color. Under $30 for a string of 70 - 100 white ones
  2. Usually, a string of Christmas lights requires one or two fuses. But, the latest LED lights require one a tiny fuse. However, unplug the string of lights which shows the problem. It may need some force to be opened. Carefully handle it and open the box. An unbroken wire is running through each fuse. If the wire is broken, you have to replace it
  3. Got some of these LED xmas light strings, brand new in the box, Amazon.com: 100 LED Mini Holiday Christmas Lights Clear: Home & Garden three strings of these and put up outside the house the day after Thanksgiving. They've been fine, working nice until this morning I noticed they've all dimmed to where the light is barely noticeable
  4. d that inexpensive strings of lights aren't durable.So at the end of the holiday season, take down the lights with care. Pro tip: Don't pull too hard on the wires. A loose bulb, broken socket or frayed wire is sometimes all it takes for the strand to malfunction
  5. To fix Christmas lights if the entire string goes out, start by unplugging the string and opening the fuse case, which is the plastic box attached to the electrical prongs. If a fuse is black or has a broken wire inside, gently pry out the blown fuse with a thin screwdriver
  6. Broken fairy lights are frustrating and it can take hours to fix them. This year, when about to put up the Christmas lights, I spotted that one set wouldn't turn on and had a brainwave for fixing them. Have a look below for a poor chap faced with the ultimate Christmas light nightmare - 91,000 lights - it took him 7 hours

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Hopefully those looking for practical information on electrical circuits and wiring LED components found this guide first. It's likely though, you've already read the Wikipedia page about Series and parallel circuits here, maybe a few other Google search results on the subject and are still unclear or wanting more specific information as it pertains to LEDs Tags: broken wire, Christmas lights, fairy lights, how to fix, If there is a break in the wire- repair it by stripping the plastic coating off each wire, separating the earth and power wires ( 4 sets of wires) Hi there, I bought the Cole & Bright LED solar lights If you are not certain the polarity of your wires use a multimeter to test. 2.) Loose or Obstructed Wires. A very common wiring mistake that is easily overlooked is the possibility of loose or obstructed wires in your LED installation. Typically if your lights simply don't work or you are missing a color on your RGB installation this is the case

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The filament which creates the light is the path that allows the electricity to pass through the bulb from the in wire to the out wire.; When a filament burns out the path is broken - and this burned out bulb in old-style Christmas lights (not modern ones) would therefore stop the passage of electricity to the other bulbs in the system. . Modern systems have a fix for If a bulb is missing in a circuit only the bulbs in series of it will go out. That's how you can lose 1/2 or 1/3 or 1/4 of the string. How do you fix half Christmas lights without a tester? Required Tools: Usually, a string of Christmas lights requires one or two fuses. An unbroken wire is running through each fuse

Step 3 - Solder the Wire. Take the parts of the wire that should go together and lay them flat on the table. Drop a little piece of solder onto the edges of the wire and bring them together. Seal the solder and wires together using the soldering iron and leave to cool. Repeat for all of the wire strands in the rope lights cable Most string lights have two tiny fuses inside the plug. Typically, a box of lights is also packaged with a replacement fuse or two. To replace a fuse, take a small set of pliers or flathead.

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Check Christmas Light Fuse . One benefit of owning up-to-date Christmas lights is that they often come with an additional safety device: an on-board fuse. First, unplug the lights. You'll find the fuse (or two) located in the cord's plug. With the flat-head screwdriver, slide open the door. Remove the tiny, cylindrical fuse. Hold the fuse up to. Step 3. Check the fuse or fuses from the plug at the end of the light strand (usually the glass-cylinder type with a wire filament). Use a small screwdriver to pop out the tab and open the plug. If the fuse is charred or burned out, replace it with a new fuse, and plug the light strand in your outlet Last year, we told you how incandescent holiday string lights work, but we left out an important topic: LED string lights. Since more consumers are switching from traditional incandescent bulbs to energy efficient LED bulbs -- particularly around the holidays -- we've updated our popular holiday light explainer with a section to help you understand LED holiday string lights (and how to fix.

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  1. Also see: LED Christmas Lights and How to Fix Them Introduction. A light circuit is a continuous metal-to-metal path from AC plug through fuses, wires, sockets and lamp filaments. A light circuit will operate if it has a power source, good fuses, good lights and good wiring. Since light strings start out working, we typically only have to find.
  2. ER CHEN 99ft Led String Lights,300 Led Fairy Starry Lights on 30M Copper Wire String Lights + 12V DC Power Adapter + Remote Control for Christmas (Warm White) 4.3 out of 5 stars 502 $19.4
  3. In lights that are attached in a parallel circuit, one bulb going out won't dim the rest of the strand because each bulb has its own source of current. How Christmas lights work. Energy.go
  4. LED Christmas lights use light-emitting diodes, rather than filament to produce light.This new technology makes LED lights more efficient, durable, and longer-lasting than fluorescent incandescent lights.They don't burn out, like other bulbs; and they also don't get hot to the touch, so they're a lot safer, too
  5. C7 and C9 Christmas Lights Buying Guide. 1. Choose the size and shape of bulb. C7 - C7 bulbs are about 1 1/2 inches long and have E12 bases - that's the same as a nightlight. At 5watts per bulb, they are a great size for wrapping tree trunks, outlining buildings, and decorating your Christmas tree. C9 - C9 bulbs are about 2 1/4 inches long and.
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At Festive Lights, we get asked lots of questions about lighting, especially how to fix lights to different surfaces. One question that gets asked a lot is, how do I install lights on a wooden fence? If this is something you'd like to know more about, then you're in luck! Take a couple of moments to watch our informative video, or scroll down to read the step by step instructions be The prices are for a simple light display outside your home and use on average 590 bulbs and run for 6 hours each night: Whole month of December is £2.32. Two weeks of Christmas = £1.05. Just Christmas Day = 8p. These prices are according to Festive Lights experiment. The wattage was 96.2w, with the average cost of electricity being 13p per KW The answer is that the lights are connected in series but the bulbs have a trick. Let's take a closer look at one of the light bulbs in the strand. A shunt wire (bypass wire) in a Christmas light.

View All (3) Mini Lights Multicolor Christmas Lights View All >> Mini Lights Product Type 50 Viviluxe TM Multi Color Christmas Mini Lights, 5.5 Spacing, Green Wire $8.99 (Save 40% Correspondingly, can you shorten string lights? Short Answer: No, you can't lengthen or shorten standard series-wired incandescent and LED Christmas tree light strings that are made with 2 or 3-wire harnesses. Even if they work at first, they won't last long.. Also Know, can you cut cafe lights? Getting the height and spacing to look right, it often requires cutting strands to custom lengths How To Fix Broken Christmas Lights. All The Lights Are Out Light sets have 2 fuses and they are easy to replace. You can tell if a fuse is blown if you plug the light set into an outlet and no lights go on, not a single one. Then take a set of lights you know is working and plug them into the outlet end of the broken lights Ideal for holiday decorations, this 100-Light Ideal for holiday decorations, this 100-Light LED Battery Operated Decorative String Light includes a built-in timer that allows for the lights to be turned off after 6 hours of use. Each string is battery operated and can run up to 60 days on 3 AA batteries

How to Fix Christmas Lights. filoGetty Images. 1. Diagnose the problem. Carefully inspect each string of lights before plugging it into an electrical outlet. If you see cracked or slit insulation. Rope Light Splice Connector 1/2 inch 2. Can You Splice Two Lights Together?.Splicing two lights together is possible; DIY people typically do it with Christmas, rope and LED lights.You can make splices on lights. 2-Wire, 10mm (3/8), Invisible Splice. ProductType: Rope Light, Voltage: 120 Volt, Price: $3.95.We're sorry... There was a problem processing your request

General Info About Mini lights: Most strings come in 2.5, 3, 4, 6 inch spacings. Bulb spacings can vary depending on the style of manufacturer so all measurements are approximate. Mini light sets with end to end plug allow to you plug 3 to 5 sets together. No end connector sets are called craft light sets and feature only a single male plug Tip! Icicle lights look gorgeous hung from eaves and gutters and net lights can save you a lot of time when lighting trees and shrubbery.. Step 4: Test your Christmas lights. Plug each of your strands into an outlet to test whether they work. Step 5: If necessary, fix faulty light strands About LED Christmas Lights. LED Christmas lights are both reliable and energy efficient. Choose from single and multicolor string lights with a variety of bulb shapes, sizes, and textures. Timers, clips, battery-powered lights, and replacement bulbs are also available for any need

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GE String-A-Long incandescent 5-mm miniature 450-count (3 sets of 150 lights each) clear light set. 3-Inch lead wire, 3-inch bulb spacing, 3-inch end connector plug, 93.1-feet total lighted length, and green cord set with fused plug. Available only at Lowe's. View Mor LED Christmas lights are brighter than their incandescent equivalents while using less power, so you can make the most of your holiday decorations without breaking the bank or blowing a fuse. With colors from pure white to green and pink, our LED C6 string lights are an excellent addition to your indoor and outdoor Christmas decor this year These Christmas lights come with two flasher bulbs, two replacement bulbs, and two spare fuses. They have an 18-inch lead wire and a 3-inch end connector, and reviewers say the strands are robust with bright, clear lights. It should be noted, however, that a few other reviews say they don't last long LED Christmas Lights. LED Christmas lights are both reliable and energy efficient. Choose from single and multicolor string lights with a variety of bulb shapes, sizes, and textures. Timers, clips, battery-powered lights, and replacement bulbs are also available for any need. Use these holiday lights outdoors or inside, and enjoy years of eye. 10% OFF ALL LED PRODUCTS. Purchase AeroLEDs Lights To Receive 10% Off. Valid from July 26 to August 9, 2021. Use Promo Code AEROLEDS10. NEW WAT PARMETHEUS G3 LED. G3 Series is 2.5 times brighter than the Parmetheus Plus all while maintaining the same form, fit and functionality of a drop-in LED replacement for legacy landing lights

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How To Repair 3 Wire Led Christmas Lights. masuzi September 17, 2018. Christmas light string wiring diagram 3 fixing christmas lights how to fix led christmas lights you how to shorten string christmas lights. Diagram Christmas Light String Wiring 3 Wire Full Version Hd Quality Scenediagrams Steir Maree F The 3 wire is used to power Christmas tree lights. If one goes out others are lighted. Several of these cords are strung on the tree and the cord in question is in thee middle of several cords. The power is supplied by a two prong - 2 wire cord. The first outlet on converts from 2 wire to 3 wire (2 prong plugs are used throughout the. First select 2kΩ range on (rotary) selector (see DMM manual for details). Now touch probes together to get 0.00 display. Then Open the probes to get '1' or OL. This proves the DMM is working correctly. Now measure resistance; if display shows overload, select a higher range until a good reading is obtained (note if you select MΩ range. Caravan instrument panel lights not working diagnose and fix caravan instrument panel lights not working. Wiring diagram for christmas led lights. There are several sections in this website that you should read regarding track wiring. I purchased the xdd400 g3 and the associated wiring harness at the perth caravan show

Fix Holiday Time LED micro lightsDecember 7, 2018 3:35 PM Subscribe. Fix Holiday Time LED micro lights. Bought two identical strings of Holiday Time Multi Color LED Micro Lights last Christmas. 150 LEDs per string. I expected to get several years of use out of them as the LEDs are permanently installed in the sockets The answer is that the lights are connected in series but the bulbs have a trick. Let's take a closer look at one of the light bulbs in the strand. A shunt wire (bypass wire) in a Christmas light. The dead section of wire will be the section after your bad bulb. If you're sick of your incandescent bulbs burning out, consider switching to LED lights—especially if you're concerned about light safety. LED bulbs use less energy, produce less heat, and last longer. Finding Bad Bulbs on LED Christmas Lights designed to last one to three seasons, depending on your usage.Newer style LED (light-emitting diode) lights are the exception. They can last 10 times longer than traditional lights.To fix Christmas lights, the only tool you'll need is a bulb tester.Next, check out our handy holiday decorating tips here

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LED lights flickering when switched off. In some cases, an LED lamp may flicker even though the light switch is turned off. The reason for this can usually be found in the electrical wiring. An incorrectly connected light switch or a switch with a night light can be responsible for flickering 1. With the lights unplugged, cut the two wires that enter the last light in the series strand with wire cutters. 2. Use wire cutters to strip the ends of the two wires cut in the previous step. Twist the two bare wire ends together. 3. After twisting the wires together secure with a wires connector

Why You Need to Know LED Polarity. Polarity is the direction the electrical current runs. The reason this is important in an LED light is because a light emitting diode and any electrical diode is a semiconductor. Semiconductors only allow electrical currents to run one way. This means if you have the direction of the current wrong, electricity. This page was the original hook-up on the web for battery Christmas lights! Way back in the 1990s this page showed readers how to re-wire Christmas lights to run off batteries, since battery-powered Xmas lights were extremely rare.The article also turned readers on to LED Xmas lights, which were new and extremely rare at the time C7 and C9 Replacement Sockets. These sockets are tailored to provide the ability to fix a broken socket on your C7 or C9 stringer wire. Be sure to confirm the thickness of your insulation - either SPT-1 or SPT-2 - before you purchase. Most commonly used commercial C7 and C9 stringer wire is SPT-1. As with all things requiring modifications and. Our extensive, fully stocked Christmas mini light inventory offers endless ways to trim your tree or exterior with style. All of our long-lasting single and multicolor mini holiday lights are of the highest quality with commerical grade green and white wire and super bright bulbs that boast a 50,000-hour life -- and if one burns out the rest stay lit

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Repairing Christmas Lighting [ad#block]Electrical Question: Why do my Christmas lights burn for a few minutes and then go off? My questions is I bought some icicle Christmas lights at a dollar store. I have 13 boxes of 100 lights and 3 boxes of 300 lights to put on top my home In this example older LED light string, there is traditional transformer that gives out 24V AC and the light string has a rectifier that converts it to DC (small white box on wire). This particular LED set seems to be flicker somewhat (can be seen then moving the head), because the DC power fed to the LEDs is not constant, it changes from zero. Christmas Lights Creative Displays sells commercial-grade Christmas lights at an amazing value. We have an incredible selection of wholesale Christmas lights for you to choose from, including C7 and C9 Christmas LED and Incandescent Light Strings, LED Replacement Bulbs, Incandescent Replacement Bulbs, Mini Lights, Net Lights, Icicle Lights, and many more

How To: Wire your Christmas lights to flash in time to music How To: Mod Christmas lights into stereo party lights How To: Wire an LED Police light bar system How To: Build a computer controlled party light How To: Make an LED light bric Photo 1: Fix a bad Christmas light string. Remove a bulb from an unlit section, plug the empty socket into the connector, plug the string into an electric outlet, then squeeze the trigger until the lights turn on. Press down the black button, hold the tip about 1/2 in. from the string, and move it along the cord until it stops beeping (at the. Bryan Pedersen LED Christmas lights can also come as rope lights. LED Christmas lights are small, colored, light emitting diodes that are linked together by a wire and used to decorate trees, window frames, the roofline of houses, and other items as a way to celebrate the holiday season. Unlike traditional miniature incandescent bulbs, they are illuminated by the movement of electrons in a.

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  1. ed in this piece are the LED ornament, the Christmas light controller, and an Internet-connected Christmas tree that lights up when you've received an email. LED Ornament The LED ornament displays the message MERRY CHRISTMAS, across its eight by eight LED arrangement while hanging on a tree
  2. e cost a pretty penny
  3. What you'll need is some xmas lights... obviously, a house... another obvious item, a two-pronged outlet adapter without the ground, some excess power cords, a soldering iron, speakers, stereo or computer, your favorite Christmas music and a solid state relay, specifically a Crydom Load Free Solid State Relay, D2W203F
  4. The more Kelvins, the less yellow you'll find in the lights. Cool white LED Christmas lights -- to capture a cooler, icy look, cool white LED Christmas lights mix in a blue hue. This adds a heavier tint that can turn any landscape into a winter wonderland. These LED lights range from 6,000 to 9,000 Kelvins
  5. Christmas lights are a big part of the holiday season. As November and December roll around, you might see strands of lights everywhere -- on Christmas trees, houses, shrubs, bushes and even the occasional car!Have you ever wondered how these lights work? Why is it that if you pull out or break one of the bulbs, the whole strand of lights goes out

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  1. i lights you may be familiar with. G12 bulbs are raspberry shaped. 5MM (or rice) lights are small but shine brightly at a wide angle. C6 bulbs are strawberry shaped.. C7 and C9 bulbs have the traditional shape you might have grown up with—larger than the strawberry-shaped C6, with the C9 the largest of all. C7 and C9 come in string light versions as well as replacement.
  2. Outdoor Christmas decorations for the Christmas light show enthusiast. You will find everything you need to complete your outdoor display., from yard art LED wireframes. Mega 20' tree kits to large Gumdrop pathway lights
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  4. The positive wires running from the LEDs should be soldered to the positive LED driver wire. Connect the LED lighting fixture to outlet power or insert batteries into the battery slot of the LED driver. Press the Function or Chase button on the LED driver/controller to switch between blinking and chase patterns
  5. LED lights work by providing a ground for the LED through the frame the light is mounted in. If the frame is not making good enough contact with the body of your car, use 16-gauge wire to create a ground wire, attach it somewhere on the frame of the LED lights, and run the wire to a bolt on the metal frame of the car
  6. These LED lights from Brizled have a little something for just about everyone. The 66-foot string of lights features nine color/blinking functions, as well as a 3-step dimmer, a timer, and a.

9 Member S Mark Artificial Pre Lit Led Lansing Pine Quick How To Fix Broken Christmas Lights... Tape Christmas Lights Holiday Time Christmas Lights Cool White Led Tape Light 240 Count 19 6 White Wire Home Accen.. Don't forget to use these lights for Proms, dances, and parties as well! In Stock. 50 White Mini Lights 2.5 inch White Wire. Price $4.35. For More Information. Add to Cart. In Stock. 35 Clear Mini Lights 4 inch White Wire. Price $4.13 Holiday Time Twinkle Mini Flame Christmas Lights, 9. Holiday Time Clear Twinkling Icicle Christmas Lights . Holiday Time Usb Powered 4.5 3 Led Color Changing S . Holiday Time Indoor and Outdoor Clear Mini Christmas Holiday Time LED Warm White Dome Icicle Lights, 52', Holiday Time 13.25 44 LED/Incandescent Lighted Snow. Old price: $139.95. Price: $ 49.95. Be the envy of the neighborhood by adding our 6' Warm White Neon Flex Christmas trees to your holiday display. Each Neon Flex Warm White tree gives a warm Christmas feel for your indoor or outdoor display. Each Warm White Christmas tree is shaped into a collapsable spiral making set-up quick and easy Holiday lighting technology has been subject to considerable development and variation since the replacement of candles by electric lights. [citation needed] While originally used during the Christmas holidays as Christmas lights, modern electric light arrays have become popular around the world in many cultures and are used both during religious festivals and for other purposes unconnected to.

Celebrations Incandescent Clear/Warm White 216 ct Rope Christmas Lights 18 ft. 16 Reviews. $12.99 12.99 $. Free Store Pickup Today. Select 2 or more products for side-by-side feature comparison. Compare. Celebrations Basic LED Mini Green 100 ct Net Christmas Lights 6 ft 2. BEST MINI COLORED LIGHTS: Ankuka 66-ft 200 LED Christmas Lights At 66 feet long, this set of 200 multicolored LED mini lights is long enough to wrap around a 5- to 6-foot tall Christmas tree G12 Cool White LED Lights with White wire - Christmas Lights. $14.99. Add to Cart. Quick Shop. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Add to Cart. Quick Shop. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. G12 Green LED Lights - Christmas Lights 6. Plug the lights into the nearest electrical outlet using an extension cord. If using battery-powered LED or solar-powered lights for an outdoor wreath, proceed to Step 7. 7. Fluff the wreath. To Fix A Bad Light Socket / Fixing Broken Christmas Lights Pacific Lamp Supply Company : What i do have is a light, see the attachment.. Now if it is a light socket, it could be a bad switch, a tripped circut breaker or a bad light socket. Old sockets can be fire hazards, making this a good skill for amateur and pro electricians alike

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